Web Audio API Convolver Node | Middle Ear Media
Web Audio API Convolver Node is a tutorial that shows how to use the convolver node to apply a linear convolution effect with an impulse response. You should understand the basics of the Web Audio API as well as how to buffer and play audio files.
webaudioapi  convolver 
A Guide to Building Quality Angular 1.5 Components — SitePoint
In Angular 1, components are the mechanism which allows you to create your own custom HTML elements. This has been possible with Angular directives in the past, but components build on the various improvements that have been made to Angular and enforce best practices in how they are built and designed.
angularjs  components 
6 days ago
Getting Started with Web Accessibility – Emily Mears – Medium
Accessibility is a confusingly rare topic of conversation when learning about web development and design. Many developers enter into workplaces, or start projects, without having considered aspects of web accessibility before.
This is my quick introduction to the importance and implementation of accessible development for the web.
web  accessibility 
6 days ago
Chemistry over Culture – Didoo
An interesting discussion about the meaning of these two words, and possible implications in their use.
chemistry  culture 
6 days ago
Chemistry, not Culture – Leading Design – Medium
Disclaimer: I’m just as guilty of referencing ‘culture’ when describing teams, workplaces, and companies. Recently I’ve grown unsettled with the term. I offer a replacement: chemistry.
chemistry  culture 
6 days ago
Exploring the Angular 1.5 .component() method
AngularJS 1.5 introduced the .component() helper method, which is much simpler than the .directive() definition and advocates best practices and common default behaviours. Using .component() will allow developers to write in an Angular (v2+) style as well, which will in turn make upgrading to Angular an easier feat.
7 days ago
AngularJS' Internals In Depth — Smashing Magazine
AngularJS presents a remarkable number of interesting design choices in its code base. Two particularly interesting cases are the way in which scopes work and how directives behave.
angularjs  scopes  directives 
10 days ago
Using $rootScope.$emit() As A Performance Optimization In AngularJS
in certain edge-cases, you need to use events to create communication between two very specific components (such as a modal window Service and a modal window Directive). In these cases, using $rootScope.$emit() can provide a small performance optimization over $rootScope.$broadcast().
angularjs  rootscope  events 
10 days ago
AngularJS component binding types — my experiences.
Component bindings from Angular 1.5 had few difficulties. Although my problems may seem simple for experienced developers, I hope this post will help to protect somebody from unnecessary waste of time.
angularjs  component  bindings 
11 days ago
Debugging AngularJS In The Console
Although Batarang gets a lot of attention, there may come a time when you need to dig a bit deeper into an Angular application, particularly if you are debugging or spelunking someone else’s application and you aren’t familiar with the entire code base.
angularjs  console 
12 days ago
Using React in a Production App – Open House – Medium
This article will share how we at Opendoor used React in a real world production app, the decisions we made, and why.
15 days ago
Cutting Edge - Policy-Based Authorization in ASP.NET Core
The authorization layer of a software application ensures that the current user is allowed to access a given resource, perform a given operation or perform a given operation on a given resource. In ASP.NET Core there are two ways to set up an authorization layer. You can use roles or you can use policies. The former approach—role-based authorization—has been maintained from previous versions of the ASP.NET platform, while policy-based authorization is new to ASP.NET Core.
aspnetcore  authorization 
20 days ago
Codevember Day #13

I once had a book full of amazing Macromedia Flash experiments, one of which was an image of the Mona Lisa that would morph as you moved the mouse over it.

It is buried deep in a storage unit now and I can't remember the name of the book or the creator of the morphing Mona Lisa experiment.

Anyway, this is my version of that experiment using CSS Grid to morph the image. If anyone knows the book or author please let me know and I will credit them properly.
orange  morph 
20 days ago
Currying is not idiomatic in JavaScript
In this blog post I explain why, in my opinion, currying is in conflict with some of JavaScript’s foundations.
javascript  currying 
22 days ago
Redux and React: An Introduction | Write Your Own
In this post I’m going to briefly explain what redux is, all of the basic elements, and how to set up a React project with redux as your data storage / flow solution using react-redux. You will need some prior knowledge of React; JSX, state, props, context; and ES6 syntax, and classes
react  redux 
22 days ago
Jest Testing patterns in React-Redux applications · Ranjith Nair - Programming World
Jest provides a complete ecosystem for testing. There is no need of extra libraries - Mocha, Sinon, Istanbul, Chai, proxyquire etc. as all are present in Jest itself.
react  redux  jest 
22 days ago
Add New File - Visual Studio Marketplace
The fastest and easiest way to add new files to any project - including files that start with a dot
vstudio  tools 
22 days ago
Open Command Line - Visual Studio Marketplace
Opens a command line at the root of the project. Support for all consoles such as CMD, PowerShell, Bash etc. Provides syntax highlighting, Intellisense and execution of .cmd and .bat files.
vstudio  tools 
22 days ago
Troubleshooting the dotnet ef command for EF Core Migrations | The Data Farm
When using EF Core in a .NET Core app (ASP.NET Core or other app sitting on .NET core), it’s easy to run into a problem when attempting to use EF Core migrations at the command line. The most common one is

No executable found matching command "dotnet-ef"
dotnetcore  efcore  ef 
22 days ago
Protected routes and authentication with React Router v4
Protected routes are an important part of any web application. In this post we’ll break down the “Redirects (Auth)” example on the React Router documentation to learn how to create authenticated routes (routes that only certain users can access based on their authentication status) using React Router.
react  authentication  routes 
23 days ago
Front-end Style Guides
Creating and Maintaining Style Guides for Websites

Style guides, once the exclusive domain of print designers, are now finding their way onto the web. In this book, you'll learn about the style guides that have been created specifically for websites, and how to make and maintain your own.

