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Future Content Experiences: The First Steps For Object-Based Broadcasting - BBC R&D
The central idea of object-based broadcasting is in the title - it’s all about objects. You can think of an object as any kind of individual media asset: a video clip, an audio clip, a still image, a caption. These are the fundamental objects that programmes are built from. With object-based broadcasting, these objects are broadcast to everyone, along with information describing the ways in which they can be reassembled. Your device can then use that information to reassemble the programme to suit your preferences, device capabilities and viewing environment.
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july 2017 by vanevery
Deepstreams are livestreams that people have enhanced with great content like images, tweets, and news stories.
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march 2016 by vanevery
TwitchPlaysPokemon - Twitch
Twitch Plays Pokemon is a stream that lets you play Pokemon collaboratively with a lot of other people by typing commands into chat.
twitch  pokemon  gaming  twitchplayspokemon  socialsoftware  liveweb  streaming  games 
december 2014 by vanevery
NimbleTV Aims to Stream TV on Devices -
TV Everywhere is a slogan for a nearly three-year-old effort by TV distributors and channel owners to make channels available to subscribers on all screens at all times. Despite some notable successes, the effort has been stymied by outdated contracts and by concerns that new ways of TV viewing will generate less revenue than the old ways.
resistancetochange  streaming  convergence  onlinetelevision  television  tv  tveverywhere 
april 2012 by vanevery
Roku Streaming Stick adds streaming software to TVs, no box required | The Verge
uses MHL (mobile high-definition link) to connect dongle to TV. Neat idea (and yes a stop-gap measure until all TVs run apps).
ott  roku  itv  tv  interactive  television  overthetop  streaming  mhl 
january 2012 by vanevery
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