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Nothing Happens
In which there are Wikileaks, Arthur being efficient, and Eames is chilled (and not made up)
fandom:inception  author:anon  pairing:arthur/eames  family  declassified  fic  lols  myheart 
july 2011 by vertigris
Radiant Under Every Sort of Light
In which there are aerialists, decorative metal flowers, prejudices, artsy books and magic. Obviously.
fic  author:zarah5  modern!au  fandom:Merlin  pairing:arthur/merlin  circus 
july 2011 by vertigris
In Nomine Patri
Of all the fathers that Merlin has known, he has yet to decide which is the one that he will remember the longest
author:acetamide  fandom:Merlin  au  fic  balinor  gen  TheWildHunt  bamf!merlin 
july 2011 by vertigris
i couldn't get the boy to kill me
Charles dies on a beach.

That isn’t precisely true. Charles was always prone to hyperbole.

But it’s true enough.
fic  fandom:X-Men  fandom:FirstClass  pairing:charles/erik  ouch  author:imogenedisease  D:  duringfilm 
july 2011 by vertigris
please take care of yourself
or! five times eames called arthur whilst mixed up in a dire situation
fic  author:addandsubtract  gen  correspondence  phonecalls  lols  fandom:Inception 
june 2011 by vertigris
Hit the Ground Running
“I travelled halfway around the world for you. I dealt with the French for you.”
pairing:arthur/eames  fic  author:imogenedisease  lols  myheart  travelling  getaclue  testing  fandom:Inception 
june 2011 by vertigris
the one wherein Blaine and Mike like cardigans
Mike sits with his bestie at the Lima Bean while Blaine is all 'woe is me'
fic  pairing:blaine/kurt  pairing:mike/tina  mike/blaineBFFs  lols  fandom:Glee 
june 2011 by vertigris
where you belong
"Think of it as an exercise in interhouse relations," Eames says, slinging an arm around Arthur's shoulders. "We could share secrets! And braid each other's hair! And do, I don't know, trust falls."
pairing:arthur/eames  fic  author:vegaofthelyre  au  fandom:Inception  fandom:Crossover  fandom:HarryPotter 
june 2011 by vertigris
All the Rules to Break
A notorious serial killer returns after a three-year hiatus, reminding Detective Arthur Moss of the infamous case he couldn't close. But when the FBI becomes involved, Arthur is forced to work side-by-side once again with Special Agent Daniel Eames, a man who knows Arthur better than Arthur himself will ever admit. Both men must confront their past and heal old wounds in order to bring a psychopath to justice.
pairing:arthur/eames  au  fic  author:foxxcub  detectives  serialkillers  fandom:Inception 
june 2011 by vertigris
Psycho Boy
After Fight Club, you sleep and you feel real

Pretty fucking unsettling D :
fic  pairing:arthur/eames  au  fandom:Fightclub  violence  fighting  waaah  weird  ouch  D:  author:zetaori  fandom:Inception  fandom:Crossover 
june 2011 by vertigris
Arthur and Eames adopt a kid and raise that kid into Neal Caffrey
fic  pairing:arthur/eames  fandom:WhiteCollar  au  author:windswept  adoption  kids!  myheart  backstory  CIA  fandom:Inception  fandom:Crossover 
june 2011 by vertigris
Untitled and I Have Been Searching For My Wings Sometime
Sherlock has wings. All his life, they've been fairly small; small enough he can hide them under his coat and no one notices.

But when he falls in love with John, they start to grow.
fic  wing!fic  pairing:john/sherlock  myheart  loverly  author:anon  fandom:Sherlock 
may 2011 by vertigris
The Boy Who Spoke With Ghosts
No one suspects Arthur. He's too practical, too organized, too sensible to believe in the supernatural.

