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This Must Be What Going Mad Feels Like
Holy shit, Scott thinks, horrified. Because Derek isn't staring creepily at some unidentified point in the distance. Derek is staring at his best friend's ass
lols  Scottyoudummy  pairing:derek/stiles  author:ladylade  fandom:teenwolf 
march 2012 by vertigris
Assassination (It's Not For Everyone)
In which there are guns, mayhem, cold-blooded torture, more guns, explosions, girls (and boys) in leather, even more guns, knives, chess, and just for a change, a fuckload of guns. Or to put it another way: assassin AU!
author:silverdawn89  +sequel  wip  fandom:firstclass  fandom:x-men  modern!au  assassins  lols  pairing:charles/erik  secretidentity 
december 2011 by vertigris
Hell Hath No Limits, or: Erik Lensherr Does One Impossible Thing Before Breakfast
Hell hath no limits, nor is circumscrib'd
In one self-place; but where we are is hell,
And where hell is, there must we ever be:
And, to be short, when all the world dissolves,
And every creature shall be purified,
All places shall be hell that are not heaven.
— Christopher Marlowe, Dr. Faustus

What a fucking ignoramus.
— Raven Darkhölme on Kit Marlowe
Author:M_Leigh  fandom:firstclass  fandom:x-men  fandom:GoodOmens  JeanGrey  pairing:charles/erik  angels  demons  lols 
december 2011 by vertigris
Living Arrangements
Erik is a famous art thief. Charles is the FBI agent who catches him. Raven is not sure yet whether to be amused or horrified.
author:misura  fandom:firstclass  fandom:x-men  fandom:Crossover  fandom:WhiteCollar  modern!au  cops  thievery  lols  pre-slash  gen 
december 2011 by vertigris
The one where Charles and Erik are a demon and an angel
In which Charles is a demon acting as Hell’s representative on Earth, and Erik is Heaven’s (and Erik just wants to get off this infuriating rock, while Charles drinks his tea and ponders). Good Omens fusion fic.“I hate this rock,” says Erik.
author:TardisIistheonlywaytotravel  fandom:firstclass  fandom:x-men  fandom:Crossover  fandom:GoodOmens  angels  demons  lols  +sequel  gen  pairing:charles/erik 
december 2011 by vertigris
in the moonlight, on a joy ride
Librarian AU. Charles is the young librarian and Erik is the college student who is completely besotted with him
author:scarlettblush  fandom:firstclass  fandom:x-men  pairing:charles/erik  pairing:charles/logan  cracktastic  modern!au  librarian  cakes  lols 
december 2011 by vertigris
5 Ways Logan Fixed Everything (Like a Boss)
What would have happened if Charles and Erik had managed to recruit Logan?

(In which Logan solves everyone's problems through snark and BAMFery.)
fandom:firstclass  canonera!au  logan  author:starlingthefool  fivetimes  nobeachdivorce  pairing:charles/erik  lols  +sequel  wip 
october 2011 by vertigris
"My friend," Yusuf says more in sorrow than in anger, putting a comradely hand on Eames' shoulder, "this must now cease."

Eames glowers at him indignantly. "What?" he demands. "Cease… why?"

Eames, it must be said, is pie-eyed at this point. He's also sitting on a barstool in Mombasa trying to chat his way into their prospective point man's pants.

"Let me tell you what's going to happen tonight," Yusuf says to the point man.

"Oh, God," Eames says to God.

In which Eames and Arthur are casual
fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:mirabella  lols  denial  has:author  has:fandom  has:pairing 
september 2011 by vertigris
starring nelly the unicorn

Or the one where Cobb thinks it's a good idea to militarize Phillipa
fandom:inception  lols  cobb'skids  phillipa  unicorns  author:stachelyjohnson  dreaming  cracktastic 
august 2011 by vertigris
Nothing Happens
In which there are Wikileaks, Arthur being efficient, and Eames is chilled (and not made up)
fandom:inception  author:anon  pairing:arthur/eames  family  declassified  fic  lols  myheart 
july 2011 by vertigris
the world's smallest (and only) consulting detective
Sherlock gets shrunk to the size of a borrower

“Come on Tom Thumb,” John says, “time for bed. Where are you staying? You can’t sleep on the sofa. If you fall down the gaps between the cushions you’ll be a goner. Do you want me to make up a match box in your room?”