Designers and developers have taken different approaches to putting together their own web-based style guides. This book highlights the various techniques and the projects that have used them. It's packed with practical tips, whether you're starting from scratch or assembling one for an existing site.

This book is for people who build stuff for the web and want to make their own style guides. It's full of techniques, practical advice and examples for both coders and non-coders.
css  styleguide 
23 days ago
Deploying ES2015+ Code in Production Today — Philip Walton
Most web developers I talk to these days love writing JavaScript with all the newest language features—async/await, classes, arrow functions, etc. However, despite the fact that all modern browsers can run ES2015+ code and natively support the features I just mentioned, most developers still transpile their code to ES5 and bundle it with polyfills to accommodate the small percentage of users still on older browsers.
javascript  es2015  module 
27 days ago
Flexbox and Grids, your layout’s best friends
We decided to debunk the myths around Flexbox & Grids in order to show you the power of these two technologies working together.
css  flexbox  grid 
4 weeks ago
Callbacks First, Then Promises - DerickBailey.com
October 5, 2016 By Derick
When I’m looking at asynchronous JavaScript – network calls, file system, or whatever it may be – I don’t reach for promises, first. In fact, a promise is typically a last resort for me, relegated to specific scenarios.
javascript  callbacks  promises 
4 weeks ago
20 Best AngularJS Development Tools for Developers – Frontend Weekly – Medium

Enables your browsers with an inspector pane which helps you in developing, debugging and understanding your AngularJS applications. Uses Controllers and Directives for identifying and displaying scope.
5 weeks ago
Use a Render Prop! – componentDidBlog
I was suggesting that the higher-order component pattern that is a popular method of code reuse in many React codebases could be replaced 100% of the time with a regular component with a “render prop”.
react  render  prop 
6 weeks ago
About ECMAScript 6 (ES6)
It took a long time to finish it, but ECMAScript 6, the next version of JavaScript, is finally a reality
javascript  ecmascript  history  exploringjs 
6 weeks ago
JavaScript: how it all began
This post presents a brief history of how Brendan Eich created JavaScript and what influenced its design decisions.
javascript  ecmascript  history 
6 weeks ago
Learning ES6: History of ECMAScript | Ben Ilegbodu
...before we look at what ECMAScript 6 offers, I’d like to start things off by taking the time to look back on the history of ECMAScript.
javascript  history  ecmascript 
6 weeks ago
ECMAScript - Wikipedia
ECMAScript (or ES)[1] is a trademarked[2] scripting-language specification standardized by Ecma International in ECMA-262 and ISO/IEC 16262. It was created to standardize JavaScript, so as to foster multiple independent implementations.
javascript  history  ecmascript  ecma 
6 weeks ago
A brief history of JavaScript – Ben Aston – Medium
Ben AstonFollow
Apr 2, 2015
JavaScript was created by Brendan Eich in 1995 during his time at Netscape Communications. It was inspired by Java, Scheme and Self.
javascript  history 
6 weeks ago
A Brief History of JavaScript
We take a look at the evolution of JavaScript, arguably one of the most important languages of today, and tomorrow
Sebastián Peyrott January 16, 2017
javascript  history 
6 weeks ago
TV API | TVmaze - Add TV information to your website or app.
If you want to add TV information to your website or app then you've come to the right place!
We provide a free, fast and clean REST API that's easy to use, returns JSON and conforms to the HATEOAS and HAL principles.
api  free  tv 
6 weeks ago
Avoiding the Not Secure Warning in Chrome  |  Web  |  Google Developers
Long term - Use HTTPS everywhere

Eventually, Chrome will show a Not Secure warning for all pages served over HTTP, regardless of whether or not the page contains sensitive input fields. Even if you adopt one of the more targeted resolutions above, you should plan to migrate your site to use HTTPS for all pages.
https  google  ssl  chrome 
7 weeks ago
Google Online Security Blog: Moving towards a more secure web
Eventually, we plan to label all HTTP pages as non-secure, and change the HTTP security indicator to the red triangle that we use for broken HTTPS.
google  security  https  chrome  blog-research 
7 weeks ago
Import post – Medium Support
Imported stories will automatically apply a canonical URL referencing the original source material.