Arthur's real name is Cole Sear
pairing:arthur/eames  fic  author_avocado-love  ouch  onajob  weird  fandom:Inception  fandom:Crossover  fandom:TheSixthSense 
may 2011 by vertigris
The Wrong Avalon
Arthur's been stuck in this mysterious place for what feels like years, all invisible to the strange people who surround him. He's given up on anything changing until the arrival of a madman with a blue box.
Or: All the Doctor wants is to give his friends a nice honeymoon in the galactically-renowned Hotel Avalon. Except he sort of stumbles across this medieval king who has a date with destiny and then, well, business as usual, really.
pairing:arthur/merlin  eleven  fic  futurefic  timetravel  myheart  HEARTSINMYEYES  author:leashy-bebes  fandom:Merlin  fandom:DoctorWho  fandom:Crossover 
may 2011 by vertigris
Find Me Before It Rains
They come together gradually, so slowly, Eames doesn’t notice until he’s in too deep, and he tries to imagine how his life was before Arthur, like testing himself in a dream. He can’t. He doesn’t want to anyway.
fic  pairing:arthur/eames  author:enjambament  backstory  myheart  militarybackground  +sequel  secretlymarried  fandom:Inception 
may 2011 by vertigris
Set in Stone
Winter in Ebrauc is sharp, bright skies and biting air.
fic  gen  futurefic  banished!Arthur  author:allothi  morgana  exile  canonera  fandom:Merlin 
may 2011 by vertigris
Here Be Dragons
Sherlock is an irritating and bored version of Merlin. John is a dubious, reincarnated Arthur who wants to pretend he's not a complete BAMF.
fic  toread  wip  fandom:Merlin  fandom:Sherlock  fandom:Crossover 
may 2011 by vertigris
who has waited long for you to speak
Sherlock Holmes is thirty-four years old. He is the world's only consulting detective, he is brilliant, and he shares a flat with John Watson, and he is happy.

Then one day, he wanders too far from a crime scene. The next thing he knows, he is lying on the floor of his childhood home in the English countryside, in front of a wardrobe he climbed into to escape from Mycroft, and he is thirteen years old.
fic  author:anon  myheart  teens  timetravel  fandom:Sherlock  fandom:Crossover  fandom:ChroniclesofNarnia 
may 2011 by vertigris
(Far Too Many) Days of Eames
Arthur used to be Tom from 500 Days of Summer, and before that he was Cameron from 10 Things I Hate About You. Now he's just a highly paid criminal, and he would really like Eames to leave him alone. Also, video games, flamethrowers, and gratuitous zombies.
fic  pairing:arthur/eames  author:augusta-byron  lols  post:film  myheart  onajob  fandom:Inception  fandom:Crossover  fandom:500DaysofSummer  fandom:10ThingsIHateAboutYou 
may 2011 by vertigris
arthur is from everywhere and nowhere at all, and he doesn't know where he's going.
fic  pairing:arthur/eames  ariadne  gen  author:wldnst  wanderlust  post:film  extraction_on_team  fandom:Inception 
may 2011 by vertigris
First Words
You curl Sherlock's tiny fingers around your thumb while the adults converse quietly in the far corner of the room, and, sure enough, his eyes focus briefly on yours. It's the first of his many secrets that you'll keep.
fic  gen  mycroft  kid!fic  author:irisbleufic  myheart  protective!mycroft  fandom:Sherlock 
may 2011 by vertigris
Thy Mother's Glass
Mycroft, they decide, and then seven years later Sherlock; alien names for not-quite-alien children.