They both contemplate the perils of Sherlock’s room for even a standard sized person.

“Best not,” says Sherlock eventually.
fandom:Sherlock  pairing:john/sherlock  author:anon  borrower!syndrome  lols  myheart  cracktastic 
july 2011 by vertigris
please take care of yourself
or! five times eames called arthur whilst mixed up in a dire situation
fic  author:addandsubtract  gen  correspondence  phonecalls  lols  fandom:Inception 
june 2011 by vertigris
Hit the Ground Running
“I travelled halfway around the world for you. I dealt with the French for you.”
pairing:arthur/eames  fic  author:imogenedisease  lols  myheart  travelling  getaclue  testing  fandom:Inception 
june 2011 by vertigris
the one wherein Blaine and Mike like cardigans
Mike sits with his bestie at the Lima Bean while Blaine is all 'woe is me'
fic  pairing:blaine/kurt  pairing:mike/tina  mike/blaineBFFs  lols  fandom:Glee 
june 2011 by vertigris
Where I Intended To Be
'Oh Arthur,' his mother says rapturously after Arthur has escaped the ill intentions of the second magician and been singled out for embarrassment by Lord Godfrey’s steward through no fault of his own, 'I always hoped one of my sons would be a Heroic Archetype!'
author:amazingly-me  pairing:arthur/eames  au  fairytale!feel  lols  myheart  bamf!ariadne  rescuemission  fandom:Inception 
june 2011 by vertigris
The Inescapable Charm of The Countdown
Arthur is a prosecutor, Eames is a defense attorney.

