Typekit Practice
Typekit Practice has the potential to become a great resource for learning about typography.
typography  typekit  design  from delicious
Perfect Icons - A social icon creation tool.
If you need resolution independent social sharing buttons, Perfect Icons may just have what you’re looking for.
icons  from delicious
2 days ago
CSS and SVG Masks - CodePen
There’s more than 1 way to do masks: clip, clip-path, mask-image… Examples & browser support.
css  mask  webdesign  from delicious
7 days ago
Advanced animation path » legomushroom
Tutorial on how to animate along an SVG path, but also adjust the orientation. Clever.
svg  animation  from delicious
7 days ago
Advanced web typography: Kerning » Blog » Elliot Jay Stocks
Good article from @elliotjaystocks on Advanced web typography: Kerning.
typography  kerning  webdesign  from delicious
8 days ago
Type Scale - A Visual Calculator
Type Scale, a visual calculator with preview and ready to copy CSS code. Bookmarked!
typography  webdesign  from delicious
16 days ago
Snap.svg - Home
This seems a like pretty nice library to create SVG animations.
svg  javascript  webdesign  from delicious
16 days ago
Getting to Know Macaw's Tools - Tuts Web Design Tutorial
Another good starter resource about Macaw is this one about Macaw's Toolkit and Inspector Panel.
macaw  tutorial  webdesign  from delicious
17 days ago
WTF, HTML and CSS? Highly useful list of tips & gotchas for new (and experienced) front-end developers.
css  html  from delicious
21 days ago
CSS Diner - Where we feast on CSS Selectors!
What a fun and clever way to learn how to use CSS selectors. Try it!
css  tutorial  from delicious
23 days ago
Flexbox Grid
A new grid system (to me) based on the flex display property.
flexbox  grid  responsive  from delicious
24 days ago
Code Guide by @mdo
A nice set of standards for developing flexible and sustainable HTML/CSS, by @mdo.
css  html  guide  from delicious
5 weeks ago
Team-Sass/toolkit · GitHub
Speaking of Sass & Compass, here’s a Toolkit for Responsive Web Design & Progressive Enhancement.
sass  responsive  compass  from delicious
5 weeks ago
Great collection of browser hacks for front-end devs. Unfortunately still needed on occasion.
hacks  css  javascript  from delicious
5 weeks ago
Typsettings | Home
Speaking about SASS & typography… Here's TypeSettings, a Sass type toolkit to deal with vertical rhythm and apply modular scale.
sass  typography  from delicious
7 weeks ago
iconizr · CSS & Sass icon kit creator · SVG & PNG sprite generator
Tool for the bookmarks: iconizr – CSS & SASS icon kit creator plus SVG & PNG sprite generator.
icons  svg  from delicious
8 weeks ago
Drop-Down Navigation: Responsive and Touch-Friendly — Osvaldas Valutis
Nice tutorial on how to create a Drop-Down Navigation that is #responsive and touch-friendly: 
responsive  navigation  css  mobile  from delicious
8 weeks ago
Make a Flippin’ 3D Countdown with CSS & JavaScript | Viget
Neat little tutorial on creating a flipping 3D countdown with CSS & JavaScript.
css  javascript  from delicious
8 weeks ago
How to use the @supports rule in your CSS | Web design | Creative Bloq
Feature support detection with the simple and elegant @supports rule by Lea Verou. Good read.
css  webdesign  from delicious
9 weeks ago
William Penn’s CSS layouts | MaccG
Good overview of #CSS3 layout modules and methods
css3  layout  from delicious
9 weeks ago
Styleguide | Yelp
Another front-end style guide for the bookmarks. This time by Yelp.
styleguide  design  from delicious
9 weeks ago
Simple examples and well explained. A simple guide to responsive design.
webdesign  responsive  from delicious
9 weeks ago
Liquidapsive (Liqui-dap-sive)
If you want to quickly explain a difference between fixed, fluid, responsive layout, this resource can be helpful.
responsive  webdesign  from delicious
10 weeks ago
NTH-TEST | nth-child and nth-of-type Tester
A quick tool to test nth-child and nth-of-type in CSS.
css  tools  nth  from delicious
10 weeks ago
The Tipue blog - The complete guide to centering a div
Worth bookmarking as a reminder. The complete guide to centering a div.