As the import tool is automated, it may not work on all sources. If it does not function as expected, go to your target URL > copy the content > paste it into a new Medium draft > make any edits. Email us the Medium post URL and the original source URL and we can set a canonical link for you manually. 
blog-research  medium  import  canonical 
7 weeks ago
Get started with custom domains – Medium Support
Custom domains let you use your own URL for Medium publications. You have access to Medium’s powerful, networked publishing platform using your own domain or subdomain.
blog-research  medium  custom  domain 
7 weeks ago
React FAQ
This guide aims to pull together quality content about React core concepts into a central location for quick reference.
react  faq  reactjs 
7 weeks ago
GitHub Marketplace · GitHub
Secure and manage your third-party dependencies.
github  dependency-management 
7 weeks ago
The Neon Museum Las Vegas | Guided tours available daily
770 Las Vegas Boulevard North
Las Vegas, NV 89101
vegas  neon 
7 weeks ago
How to Tour Frank Sinatra’s Las Vegas | Travel | Smithsonian
Even though most of 1950s Vegas is long gone, there are still many ways to relive the haunts of Ol’ Blue Eyes and the Rat Pack
vegas  sinatra  ratpack 
7 weeks ago
Gatsby Starters | GatsbyJS
The Gatsby CLI tool lets you install “starters”. These are partially built sites preconfigured to help you get moving faster on creating a certain type of site.
7 weeks ago
Blog | iApply Powered by DWS
It’s with great anticipation that we launch the iApply website – the intersection of simplicity and digital automation.
blog-research  dws  iapply 
7 weeks ago
Offline Only
Do you want to be productive? Just go offline, because to maintain a constant connection to the internet is to maintain a constant connection to interruptions, both external and internal.
7 weeks ago
SEO and duplicate content – Medium Support
Medium is a vast publishing platform with many high authority authors publishing content on a frequent basis. It is linked to throughout the internet. This size and authority means that, for any given topic, its SEO is stronger than the vast majority of independent blogs. However, bloggers can use this strong SEO to their benefit. By using Medium’s official import tools, you can reap the benefits of high discoverability on Medium while still crediting all authority towards your own blog using Medium’s canonical URLs.
blog-research  medium  canonical  urls 
7 weeks ago
Medium/medium-api-docs: Documentation for Medium's OAuth2 API
Medium’s API documentation

This repository contains the documentation for Medium’s API.
blog-research  medium  api  documentation 
7 weeks ago
rel=canonical: the ultimate guide to canonical URLs • Yoast
A canonical URL allows you to tell search engines that certain similar URLs are actually one and the same. Sometimes you have products or content that is accessible under multiple URLs, or even on multiple websites. Using a canonical URL (an HTML link tag with attribute rel=canonical) these can exist without harming your rankings.
blog-research  content  syndication  seo  canonical  url 
7 weeks ago
How to Syndicate Content on Medium
Luckily, one place where you can syndicate your content without this penalty is Medium. Medium tells Google, “Hey, this is syndicated content and the original version exists elsewhere.” So if you’re thinking of syndication on one of the popular platforms, give Medium a try.
blog-research  medium  content  syndication 
7 weeks ago
Medium SEO - How to Syndicate Content With rel="canonical" Tag
There are actually four different options you have when it comes to getting your content on Medium using the rel="canonical" tag correctly.
blog  research  medium  content  syndication 
7 weeks ago
The "Make Medium Readable Again" Chrome Extension Shows Just How Much the Platform Has Failed to Achieve its Goals | The Digital Reader
Now it is 2017, and we have numerous examples of how the platform is no longer living up to the promise that "When you write on Medium, you’ll know that your words and pictures will look great on any device; they’ll automatically adjust to the latest technology and even get better over time."
blog  research  medium 
7 weeks ago
Should You use Medium for Your company's Content? | Distilled
You’ve likely read an article on Medium before, even if you didn’t notice the green “M” hanging out in the corner of your screen. The platform houses tons of popular content created by both its users and publications alike. A place for thoughtful, long-form, niche and technical content, it's not surprising that everyone from CEOs to freelance journalists posts there regularly. Increasingly, businesses and publications have been using this platform for their content distribution. With all that in mind, is Medium the right way for your business to reach new readers?
blog  research  medium 
7 weeks ago
Rebuilding my portfolio website with the great GatsbyJS and WordPress | GatsbyJS
GatsbyJS is a static site generator, similar to Jekyll, however it is written using React and allows you to write your pages as React components!
blog  static  content  wordpress  gatsby 
7 weeks ago
WP REST API v2 Documentation
Access your WordPress site's data through an easy-to-use HTTP REST API.
wordpress  rest  api  blog  research 
7 weeks ago
gatsby/examples/using-wordpress at master · gatsbyjs/gatsby
Using Wordpress


Example site that demonstrates how to build Gatsby sites that pull data from the WordPress CMS API.
gatsby  wordpress  blog  research 
7 weeks ago
Whose playground are you playing in?
Every playground has its own rules, an owner, and a set of things you’re allowed to do.

Twitter let’s you share content, but no more than 140 characters at a time. Medium allows you to write long-form articles, but you have to abide by their formatting and they’re posted in their ecosystem.
blog  research 
7 weeks ago
Signal v. Noise
Strong opinions and shared thoughts on design, business, and tech. By the makers (and friends) of Basecamp. Since 1999.
blog  research  medium 
7 weeks ago
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