The worst thing about Eames, Arthur decides as he pulls his Thai leftovers from the office fridge the next day, is how infuriatingly competent he is. Arthur absolutely cannot fucking stand it.
pairing:arthur/eames  author:amazingly-me  lawyers  au  lols  ouch  myheart  fandom:Inception 
june 2011 by vertigris
But It's A Good Refrain
In which the dream world is cupid-ing Arthur and Eames together, and it is definitely not Arthur's fault.
author:amazingly-me  lols  pairing:arthur/eames  gettogether  onajob  getaclue  hidden~desires  fandom:Inception  rageful!arthur 
june 2011 by vertigris
Puppy With A Closet Full of Dunhill
It turned out that Glee Club wasn’t so much a club as it was three people who were surgically attached to their iPods and wanted Barbra Streisand’s diva notes to make sweet, sweet love to their ears. Which was fine, because that was pretty much exactly who Ariadne was, too
author:amazingly-me  pairing:arthur/eames  lols  myheart  highschool  au  fandom:Inception  fandom:Crossover  fandom:Glee 
june 2011 by vertigris
The Wrath of The Whatever From High Atop The Thing
Cobb is the presidential candidate, Ariadne is his running mate, Yusuf is campaign manager, Saito is the sponsor, and Eames is the campaign photographer who spends way too much time taking picture of Cobb's speechwriter, Arthur
pairing:arthur/eames  au  politics  author:amazingly-me  lols  photographer  president!cobb  myheart  fandom:Inception 
june 2011 by vertigris
You Know I Would
Besides," Eames goes on, "I think we already established that I'm not most kids. I can remind you, if you've forgot." In other words: the boarding school fic you never knew Inception didn't have.
pairing:arthur/eames  myheart  highschool  boardingschool  au  lols  author:staraflur  new!kid  drinking  fandom:Inception 
june 2011 by vertigris
Don't Fall in Love with a Dreamer
Arthur joins the mile high club, Cobb joins the broken hearts club, Eames joins the smug extractors' club, and Yusuf just wants to club everyone. Or, Eames steals Cobb's point man
pairing:arthur/eames  author:eleveninches  post:film  lols  fandom:Inception 
may 2011 by vertigris
(Far Too Many) Days of Eames
Arthur used to be Tom from 500 Days of Summer, and before that he was Cameron from 10 Things I Hate About You. Now he's just a highly paid criminal, and he would really like Eames to leave him alone. Also, video games, flamethrowers, and gratuitous zombies.
fic  pairing:arthur/eames  author:augusta-byron  lols  post:film  myheart  onajob  fandom:Inception  fandom:Crossover  fandom:500DaysofSummer  fandom:10ThingsIHateAboutYou 
may 2011 by vertigris
HP Comics
The first four books handily summarised in comic form.
gen  fanart  author:lucylou  lols  fandom:HarryPotter 
may 2011 by vertigris
I'm With Stupid
This is probably the most ridiculous situation that Arthur has ever gotten into and so, unsurprisingly, Eames has a large part to play in getting him here
author:delires  hiding  forced-bonding  onajob  lols  pairing:arthur/eames  fandom:Inception 
april 2011 by vertigris
No People Like Show People
Arthur and Merlin discover fanfiction for Kilgharrah's Adventures. Set in the No Business Like Show Business 'verse.
pairing:arthur/merlin  author:lady-ragnell  modern!au  actors  lols  fanfiction_inside_fanfiction  fandom:Merlin 
april 2011 by vertigris
A Ministerial Appointment
It wasn’t many Prime Ministers who got the opportunity to broker relations between the wizarding and Muggle worlds and Arthur felt he had a responsibility to give it his best shot, however much therapy he might need afterwards.
pairing:arthur/merlin  author:magog-83  au  fic  sequel  lols  awkward  fandom:Merlin  fandom:Crossover  fandom:HarryPotter 
april 2011 by vertigris
Action! Adventure! Certain Death! Paisley!
author:jibrailis  au  fic  pairing:arthur/eames  superheroes  lols  myheart  HEARTSINMYEYES  fandom:Inception 
april 2011 by vertigris
Believe Me if You Can (The House at Pooh Corner)
In a world where Arthur is Rabbit, Eames is Tigger, Cobb is Pooh, Yusuf is Eeyore, Ariadne is Piglet and Saito is Owl, nothing makes sense anymore.
author:gyzym  winniethepooh  lols  pairing:arthur/eames  onajob  notascrackyasitlooks  team!fic  fandom:Inception 
april 2011 by vertigris
The Greedyhearts
Eames is an art thief, Arthur is the detective hired to catch him
author:weatherfront  pairing:arthur/eames  lols  detectives  thievery  au  myheart  fandom:Inception 
april 2011 by vertigris
Saito gets the team a Hello Kitty PASIV. And it talks to Arthur
pairing:arthur/eames  author:jibrailis  lols  PASIV  cracktastic  gettogether  fandom:Inception 
april 2011 by vertigris
A Whole New World
Cobb decides two babysitters are better than one, Saito proves that money can buy happiness, and Eames is excellent with children. Oh, and Arthur's a fucking Disney princess
pairing:arthur/eames  author:gyzym  lols  disney  cobb'skids  babysitter  pairing:cobb/saito  cracktastic  fandom:Inception 
april 2011 by vertigris
The Waking Years
After the Fischer inception, Eames goes back to work as an extractor, and Arthur joins his team. Due to circumstances involving a guy who may or may not be from Greenland, pop astrology, someone's broken limb, hormones, and convenience, they end up learning that love is what starts down below (and makes its way up your spine).
bigbang  author:weatherfront  friends_with_benefits  post:film  dreaming_community  lols  pairing:arthur/eames  loverly  onajob  astrology  fandom:Inception 
april 2011 by vertigris
And I Feel Fine
So as it turns out, Arthur is in love. This is not a particularly welcome revelation, besides which he isn't quite sure what to do with it.
pairing:arthur/eames  fic  myheart  author:amazingly-me  inlove!  getaclue  lols  fandom:Inception 
april 2011 by vertigris
Check Me Out by anonymous
Eames is a university librarian. |
“Well, if you had told me you had an inappropriate crush on Doctor Jacobs’ T.A. earlier, I might have set you straight. And if you opened any of the university newsletters ever, you probably would have seen his picture,” Yusuf says.

Eames steals one of Yusuf’s fries, and then another. Yusuf watches him.

