Different ways to get random data for SQL Server data sampling
Perhaps your boss has asked you for a random selection of 100 customer names and locations; or you are participating in an audit and need to retrieve a random sample of data for analysis.  How would you accomplish this task?  Check out this tip to learn more.
mssql  sql  data  samples 
4 days ago
How I Write SQL, Part 1: Naming Conventions
In this post I'll (...) describe naming conventions for database objects, why they are so important, and what you should and shouldn't be doing.
Warning! This is a fairly opinionated post and I welcome feedback from people suggesting alternatives.
database  sql  naming  conventions 
5 days ago
Pagination with OFFSET / FETCH : A better way
Pagination doesn't always have to be painful; SQL Server 2012 certainly makes the syntax easier, but if you just plug the native syntax in, you might not always see a great benefit. Here I have shown that slightly more verbose syntax using a CTE can lead to much better performance in the best case, and arguably negligible performance differences in the worst case.
sql  pagination  offset  fetch  cte  mssql  tsql 
5 days ago
Pagination using Node, Sequelize and React – Michael McCabe – Medium
At some point, you want to display a collection of data from a database. Nice and simple. Write a query, get the data, send it on, display it in a table. Want a user to be able to click “next” and go to the next list of 10? Just plonk a simple grid of some kind on the front end and let it do it all for you!
However, its not so simple when there are a million rows. Try querying all of them and throwing that on the front end. Your page will come to a crawl, never mind your load times.
pagination  node  sequelize  react 
5 days ago
Understanding Configuration Manager Data | Using Data Classes and SQL Views | InformIT
This chapter discusses the major ConfigMgr data classes and how those classes are used, and it outlines some sample SQL views and queries.
sccm  mssql 
6 days ago
mitmproxy - an interactive HTTPS proxy
mitmproxy is a free and open source interactive HTTPS proxy.
https  proxy 
7 days ago
How to Open Database Connections in a Node.js/Express App
I believe that most developers working with databases already know what is a connection pool — a cache of database connections maintained so that the connections can be reused when future requests to the database are required. Connection pools are used to enhance the performance of executing commands on a database. This is a standard feature of many database driver libraries but yet is often neglected by web developers.
node  nodejs  express  mssql  mongodb 
8 days ago
vba - Unmerging excel rows, and duplicate data - Stack Overflow
This is a VBA solution. This macro will search every cell in the active sheet to see if they are merged. If they are, it stores the range of the merged cells in a temp. range variable, unmerges the cells, then fills the range with the value of the first cell in the unmerged range (what the value was).
excel  unmerge  fill  data  VBA 
8 days ago
About this site — Decent Security
This site does not sell anything. There are no referral links or sponsored endorsements.
This site is to fix what is broken. Which is how we teach security.

Welcome to DecentSecurity.com
decent  security 
11 days ago
Venu Singireddy's blog: SCCM Custom reports
This post provides various SQL queries to generate custom SCCM reports (07/12) for reporting purposes.
sccm  sql 
14 days ago
Hosting node.js applications in IIS on Windows
In this post I am discussing hosting node.js appplications in IIS on Windows using the iisnode project.
iis  iisnode  node 
14 days ago
activedirectory - npm
ActiveDirectory for Node
ActiveDirectory is an ldapjs client for authN (authentication) and authZ (authorization) for Microsoft Active Directory with range retrieval support for large Active Directory installations.
activedirectory  ad  node  nodejs 
14 days ago
passport-activedirectory - npm
Active Directory strategy for passport.js
passport  windows  authentication  ad  strategy 
14 days ago
passport-windowsauth - npm
Windows Authentication strategy for Passport.js.
ntlm  passport  windows  authentication 
14 days ago
What is CMTrace? - Enhansoft
MTrace is a real-time log file viewer for System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) Current Branch and SCCM 2012
SCCM  CMTrace 
16 days ago
SQL Server Management Studio Code Snippets – Paul's Frog Blog – Technical Blog and SQL Server Community Sharing
Code Snippets are not a new thing. Many languages have them and many plugins for SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) include them. However I believe the out of the box offering in SSMS is just fine and this post explores how I use the feature and how you could too.
