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Try, Try Again
Except that this has happened before, he thinks with a start, and something in his throat closes up as he revolves on the spot, already knowing what he's going to see. Charles' back is arching as he falls, his eyes wide, and the crumpled bullet falls to the sand beside him like a calling card.
fandom:FirstClass  fandom:x-men  author:and-backagain  pairing:charles/erik  ;_;  GroundhogDay  canonera!au  myheart  has:author  has:fandom  has:pairing 
september 2011 by vertigris
Knights of the Living Dead
Merlin Emrys is having one hell of a bad week. And that's before the zombie apocalypse. So when he finds himself on the run from the undead with his best mate, his mum and his prat of a boss, there's only one thing to do, obviously: go to the pub.
fandom:Merlin  fandom:ShaunoftheDead  zombies  reel_merlin  author:Thursday_Next  pairing:arthur/merlin  has:author  has:fandom  has:pairing 
september 2011 by vertigris
"My friend," Yusuf says more in sorrow than in anger, putting a comradely hand on Eames' shoulder, "this must now cease."

Eames glowers at him indignantly. "What?" he demands. "Cease… why?"

Eames, it must be said, is pie-eyed at this point. He's also sitting on a barstool in Mombasa trying to chat his way into their prospective point man's pants.

"Let me tell you what's going to happen tonight," Yusuf says to the point man.

"Oh, God," Eames says to God.

In which Eames and Arthur are casual
fandom:inception  pairing:arthur/eames  author:mirabella  lols  denial  has:author  has:fandom  has:pairing 
september 2011 by vertigris
anthem for the already defeated
Charles meets Erik Lehnsherr during a riot in what used to be New York City in 1964.
In which Charles realizes that peace was never an option.
fandom:FirstClass  fandom:X-Men  author:liketheroad  pairing:charles/erik  canonera!au  apoca!fic  genocide  dark!charles  IAMMAGNETO  has:author  has:fandom  has:pairing 
september 2011 by vertigris
you look for a legend
In which a teenaged Charles writes letters to Erik, a prisoner in mutant prison. This is how a heart remembers.
pairing:charles/erik  fandom:FirstClass  fandom:X-Men  modern!au  prison/captured  governmentaredicks  author:gameplay  correspondence  IAMMAGNETO  mutantcontrol  has:author  has:fandom  has:pairing 
september 2011 by vertigris
Erik had been warned, to be fair. The realtor was very explicit that the last seventeen tenants had run from the premises screaming about the Exorcist or The Ring or some other terrible horror show.
fandom:FirstClass  fandom:X-Men  notascrackyasitlooks  pairing:charles/erik  author:waldorph  modern!au  governmentaredicks  shaw  ghosts  myheart  has:author  has:fandom  has:pairing 
september 2011 by vertigris
What Comes Naturally
When Raven shows up naked in the kitchen, Charles skims her thoughts and finds out Erik's involved. He's not amused.
author:psychi  fandom:FirstClass  fandom:X-Men  duringfilm  hypocrisy  BEINGATELEPATHISHARDOK  pairing:charles/erik  raven  fighting  has:author  has:fandom  has:pairing 
september 2011 by vertigris
Humane Society
Once Erik finally allows himself to decide that Charles is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread, he spends the next week being incredibly bitter that he's Charles' cat and not his boyfriend.
fandom:FirstClass  fandom:X-Men  pairing:charles/erik  canonera!au  author:smilebackwards  cats  metamorphosis  notascrackyasitlooks  has:author  has:fandom  has:pairing 
august 2011 by vertigris
If Convenient
Charles is a consulting telepath, Erik is a war-wounded metalbender. Together, they solve mysteries and eat pasta.
fandom:FirstClass  fandom:X-Men  canonera!au  fandom:Crossover  fandom:Sherlock  pairing:charles/erik  author:introductory  +sequel?  +sequel  has:author  has:fandom  has:pairing 
august 2011 by vertigris
Slight Return
In which Charles only thinks he's only getting a lift to a conference, and Erik has other ideas. Or, it's July 1969 and there are more important things going on.
author:aesc  fandom:FirstClass  fandom:X-Men  canonera!au  roadtrip  drinking  drugs  pairing:charles/erik  +sequel  has:author  has:fandom  has:pairing 
august 2011 by vertigris
Boden's Mate
"Shaw has information that we need, and we need him alive to extract it," Moira says, and there it is: the job is on the table. Extraction.

Erik is an extractor, Alex is his point man. They're assembling a team to go after the most dangerous mind in dreamsharing: Sebastian Shaw. But unless Alex and the team can keep him in check, Erik's desire for vengeance might just rip the whole job apart around them -- and then there's the shade that haunts his dreams...
fandom:X-Men  fandom:inception  fandom:FirstClass  fandom:Crossover  epicshit  pairing:charles/erik  modern!au  +sequel?  author:kaydeefalls  ILOVETHISSOFUCKINGMUCH  nonpowers  has:author  has:fandom  has:pairing 
july 2011 by vertigris
Hope is the thing with feathers
AU in which the Cabbie is an aging detective and Sherlock the brilliant serial killer he's trying to stop
fandom:Sherlock  author:cj_ludd18  Cabbie  role_swap  ouch  waaah  has:author  has:fandom 
april 2011 by vertigris

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