In which Sherlock's parents are called Amy and Rory and he's born outside of time.
fic  au  wip  author:lovingthevolume  fandom:Sherlock  fandom:DoctorWho  fandom:Crossover 
may 2011 by vertigris
The Road Less Tavelled
You don't live long in the Capital Wasteland by making stupid mistakes. It only takes Eames a few days on the rough road to Megaton to remind Arthur that you don't get far not taking chances, either.
fic  au  pairing:arthur/eames  apoca!fic  author:butterflythread  roadtrip  fandom:Fallout3  inhale!  fandom:Inception  fandom:Crossover 
may 2011 by vertigris
Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc
"Sic gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc. It's the family motto." "What does it mean?" "We gladly feast on those who would subdue us."
fic  pairing:john/sherlock  au  author:etothepii  weird  +sequel  fandom:Sherlock  fandom:Crossover  fandom:AddamsFamily 
april 2011 by vertigris
A Ministerial Appointment
It wasn’t many Prime Ministers who got the opportunity to broker relations between the wizarding and Muggle worlds and Arthur felt he had a responsibility to give it his best shot, however much therapy he might need afterwards.
pairing:arthur/merlin  author:magog-83  au  fic  sequel  lols  awkward  fandom:Merlin  fandom:Crossover  fandom:HarryPotter 
april 2011 by vertigris
Action! Adventure! Certain Death! Paisley!
author:jibrailis  au  fic  pairing:arthur/eames  superheroes  lols  myheart  HEARTSINMYEYES  fandom:Inception 
april 2011 by vertigris
The Detective
John Watson was seven years and three months old when he first met His Raggedy Detective. He wasn’t expecting the bright red telephone box to crash land in his back garden in the middle of the night, but then, who ever expected such a silly thing to happen in the first place?
fic  au  gen  nothuman!sherlock  author:lotherington  myheart  fandom:Sherlock  fandom:DoctorWho  fandom:Crossover 
april 2011 by vertigris
innocent when you dream
Arthur wakes up on the shore of his subconcious. A road appears leading him to a very large house. He goes in, and locks himself in the study. In the room there are rows and rows of bookselves filled with empty books. He pulls one out and starts writing about the job, Cobb, his kids, Mal, Ari, Yusuf, Eames, everything he can remember. He takes slightly longer on Eames, drawing a picture of his face, trying to catch the color of his eyes
fic  author:anon  limbo  pairing:arthur/eames  ouch  fairytale!feel  bookshop  fandom:Inception 
april 2011 by vertigris
Wherever You Will Be (That's Where I'll Call Home)
People you kiss in an airport baggage claim and then don't talk to for thirteen months shouldn't be able to exist, let alone make your chest do the things Arthur's chest is doing. There are rules.
author:gyzym  pairing:arthur/eames  fic  HEARTSINMYEYES  domesticity  establishedrelationship  +sequel  ouch  myheart  fandom:Inception 
april 2011 by vertigris
i'll see you when the sun sets east (don't forget me)
He knows he is alone, and that he is not supposed to be alone, and that someone else is here. He knows he had a name, once. He knows he is looking for something.
author:gyzym  pairing:arthur/eames  fic  limbo  ouch  weird  loverly  fandom:Inception 
april 2011 by vertigris
We’re Lost, It’s Cold, and There Are Dragons Out There
Arthur is relatively sure that Bear Gryllis has never had to deal with anything like the world’s most aggravating baby dragon when he was out surviving in the wilderness. Merlin thinks that Arthur has taken the whole “magic reveal” thing pretty damn well, which might have something to do with Merlin saving Arthur’s life just now when the helicopter crashed. The dragon thinks they’re both idiots.
pairing:arthur/merlin  author:misswinterhill  fic  modern!au  toread  fandom:Merlin 
april 2011 by vertigris
Arthur, Unconscious
Some quests are about much more than finding medicinal plants, mythical treasure, or large quantities of meat. Arthur is slow on the uptake, but he will get there, eventually.
pairing:arthur/merlin  author:grainne  fic  toread  canonera  fandom:Merlin 
april 2011 by vertigris
And I Feel Fine
So as it turns out, Arthur is in love. This is not a particularly welcome revelation, besides which he isn't quite sure what to do with it.
pairing:arthur/eames  fic  myheart  author:amazingly-me  inlove!  getaclue  lols  fandom:Inception 
april 2011 by vertigris
The Dragon on the Wall
Merlin sighed; they'd only just reached the Wall that morning and it really wouldn't do for Kilgharrah to slaughter someone on their first day, even if that someone clearly was a complete idiot.
gen  kid!fic  au  fandom:ASongOfIceAndFire  +sequel?  author:slightlytookish  fic  myheart  nice!Kilgharrah  fandom:Merlin  fandom:Crossover 
april 2011 by vertigris
Honourable Intentions
There are several considerations Arthur would like to go over, starting with the state of Merlin's virtue.
author:smilebackwards  fic  pairing:gwaine/merlin  pairing:arthur/gwen  myheart  arthurfindsout  wooing!gwaine  TheTalk  fandom:Merlin 
april 2011 by vertigris
Worlds Afire by slanted_edges
Months after incepting Fischer, Cobb and Arthur are called away from San Francisco to London, where Saito tells them they're about to be outed as Dreamers -- an offense punishable by death. But when they embark on a mission to steal memories from their blackmailer, it turns out nothing is what it seems.
fic  toread  steampunk  au  fandom:Inception 
april 2011 by vertigris
Sun that Burns on a Cloudy Day
The government has been overthrown, and the new leaders limit free speech and, where they can, free thought (Maybe they even put their mind-control drugs in the water supply? IDK). The whole country (or world, if that's how you want to roll) live in silent fear of their oppressors.

