iOS 9 Design Guidelines for iPhone and iPad - Design+Code
Pretty extended resource with iOS9 design guidelines for iPhone and iPad.
ios  design  guidelines 
21 days ago
How To Work With SVG Text - Vanseo Design
Great article explaining the basis of using SVG text.
svg  design 
4 weeks ago
Swiss Style Color Picker | International Style Colors Sheme Palette
Do you love Swiss graphic design? Here’s a Swiss style colour picker.
color  swiss  inspiration 
5 weeks ago
Introduction | Front-end Handbook
Pretty extensive Front-end Developer Handbook. Great resource, but it will be daunting task to keep it up to date.
5 weeks ago
CSS Buttons
If you need some CSS button inspiration, this CSS Buttons tumblr has you covered.
HTML5  buttons  css3 
5 weeks ago
Screen Sizes
A list of popular device screen sizes and more.
mobile  responsive  webdesign 
7 weeks ago
CSS Multi-Level Accordion Menu | CodyHouse
A simple CSS accordion menu with support for sub level items.
css3  navigation 
7 weeks ago
Stylesheets is a community-generated collection of the best CSS resources.
8 weeks ago
Dealing with long words in CSS | justmarkup
A robust solution for dealing with long words using several CSS rules
css  hyphenation  typography 
9 weeks ago
Creating Cel Animations With SVG – Smashing Magazine
Interesting article on Smashing Magazine about creating cel animations with SVG & Sass.
css  sass  svg 
10 weeks ago
» Responsive Images 101, Part 9: Image Breakpoints Cloud Four Blog
Interesting article on image breakpoints for responsive images.
images  responsive 
august 2015
MailChimp Content Style Guide
Content is what makes a web site great. MailChimp shares their Content Style Guide and it’s lovely.
content  styleguide 
august 2015
CSS vs. SVG: Graphical Text Effects : Adobe Dreamweaver Team Blog
CSS vs. SVG: Graphical Text Effects, @SaraSoueidan compares them both to see what’s best.
css  svg 
august 2015
Stretchy: Form element autosizing, the way it should be.
Form element autosizing,
the way it should be.
css  forms 
july 2015
Perfecting a CSS 3D animation , by Miguel Palhas of Subvisual
“A nice little tutorial on how to build a 3D animated atom with CSS. Worth reading”.
animation  css  3D 
july 2015
Art-Directing an SVG Embedded Using <object>
A case study by Sara Soueidan on a art-directed SVG graphic with an accessible fallback.
july 2015
Greedy Navigation
Interesting test case for a responsive design navigation
responsive  navigation 
july 2015
Envato Market Styleguide
Envato Market styleguide collection
june 2015
Making a SVG HTML Burger Button - The Raygun Blog
Cool tutorial to create a SVG HTML Burger Button
animation  svg  css3 
june 2015
Vex – Beautiful, functional, modal dialogs in Javascript
Bookmarked! Vex, a modern UI library for creating beautiful and functional dialogs in Javascript.
javascript  modal  webdesign 
april 2015
Internet Explorer Web Platform Status and Roadmap - status.modern.IE
If you ever wonder what’s supported in which browser, have a look at, it has a great overview of all that.
april 2015
Learn How to Code in HTML5 and CSS3
How to code in HTML5 and CSS3, a free book that explains it all in an understandable manner. Good refresher too.
css3  html5 
april 2015
CSS Flexbox
Curated collection of CSS Flexbox related articles, tips and resources.
css3  flexbox 
april 2015
Interesting typographic tool. Adjust kerning pairs, rag, widows, and more in your web typography.
typography  design  css 
april 2015
SVG Animations Using CSS and Snap.svg
Tutorial that shows how to create SVG animations using CSS and Snap.svg.
svg  animation 
march 2015
Typewolf → A Comprehensive Guide to Smart Quotes, Dashes & Other Typographic Characters
A comprehensive guide to using proper typographic characters, including correct grammatical usage.
cheatsheet  typography 
march 2015
The illusion of life by Jeroen on CodePen
Speaking about animation for the web…The same 12 principles & practical examples.
animation  css 
march 2015
Animation Principles for the Web - CSS Animation
Great article on animation principles for the web, complete with live demos.
animation  css3 
march 2015
Enhancing Responsiveness with Flexbox presentation at RWD Summit
Smart! Using Flexbox as a tool for responsive web design but as a progressive enhancement.
responsive  flexbox  css3 
march 2015
Experiment: Using Flexbox Today - Chris Wright
Extended article with tips, and demos to use Flexbox today.
css  flexbox 
march 2015
Quantity Queries for CSS · An A List Apart Article
Useful technique for responsive design. Quantity Queries for CSS.
responsive  webdesign  navigation 
march 2015
Vintage Logos - an album on Flickr
For inspiration. Vintage logos from a mid-70's edition of the World of Logotypes book.
design  logos  inspiration 
february 2015
Font Loading Revisited with Font Events | Filament Group, Inc., Boston, MA
Interesting research on the ‘best way to load web fonts’ by the @filamentgroup.
css  fonts  performance 
february 2015
Why you should be excited about CSS shapes
Well written and researched article about CSS Shapes.
css  shapes 
february 2015
Printing Medium stories — Designing Medium — Medium
How does Medium handle print stylesheets? Great article with link to the technical details too.
css  print  design 
february 2015
Better SVG Fallback and Art Direction With The <picture> Element
Better SVG fallback and art direction with the <picture> Element. Great article by @SaraSoueidan.
svg  css  html 
february 2015
Aerotwist - FLIP Your Animations
Tip to use a delay trick to make animations smoother. FLIP Your Animations:
animation  css3 
february 2015
Animating pseudo-elements
Animating pseudo-elements. Example to create a shiny button.
animation  css3 
february 2015
Mid-Century Modern Graphic Design
Cool for inspiration! A visual catalogue of the Mid-Century Modern graphic aesthetic.
inspiration  midcentury  design 
february 2015
phanan/htaccess · GitHub
If you ever got a headache from .htaccess this collection of useful snippets might come in handy.
htaccess  apache 
february 2015
Interactive gradient explorer called Shade. Playing with those sliders is addictive :)
css  gradients  tools 
february 2015
Twitter's "fave" animation
Learning to create Twitter's "fave" animation using the CSS animation steps timing function.
animation  css 
february 2015
CSS Reference | Codrops
No doubt this is going to be *the go to resource* for CSS.
css3  reference 
february 2015
Useful SVGO[ptimization] Tools
Useful SVGO[ptimization] Tools summed up by Sara Soueidan.
svg  tools 
january 2015
Strategies for Keeping CSS Specificity Low | CSS-Tricks
Great article by Chris Coyier where here shares strategies for keeping CSS specificity low.
css  specificity 
january 2015
iconic/illustrator-svg-exporter · GitHub
A better way to generate SVGs from Illustrator by @useiconic. Looks interesting.
illustrator  svg 
january 2015 – Little, Big: Using CSS fit-content
Learn to use CSS fit-content for precise element containers. Dudley Storey shows how…
css  layout  design 
january 2015
Auto-Hide Sticky Header — Osvaldas Valutis
Good resource if you need to create an auto-hide sticky header.
css  navigation 
january 2015
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