sqlserver  ssms  code  snippets 
16 days ago
[MS-TDS]: Tabular Data Stream Protocol
Specifies the Tabular Data Stream Protocol, which is an application layer request/response protocol that facilitates interaction with a database server and provides for authentication and channel encryption negotiation; specification of requests in SQL (including Bulk Insert); invocation of a stored procedure, also known as a Remote Procedure Call (RPC); returning of data; and Transaction Manager Requests.
tds  protocol  sqlserver 
18 days ago
Custom keyboard shortcuts in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)
In this article, we will explore the most essential user defined and customized shortcuts which will make our daily life more easy and intuitive. The use of SQL Server Management Studio let the users define and design the customized short key to perform various day to day activities. This article outlines the tips and tricks that one can apply to perform effective work with minimal efforts
ssms  query  shortcuts  sqlserver  sql 
18 days ago
Install and configure Azure PowerShell | Microsoft Docs
This article explains the steps to install the Azure PowerShell modules in a Windows environment.
powershell  azure 
24 days ago
Continuous Deployment to Azure App Service | Microsoft Docs
To find out how to configure continuous deployment manually from a cloud repository not listed by the Azure Portal (such as GitLab), see Setting up continuous deployment using manual steps.
azure  cd  kudu  gitlab 
25 days ago
Create a Node.js web app in Azure | Microsoft Docs
This article deploys an app to App Service on Windows.
azure  app  service  nodejs  node 
25 days ago
Secure single page applications using the Azure AD v2.0 implicit flow | Microsoft Docs
Single page and other JavaScript apps that run primarily in a browser face a few interesting challenges when it comes to authentication...For these applications (think: AngularJS, Ember.js, React.js, etc) Azure AD supports the OAuth 2.0 Implicit Grant flow.
add  azure  ad  SPA  oauth  implicit  grant  authentication 
25 days ago
Active Directory Authentication Library for JavaScript (ADAL JS) helps you to use Azure AD for handling authentication in your single page applications. This library works with both plain JS as well as AngularJS applications.
azure  ad  ADAL 
26 days ago
Enabling OAuth 2.0 implicit grant for Single Page Applications - Integrating Applications with Azure Active Directory | Microsoft Docs
Single Page Application’s (SPAs) are typically structured with a JavaScript-heavy front end that runs in the browser, which calls the application’s web API back-end to perform its business logic. For SPAs hosted in Azure AD, you use OAuth 2.0 Implicit Grant to authenticate the user with Azure AD and obtain a token that you can use to secure calls from the application's JavaScript client to its back-end web API.
oath2  implicit  grant  SPA  azure  ad 
26 days ago
Understanding the OAuth2 implicit grant flow in Azure AD | Microsoft Docs
the implicit grant is the best approach you can pursue for applications that consume a Web API via JavaScript from a browser.
oauth  jwt  SPA  azure  ad 
26 days ago
Integrating Applications with Azure Active Directory | Microsoft Docs
This article shows you how to add, update, or remove an application's registration in Azure AD. You learn about the different types of applications that can be integrated with Azure AD, how to configure your applications to access other resources such as web APIs, and more.
azure  ad  application  registration 
27 days ago
Azure Active Directory for developers | Microsoft Docs
Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is a cloud identity service that allows developers to build apps which securely sign in users with a Microsoft work or school account. Azure AD supports developers building both single-tenant, line-of-business (LOB) apps, as well as developers looking to develop multi-tenant apps. In addition to basic sign in, Azure AD also lets apps call both Microsoft APIs like Microsoft Graph and custom APIs that are built on the Azure AD platform. This documentation shows you how to add Azure AD support to your application by using industry standard protocols like OAuth2.0 and OpenID Connect.
azure  ad  developer 
27 days ago
Authentication Scenarios for Azure AD | Microsoft Docs
Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) simplifies authentication for developers by providing identity as a service, with support for industry-standard protocols such as OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect, as well as open source libraries for different platforms to help you start coding quickly. This document will help you understand the various scenarios Azure AD supports and will show you how to get started.
authentication  azuread  azure 
28 days ago
PM2 - Advanced Node.js process manager
Advanced, production process manager for Node.js
node  nodejs  process  manager  pm2 
29 days ago
Process managers for Express apps
When you run Express apps for production, it is helpful to use a process manager...
