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Should I Use JavaScript to Load My Web Fonts?
When they were first introduced, web fonts were primarily a CSS feature, and for many web developers they’ve always loaded them using CSS (and nothing more). But in the last decade, default web font loading behavior in many browsers made CSS-only methods a gamble with our page’s text render, and thoughtful developers switched to safer JavaScript methods. Recently, browser support for new and safer CSS-only strategies have left some developers wondering: are JavaScript methods to load web fonts necessary? Are they useful? Let’s dig in.
webfont  webfonts  webdesign  webdev  webdevelopment  font  Javascript  CSS 
6 weeks ago by vaupeh
Solved with CSS! Logical Styling Based on the Number of Given Elements
An in-depth look into the amazing possibilities of nth-child
august 2018 by vaupeh
A Strategy Guide To CSS Custom Properties
CSS Custom Properties (sometimes known as ‘CSS variables’) are now supported in all modern browsers, and people are starting to use them in production. This is great, but they’re different from variables in preprocessors, and I’ve already seen many examples of people using them without considering what advantages they offer.

Custom properties have a huge potential to change how we write and structure CSS and to a lesser extent, how we use JavaScript to interact with UI components. I’m not going to focus on the syntax and how they work (for that I recommend you read “It’s Time To Start Using Custom Properties”). Instead, I want to take a deeper look at strategies for getting the most out of CSS Custom Properties.
css  css-variables  css-custom-properties 
may 2018 by vaupeh
CSS Grid — Responsive layouts and components
Let’s make a photo gallery responsive quickly and using very few lines of CSS.
CSS  grid  grid-layout  image-gallery  responsive 
may 2018 by vaupeh
The Front-End Checklist
The Front-End Checklist Application is perfect for modern websites and meticulous developers!
checklist  cheatsheet  frontend  resources  html  css  Javascript 
april 2018 by vaupeh
Collection of CSS snippets
Some time ago I asked on twitter about the favorite CSS snippets people use regularly.
CSS  snippet  snippets  toolbox 
april 2018 by vaupeh
What no one told you about z-index
Deep dive into the stacking of HTML elements
CSS  z-index 
march 2018 by vaupeh
30 Seconds of CSS
A curated collection of useful CSS snippets you can understand in 30 seconds or less.
CSS  snippet 
march 2018 by vaupeh
Mastering the :nth-child | CSS3 pseudo classes and :nth-child ranges
Concise examples what to achieve with the nth-child CSS selector
CSS  nth-child 
february 2018 by vaupeh
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