Sherlock and John aren't having any of this shit
au  gen  dystopia  author:anon  epicshit  fic  mycroft_is_a_dick  ontherun  fandom:Sherlock 
march 2011 by vertigris
The Past is Prologue
Sherlock and John were introduced in 2010. But they'd spent an hour together before that, here and there.
gen  fic  author:rachelindeed  preseries  crossingpaths  fandom:Sherlock 
march 2011 by vertigris
Eye On Authority, Thumb Print's a Forgery
Oh,” Eames says. “A potential riot. I must be going love, ta!”

“Don’t get shanked!” Arthur yells, but Eames has already hung up.
author:imogenedisease  pairing:arthur/eames  lols  myheart  prison/captured  fic  breakouts  fandom:Inception 
march 2011 by vertigris
Zombies Will Never Hurt You (Yeah Right)
In which the zombie apocalypse wreaks havoc on Arthur's personal hygiene, and he's just really not happy about that
pairing:arthur/merlin  fic  author:lemniciate  zombies  apoca!fic  lols  D:  fandom:Merlin 
march 2011 by vertigris
born amid blue glow
Maybe Mommy and Daddy Holmes were genetic engineers à la Elsa and Clive who decided to take a chance?

Mycroft is seven years old when he's told he will have a very special little sister
genderswap  girl!sherlock  fic  myheart  waaah  nothuman!sherlock  au  fandom:Sherlock  fandom:Crossover  fandom:Splice  author:emotionalanalysis  mycroft 
march 2011 by vertigris
I Am Become Death
In which Sherlock does something very bad.
author:entangled_now  zombies  gen  fic  D:  ouch  waaah  fandom:Sherlock 
february 2011 by vertigris
I'd go bananas for you
Arthur is an apple, and Eames is an orange. Can they get past their differences?
fic  au  pairing:arthur/eames  cracktastic  fruit  fandom:Inception 
february 2011 by vertigris
Breathe into It
When Mal leans into his office and asks Eames what he did to his back, he can't exactly say, "the new graphics intern," so he says, "Oh, just stress, love."
author:rageprufrock  fic  yoga  au  myheart  lols  wooing!eames  fandom:Inception 
february 2011 by vertigris
I've Got Nothing To Do Today But Smile (The Only Living Boy in New York)
Arthur's a corporate lawyer, Eames owns the coffee shop across the street, and all good love stories start with a quadruple shot latte.
fic  pairing:arthur/eames  ouch  shopowner  author:gyzym  coffeeshopau  HEARTSINMYEYES  lols  baking  fandom:Inception  myheart  au 
february 2011 by vertigris
stand there and watch me burn
Eames and Arthur are superheroes at the End of Days for their kind, and as it falls apart all they have is each other, if they even have that at all.
au  pairing:arthur/eames  fic  fandom:TheWatchmen  author:postcardmystery  D:  waaah  ouch  superheroes  fandom:Inception  fandom:Crossover 
february 2011 by vertigris
Frequently Asked Questions
In which Merlin is a web comic artist, and Arthur keeps checking his FAQ page
pairing:arthur/merlin  fanart  reincarnation!fic  modern!au  artist!merlin  fic  author:curvasud  fandom:Merlin 
february 2011 by vertigris
A Comedy of Many (Many) Errors
the reason Arthur doesn't suspect Merlin is because Arthur thinks that he is the sorcerer
pairing:arthur/merlin  fic  canonera  arthurfindsout  lols  author:anon  fandom:Merlin 
february 2011 by vertigris
Chasing Wings
Duo teams up with an enigmatic boy who has amnesia and very unusual tattoos
fic  pairing:1x2  epicshit  nothuman!heero  au  ouch  author:ImpishInkling  wing!fic  tattoos  fandom:GundamWing 
february 2011 by vertigris
The Gold Bug
The mish-mash of artefacts on Jack's desk had shifted, over the past months, around a perfectly invisible imprint of Ianto's rear end.
The one in which Ianto is bitten by a golden beetle.
pairing:jack/ianto  fic  bugs  author:currie_jean  ouch  epicshit  team!fic  metamorphosis  fandom:Torchwood 
february 2011 by vertigris
For Captain & Cardiff
"At midnight, a nationwide security alert was sent out… Torchwood London, demands all agencies' cooperation in issuing an arrest warrant for Ianto Merric Jones, 24, of Cardiff." Torchwood Three's Archivist has gone rogue. But, he does have a very good reason, and he looks stunning in his new suit.
