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Mocks Aren't Stubs
The term 'Mock Objects' has become a popular one to describe special case objects that mimic real objects for testing. Most language environments now have frameworks that make it easy to create mock objects. What's often not realized, however, is that mock objects are but one form of special case test object, one that enables a different style of testing. In this article I'll explain how mock objects work, how they encourage testing based on behavior verification, and how the community around them uses them to develop a different style of testing.
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march 2019 by vegarev
Test Doubles — Fakes, Mocks and Stubs. – Pragmatists
In automated testing it is common to use objects that look and behave like their production equivalents, but are actually simplified. This reduces complexity, allows to verify code independently from the rest of the system and sometimes it is even necessary to execute self validating tests at all. A Test Double is a generic term used for these objects.
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march 2019 by vegarev
Using Rhino.Mocks - quick guide to generating mocks and stubs - Musing, Rants & Jumbled Thoughts of John M. Wright
This post is a general review of the Rhino.Mocks syntax. While it is intended primarily as a quick reference for myself, I hope anyone who stumbles upon it can also find it useful.
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january 2019 by vegarev
TDD : Introduction to Rhino Mocks | Stephen Walther
Rhino Mocks is the most popular Mock Object Framework for .NET. The purpose of this blog entry is to provide a brief introduction to Rhino Mocks. In particular, I want to describe how you can use Rhino Mocks when building ASP.NET MVC web applications.
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january 2019 by vegarev
Understanding Jest Mocks – Rick Hanlon II – Medium
Mocking is a technique to isolate test subjects by replacing dependencies with objects that you can control and inspect. A dependency can be anything your subject depends on, but it is typically a module that the subject imports.
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march 2018 by vegarev

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