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Star Wars - Titanic AWh3C.jpg (JPEG Image, 833x1386 pixels)
Apparently George Lucas ran this as an advertisement congratulating James Cameron when Titanic's grosses surpassed those of Star Wars.
starwars  funny  geek  movies  fun  scifi  art  humour 
january 2010 by vanlal
LimerickDB: Top 150
she replied with "you're making me wet."
art  data  database  fun  funny  geek  humor  humour  limericks  language  poetry  english 
july 2008 by vanlal
Normal Design
Contemporary designs by Rosa McBride
art  design  furniture  home 
august 2007 by vanlal
Mark Jenkins: Embed
from GreyArea - Interesting set of street installations
art  street  installation  embed 
april 2007 by vanlal
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