pairing:jack/ianto  fic  author:blackhemlock  BAMF!Ianto  fandom:DoctorWho  fandom:Crossover  fandom:Torchwood 
february 2011 by vertigris
The Boy Next Door
In which there is pining, Merlin bakes, Arthur borrows batteries he doesn't actually need, and did I mention the pining?
author:lady-ragnell  pairing:arthur/merlin  fic  modern!au  baking  myheart  neighbours  fandom:Merlin 
february 2011 by vertigris
The Autumn Moon is Bright
John has two secrets he keeps from Sherlock - he manages this, he thinks, only because Sherlock would find the idea that John is attracted to him just as unlikely as the idea of John being a werewolf. He's not sure what it says about his life, that love and lycanthropy are considered equally impossible events.
pairing:john/sherlock  author:barrowjane  fic  bigbang  nothuman!john  ouch  epicshit  werewolves  fandom:Sherlock 
february 2011 by vertigris
The Empty House
Three years after Moriarty and The Great Game, John is in danger and Sherlock must return from the dead.
fic  pairing:john/sherlock  author:doodle-writes  bigbang  longficislong  missing!fic  ouch  kids!  toread 
february 2011 by vertigris
The original plan for returning to England involved fucking around being shellshocked and suffering mandatory post-combat counseling and physical therapy to dissect the shattered mosaic of his feelings. That's not quite how it goes.
author:rageprufrock  fic  gen  myheart  clara  fandom:Sherlock 
february 2011 by vertigris
Either he will waver at the sight of you, or he won't. Which do you think it will be, John?" John. Moriarty. A missing scene for The Great Game.
gen  moriarty  john  fic  author:vegarin  D:  fandom:Sherlock 
february 2011 by vertigris
All I Want For Christmas (Is You)
Arthur is not amused when his (probably insane) father decides to hold a Secret Santa exchange for the entirety of Pendragon Corporation. He's even less amused (and more than a bit panicky) when he draws Merlin's name.
pairing:arthur/merlin  fic  toread  author:dreamdustmama  modern!au  fandom:Merlin 
february 2011 by vertigris
so are they all, all honourable men
Considering Arthur's future wife will be chosen less for compatibility than for her political value, Merlin may be the only marriage he'll have that won't end in bloodshed or a great deal of fortifying wine.
fic  pairing:arthur/merlin  author:seperis  myheart  canonera  fandom:Merlin 
february 2011 by vertigris
Backup Copies
When John dies, Sherlock doesn't know what to do. But Mycroft does.
fic  pairing:john/sherlock  ouch  mycroft  author:etothepii  D:  fandom:Sherlock  fandom:Crossover  fandom:Dollhouse 
february 2011 by vertigris
Seventeen Letters
"I love Sherlock," John says out loud, testing how the words feel in his mouth. It doesn't change anything. Sherlock's still the pillock who fiddled with his computer password.
author:out_there  fic  pairing:john/sherlock  myheart  passwords  fandom:Sherlock 
january 2011 by vertigris
Make Whole What Has Been Smashed
"Don't look that way, John. Blank stares are already a dreadful reminder of how hopeless other people are," Sherlock said.

"Since most people aren't maintaining a home with Merlin living backwards, I think I'm doing alright at going with it so far," John said.
author:gigantic  fic  pairing:john/sherlock  au  weird  backwards!sherlock  myheart  ouch  fandom:Sherlock 
january 2011 by vertigris
A Priori
In which vampires have enslaved humans and control, well, everything. Vampire!Mycroft insists his little brother get a slave -- even though it didn't work out with the dog -- and Sherlock chooses the one guaranteed to irritate his brother the most: an unassuming little doctor with an ugly past and absolutely no style to speak of.
author:rubberbutton  au  pairing:john/sherlock  fic  nothuman!sherlock  +sequel  APrioriVerse  ouch  epicshit  fandom:Sherlock 
january 2011 by vertigris
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