“I’m only letting you get away with this because you’re so pathetic,” Yusuf says. “Just so you know.”
pairing:arthur/eames  librarian  college/university  au  lols  myheart  fandom:Inception 
april 2011 by vertigris
We Should be Whispering all the Time
I feel morally obligated to state for the record that I think this is a terrible idea,” Eames says. “I think dating co-workers is a terrible, catastrophic, Roland Emmerich-level disaster kind of idea.”
Yusuf snorts. “You only say that because Arthur dumped you.”
author:tequilideas  pairing:arthur/eames  pairing:ariadne/yusuf  onajob  conspiring  getaclue  gettogether  lols  HEARTSINMYEYES  fandom:Inception 
march 2011 by vertigris
I Deduce in my sleep
John Watson doesn't quite recognize the agitated man in his dream screaming about idiots, but he knows that he's important somehow.
author:brighteyed_jill  lols  pairing:john/sherlock  fandom:Sherlock  fandom:Inception  fandom:Crossover 
march 2011 by vertigris
We Can Do This Until We Pass Out
Eames is a total chav
“You listen, mate,” Eames snarls, waving out a hand to indicate Arthur. “This here’s my bredren, alright? You got a problem with him, you got a problem with me. And you got a problem with me, you got a problem with the rest of my crew, you get me?”

The second smoker, a shorter guy, (who is honest to God wearing a hoodie patterned in faux Louis Vuitton logos), lunges forwards like an attack dog at Eames’s heels.

“You want to watch yourself in case you get shanked, mate,” he says, pointing a threatening finger at Dom.

Holy shit, Arthur thinks, nobody warned me that chavs imprint during sex.
+sequel  author:delires  chav!eames  backstory  pairing:arthur/eames  lols  myheart  secretlymarried  fandom:Inception 
march 2011 by vertigris
John's Dragon
Sherlock is peculiar, disgusting, and completely useless at being a decent dragon.
fandom:Sherlock  fandom:Crossover  fandom:HowToTrainYourDragon  nothuman!sherlock  au  vikings  lols  myheart  author:winterhill 
march 2011 by vertigris
Things Were Kind Of Heavy
They meet in anger management class and when they don't hate each other, they bond over how fucking stupid people are.
+sequel  author:delires  pairing:arthur/eames  au  highschool  angermanagement  lols  ouch  HEARTSINMYEYES  fandom:Inception 
march 2011 by vertigris
Eye On Authority, Thumb Print's a Forgery
Oh,” Eames says. “A potential riot. I must be going love, ta!”

“Don’t get shanked!” Arthur yells, but Eames has already hung up.
author:imogenedisease  pairing:arthur/eames  lols  myheart  prison/captured  fic  breakouts  fandom:Inception 
march 2011 by vertigris
the case of the interloper
What if I told you I knew the world’s only consulting detective?” Eames asks.

