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Assisted revision tool for : - very interesting result for translation courses…
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november 2017 by verwinv
Caring for Audiovisual Material
Connecting to Collections Care Online Community

Audiovisual collections can run the gamut of formats, from analog audio, film, and video to digital audio, film, video, and optical media. This five-part course will examine the various formats and explore the major issues and challenges in preserving them. A team of national experts will help you navigate the mind-boggling array of AV materials and provide practical advice on identifying, caring for, handling, storing, and accessing them.

This course has concluded, but all of its materials from webinar recordings to handouts are available for viewing for free at your own pace.
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november 2015 by verwinv
Editorial Training | NPR
RT @Poynter: NPR has a spate of free lessons for producing audio, digital, visual and social journalism. Check them all out here:
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november 2015 by verwinv
Welcome to AV Compass | AV Compass
the geniuses at have done it again! great new resource explaining AV preservation to ordinary beings.
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september 2015 by verwinv
Digital Preservation Education
Digital Preservation Education
Great guidelines also for home
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september 2015 by verwinv

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