node  nodejs  express  process  manager  pm2 
29 days ago
Simplify REST API development for modern Single-page apps with SQL Server | SQL Server Database Engine Blog
JSON functionalities that are added in SQL Server 2016 and Azure SQL Database enable application developers to easily expose relational data from database tables and create REST API that will provide data to modern JavaScript single-page applications. In this post you will see how can JSON simplify your REST API development.
mssql  json  rest  api 
4 weeks ago
sql-server-samples/samples/features/json/todo-app/nodejs-express4-rest-api at master · Microsoft/sql-server-samples
This project contains an example implementation of NodeJS REST API with CRUD operations on a simple Todo table. You can learn how to build REST API on the existing database schema using NodeJS, Express4, and new JSON functionalities that are available in SQL Server 2016 (or higher) and Azure SQL Database.
mssql  sql  json  express  webapi  node  nodejs 
4 weeks ago
Manual | Sequelize | The node.js ORM for PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite and MSSQL
Sequelize is a promise-based ORM for Node.js v4 and up. It supports the dialects PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite and MSSQL and features solid transaction support, relations, read replication and more.
sql  nodejs  orm  database 
4 weeks ago
Create Node.js apps using SQL Server on Windows
In this section, you will get SQL Server 2017 on Windows. After that you will install the necessary dependencies to create Node.js apps with SQL Server
mssql  nodejs 
4 weeks ago
Overview | Tedious
Tedious is a Node package that provides an implementation of the TDS protocol, which is used to interact with instances of Microsoft's SQL Server.
tds  tedious  node  sqlserver 
4 weeks ago
about_Hash_Tables | Microsoft Docs
A hash table, also known as a dictionary or associative array, is a compact data structure that stores one or more key/value pairs. For example, a hash table might contain a series of IP addresses and computer names, where the IP addresses are the keys and the computer names are the values, or vice versa.
In PowerShell, each hash table is a Hashtable (System.Collections.Hashtable) object. You can use the properties and methods of Hashtable objects in PowerShell.
powershell  hashtables 
4 weeks ago
Powershell: Everything you wanted to know about hashtables
I want to take a step back and talk about hashtables. I use these all the time now. I was teaching someone about them after our user group meeting last night and I realized I had the same confusion about them at first that he had. Hashtables are really important in Powershell so it is good to have a solid understanding of them.
powershell  hashtables 
4 weeks ago
GitHub - kentcdodds/react-testing-library: 🐐 Simple and complete React DOM testing utilities that encourage good testing practices.
You want to write maintainable tests for your React components. As a part of this goal, you want your tests to avoid including implementation details of your components and rather focus on making your tests give you the confidence for which they are intended. As part of this, you want your testbase to be maintainable in the long run so refactors of your components (changes to implementation but not functionality) don't break your tests and slow you and your team down.
react  testing 
4 weeks ago
about_Splatting | Microsoft Docs
Splatting is a method of passing a collection of parameter values to a command as unit. Windows PowerShell associates each value in the collection with a command parameter. Splatted parameter values are stored in named splatting variables, which look like standard variables, but begin with an At symbol (@) instead of a dollar sign ($). The At symbol tells Windows PowerShell that you are passing a collection of values, instead of a single value.
powershell  splat  splatting 
4 weeks ago
Google Sign-In for Websites  |  Google Developers
Get users into your apps quickly and securely, using a registration system they already use and trust -- their Google account.
authentication  google  oauth 
6 weeks ago
Protect your site from Cryptojacking with CSP + SRI
We saw a pretty big event take place over the weekend where a 3rd party provider was compromised and their JS library was altered. The alteration introduced a crypto mining script that was then subsequently included on over 4,000 websites that I know of, many of which were Government websites...
security  CSP  SRI 
7 weeks ago
Import a BACPAC File to Create a New User Database | Microsoft Docs
Import a data-tier application (DAC) file – a .bacpac file – to create a copy of the original database, with the data, on a new instance of the Database Engine, or to Azure SQL Database. Export-import operations can be combined to migrate a DAC or database between instances, or to create a logical backup, such as creating an on-premise copy of a database deployed in SQL Database.