css  centering  div  from delicious
10 weeks ago
You Might Not Need jQuery
Roger Johansson is right. Very much worth considering.
javascript  jquery  from delicious
11 weeks ago
A List Apart Pattern Library
Another pattern library for the bookmarks. This one is maintained by the good folks of A List Apart.
patterns  design  styleguide  from delicious
11 weeks ago
When To Use The Button Element | CSS-Tricks
When to use the button element. Some good advice in the comments too by @codepo8.
css  button  from delicious
11 weeks ago
Off Canvas Menu with Animated Links
Learn to make a simple off canvas mobile navigation with delayed link animation.
navigation  css3  from delicious
11 weeks ago
Flexbox for forms - German for black
Neat technique. Flexbox for forms. No inline-block, no floats, no hard-set widths.
flexbox  forms  from delicious
12 weeks ago
Handy list of CSS animations with a preview.
css  animations  from delicious
12 weeks ago
Black Tie - Free Handsome Bootstrap Themes
These free Bootstrap themes on http://www.blacktie.co are handsome alright. Bookmark worthy!
bootstrap  themes  from delicious
12 weeks ago
⌘ SPACE | Dribbble Powered Portfolios
If you have an Dribbble account you can have an instant design portfolio via ⌘+SPACE.
dribbble  portfolio  from delicious
12 weeks ago
The Pattern Library
I you love beautiful pattern designs like me you’ll want to bookmark The Pattern Library. Inspirational!
patterns  design  from delicious
january 2014
Bulletproof Accessible Icon Fonts | Filament Group, Inc., Boston, MA
Fantastic article! How to implement Bulletproof Accessible Icon Fonts. If you read one article today let it be this one.
accessibility  icons  fonts  from delicious
january 2014
HTML5 Video - HTML5 Rocks
HTML5 Video tutorial. Big update to the original article from 2010.
html5  video  from delicious
january 2014
Smooth state animations with animation-play-state | Lea Verou
Cool discovery byLea Verou. Smooth state animations with animation-play-state.
animation  css3  from delicious
january 2014
CSS: User Agent Selectors — Rog.ie
Handy snippet that @rogie uses to target specific user agents/mobile devices to fix finicky browser issues.
webdesign  snippet  html5  from delicious
january 2014
An interactive video intro to flexbox
If you’re getting started with Flexbox this might interest you; An interactive video intro to Flexbox.
flexbox  css3  from delicious
january 2014
The Ultimate Flexbox Cheat Sheet
Now that the introduction of Flexbox is out of the way you'll find this handy as well. The Ultimate Flexbox Cheat Sheet…
flexbox  css3  cheatsheet  from delicious
january 2014
A Pocket Guide to Master Every Day’s Typographic Adventures
Nicely done! A Pocket Guide to Master Every Day’s Typographic Adventure.
typography  from delicious
january 2014
Unify – Unicode support on browsers and devices
Handy! Unicode symbols support in different browsers/devices. Some great research!
unicode  icons  from delicious
january 2014
Using SVG in your web app - Tom Germeau
Using #SVG in your web app describes an Adobe Illustrator work flow for using SVG’s.
svg  from delicious
december 2013
A client side solution to conditional loading in Responsive Web Design
Interesting experimentation concept: ResponsiveComments, A client side solution to conditional loading in Responsive Web Design
responsive  from delicious
december 2013
Type Rendering Mix
Type Rendering Mix apply CSS based on the text rasterizer and
 antialiasing your browser is using.
typography  from delicious
december 2013
Responsive Web Design Resources | This Is Responsive
Everything you need as far as resources go for responsive web design
responsive  resources  webdesign  from delicious
december 2013
Showcase | SVGeneration
One for the bookmarks: SVGeneration, a SVG backgrounds gallery, some with SVG filters.
svg  background  generator  from delicious
december 2013
I’ve linked to GoodUI before but 24 new tips have been added since then. Great resource.
ui  ux  design  from delicious
december 2013
Glifo - Create icon Web fonts with Photoshop
I love IcoMoon (http://icomoon.io/) but this *Glifo* allows you to export your PSD shape layers as an icon web font. Interesting.
icons  photoshop  from delicious
november 2013
Pattern Library | MailChimp
A responsive app Pattern Library with code from MailChimp.
webdesign  patterns  from delicious
november 2013
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