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Someday Out Of The Blue
The day Arthur is crowned, he names Merlin his Court Sorcerer. Merlin didn’t know that he knew.
coronation  arthurknewallalong  arthurfindsout  gen  fandom:merlin  author:karuvapatta 
june 2012 by vertigris
Honourable Intentions
There are several considerations Arthur would like to go over, starting with the state of Merlin's virtue.
author:smilebackwards  fic  pairing:gwaine/merlin  pairing:arthur/gwen  myheart  arthurfindsout  wooing!gwaine  TheTalk  fandom:Merlin 
april 2011 by vertigris
A Comedy of Many (Many) Errors
the reason Arthur doesn't suspect Merlin is because Arthur thinks that he is the sorcerer
pairing:arthur/merlin  fic  canonera  arthurfindsout  lols  author:anon  fandom:Merlin 
february 2011 by vertigris

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