sqlserver  bacpac  dac 
7 weeks ago
Using SQL Server Integration Services to Bulk Load Data - Simple Talk
The most flexible way to bulk-load data into SQL Server is to use SSIS. It can also be the fastest, and scaleable way of doing so. There are three different components that can be used to do this, using SSIS, so which do you choose? As always, Rob Sheldon is here to explain the basics.
ssis  bulkload  sqlserver 
7 weeks ago
Working with the bcp Command-line Utility - Simple Talk
Even though there are many other ways to get data into a database, nothing works quite as fast as BCP, once it is set up with the right parameters and format file. Despite its usefulness, the art of using the command-line utility has always seemed more magic than method; but now along comes Robert Sheldon to shed light on the murky details.
bcp  sql  sqlserver 
7 weeks ago
Bulk Inserts via TSQL in SQL Server - Simple Talk
The trouble with using BCP for reading data into SQL Server is that BCP is a command-line program. Fortunately, the same input functionality is available from TSQL within SQL Server. In fact there are two ways, and it is not always obvious which to use.
tsql  bulkinsert  sqlserver 
7 weeks ago
React Testing Tutorial: Test Frameworks & Component Tests - RWieruch
The following article should guide you through the whole topic of testing React apps. Primarily, you will test React components but also pure business logic. The article showcases different testing libraries for your application whereas you can decide which of these solutions make sense for you. It guides you through the whole testing setup for your React application and how to write the tests. It will use testing tools such as Mocha, Chai, Sinon, Enzyme and Jest.
react  reactjs  testing 
7 weeks ago
Configure ESLint, Prettier, and Flow in VS Code for React Development
This short guide will provide you a consistent and reusable development workflow for all React/React Native projects. The more effort you put into writing quality code, the less time you spend on debugging. You can increase your code quality and reduce the time spent on debugging with a consistent development workflow. In this guide I will show you how to configure your editor to handle your code formatting, linting, and type checking.
javascript  vscode  eslint  prettier  flow  cra 
8 weeks ago
Better JavaScript with ESlint, Airbnb, & Prettier - George Spake
Learn How to Set Up ESlint, Airbnb’s Style Guides, & Prettier using a Create-React-App without ejecting and Integrate ESlint With Your Editor.
react  cra  eslint  airbnb  prettier  javascript 
8 weeks ago
Outbreak: JSConf AU 2018
Thanks @JSConfAU...Here’s Outbreak, if you want to make some popcorn and share with the family:
8 weeks ago
Programming Design Systems
A free digital book that teaches a practical introduction to the new foundations of graphic design. By Rune Madsen.
programming  design  system  ux 
9 weeks ago
Unblocking Clipboard Access  |  Web  |  Google Developers
e past few years, browsers have converged on using document.execCommand for clipboard interactions. It's great to have a single widely-supported way to integrate copy and paste into web apps, but this came at a cost: clipboard access is synchronous, and can only read & write to the DOM
javascript  chrome  clipboard  api  async 
9 weeks ago
Understanding Jest Mocks – Rick Hanlon II – Medium
Mocking is a technique to isolate test subjects by replacing dependencies with objects that you can control and inspect. A dependency can be anything your subject depends on, but it is typically a module that the subject imports.
javascript  testing  mocks  jest  tdd 
10 weeks ago
Test Double is a generic term for any case where you replace a production object for testing purposes.
testing  tdd 
10 weeks ago
The Minimal React + Webpack 4 + Babel Setup - RWieruch
Let’s dive into my personal minimal setup for a React project. This tutorial is up to the recent Webpack 4 version. It should work for Webpack 3 as well.
webpack  react  minimal  babel  bootstrap 
10 weeks ago
Creating Reusable Generic Modals in React and Redux | PACKT Books
defining generic reusable modal components in a React/Redux application presents some interesting challenges. Here's one approach you can use to create generic reusable modals that can be used in a variety of contexts throughout a React/Redux application.
redux  react  modal 
11 weeks ago
The most popular front-end framework, rebuilt for React.
react  bootstrap 
11 weeks ago
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