“I’d ask what the fuck that is,” Arthur says, and Eames only answers with a huff of laughter.
lols  author:imogenedisease  pairing:john/sherlock  pairing:arthur/eames  +sequel  fandom:Sherlock  fandom:Inception  fandom:Crossover 
march 2011 by vertigris
Zombies Will Never Hurt You (Yeah Right)
In which the zombie apocalypse wreaks havoc on Arthur's personal hygiene, and he's just really not happy about that
pairing:arthur/merlin  fic  author:lemniciate  zombies  apoca!fic  lols  D:  fandom:Merlin 
march 2011 by vertigris
Arthur and the Pendragons
A snippet in the life of Arthur and the Pendragons. Arthur is the charismatic front-man/lead singer and Merlin is his long-suffering best friend/lyricist/guitarist who writes songs that make Arthur *sparkle*.
pairing:arthur/merlin  modern!au  author:lemniciate  band!fic  myheart  +sequel  lols  fandom:Merlin 
march 2011 by vertigris
Ain't Seen the Sunshine
John is Sherlock and Mycroft's nanny. It's also somehow warped into a massive retelling of Hound of the Baskervilles.
author:emungere  au  kid!fic  nanny!john  pairing:john/lestrade  houndofthebaskervilles  myheart  lols  notascrackyasitlooks  fandom:Sherlock 
march 2011 by vertigris
Breathe into It
When Mal leans into his office and asks Eames what he did to his back, he can't exactly say, "the new graphics intern," so he says, "Oh, just stress, love."
author:rageprufrock  fic  yoga  au  myheart  lols  wooing!eames  fandom:Inception 
february 2011 by vertigris
I've Got Nothing To Do Today But Smile (The Only Living Boy in New York)
Arthur's a corporate lawyer, Eames owns the coffee shop across the street, and all good love stories start with a quadruple shot latte.
fic  pairing:arthur/eames  ouch  shopowner  author:gyzym  coffeeshopau  HEARTSINMYEYES  lols  baking  fandom:Inception  myheart  au 
february 2011 by vertigris
A Comedy of Many (Many) Errors
the reason Arthur doesn't suspect Merlin is because Arthur thinks that he is the sorcerer
pairing:arthur/merlin  fic  canonera  arthurfindsout  lols  author:anon  fandom:Merlin 
february 2011 by vertigris
The Top-Secret Livejournal of Sherlock Holmes 1/?
Sherlock has a Livejournal, which he updates constantly via his mobile phone and netbook. Everyone offline thinks that he's this stoic super-genius, when in reality he's a bonkers super-genius
fic  cracktastic  lols  fandom:GeorgiaNicholson  pairing:john/sherlock  author:woe-in-a-hoodie  +sequel?  fandom:Sherlock 
january 2011 by vertigris
John_Watson 39 / M / Straight / Single
Sherlock finds John's dating profile and completely sabotages it
author:aslipperysloth  lols  fanart  john  fandom:Sherlock 
january 2011 by vertigris
Leave Those Umbrellas at Home
One London night at just about half past ten, for the first time in history, it started raining men. One of these men called himself Sherlock Holmes
author:cobalt  notascrackyasitlooks  pairing:john/sherlock  nothuman!sherlock  lols  fandom:Sherlock 
january 2011 by vertigris
Of Snow and Giraffes and Fat Gits Called Mycroft
A well-timed blizzard, sibling rivalry, and Sherlock-in-a-box. I don't even know
author:moony  fic  lols  mycroft  sneaky!mycroft  pairing:john/sherlock  snow  fandom:Sherlock 
january 2011 by vertigris
The Could In People
As Christmas approaches, Merlin wonders how on earth he's going to introduce his boyfriend Arthur - son of the infamous Tory cabinet bigwig Lord Pendragon - to his lefty, CND protester, egg-throwing, mum.
pairing:arthur/merlin  modern!au  fic  holiday!christmas  author:junkshop-disco  myheart  lols  fandom:Merlin 
january 2011 by vertigris
When his doctor suggested he take up a hobby to counteract his stressful lifestyle, Arthur had no idea just how big a change it would make.
author:cassie-black12  pairing:arthur/merlin  lols  myheart  modern!au  fandom:Merlin 
january 2011 by vertigris
Yes, Precious
When they find the ring, it's Watson who recognizes it, Watson who decides on taking a vacation, and Watson who throws it into the volcano where it belongs. Sherlock is rather put out- he was rather interested in the ring that turned people invisible, you know, for SCIENCE!
pairing:john/sherlock  cracktastic  lols  wooing!sherlock  fandom:Sherlock  fandom:Crossover  fandom:LordoftheRings 
january 2011 by vertigris
so magical
in which merlin accidentally turns himself into a girl for a few days, because sometimes these things just happen.
pairing:arthur/merlin  fic  lols  canonera  genderswap  author:snakesvsladders  fandom:Merlin 
january 2011 by vertigris
Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe
I feel like Sherlock would be all about celebrating that he just had sex. So John and Sherlock just had sex and Sherlock is so happy, he's telling everyone about it. Crack is pretty much a requirement
lols  author:anon  pairing:john/sherlock  cracktastic  fic  fandom:Sherlock 
january 2011 by vertigris
No Business Like Show Business
In which Merlin is promoted from production intern to talent, is easily mortified, and has Post-It arguments with Arthur while the art department watches in glee. Also, there are gay dragons.
author:lady-ragnell  pairing:arthur/merlin  fic  modern!au  lols  myheart  notascrackyasitlooks  fandom:Merlin 
december 2010 by vertigris
Arthur, Merlin, frat brothers, the Dragon, Arthur's BlackBerry, script writing, shitty hip-hop music, Dogma, FATE & DESTINY - oh God I wish I were joking.
au  pairing:arthur/merlin  modern!au  fic  author:moonythestrals  lols  epicshit  fandom:Merlin 
december 2010 by vertigris
Arthur is a Man of Action…and Merlin is Just Slow
Merlin owns a bookshop, Arthur is his thoroughly incompetent but endearing - and more than a little crazycakes - employee.

Inspired by Black Books??
au  pairing:arthur/merlin  modern!au  fic  author:giselleslash  lols  fandom:Merlin 
december 2010 by vertigris
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