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Moving to HTTPS on WordPress | CSS-Tricks
Moving to HTTPS on WordPress
by @chriscoyier is helping me on this exciting odyssey at the moment.
wordpress  ssl  security  howto  https 
june 2018 by vanderwal
Facebook recommended that this psychiatrist’s patients friend each other | Fusion
The hazard of using address books to recommend people to connect with in social platforms gets worse when that is a mental health worker or doctor's professional adress book. but with Facebook this is also location based recommendations that don't involve address books.
facebook  security  privacy  contacts  linkfodder  location  locationbased 
august 2016 by vanderwal
Oobleck security - O'Reilly Radar
I keep coming back to this piece, it is time I capture it.
security  MatthewGast  oobleck  oreilly 
april 2016 by vanderwal
Daring Fireball: Glenn Fleishman on TextExpander 6
This is the issue I've had with the proposed changes to TextExpander. I deeply prefer to have Dropbox and iCloud as my sync options.
TextExpander  security  linkfodder 
april 2016 by vanderwal
TextExpander and App Rental
I deeply agree with the stated problem about security, but also about getting syncing right. I am not a fan in the slightest of every app and service having their own "secure cloud sync" service. I've lost work being forced down this road in the past and again recently with Paper app losing all of my work in it.
apple  mac  ios  syncing  macdrifter  linkfodder  security 
april 2016 by vanderwal
Adactio: Articles—Switching to https
@johnallsopp If you don’t me—to borrow a phrase from @beep—pimping my own Kool-Aid:
ssl  tsl  certificates  adactio  JeremyKeith  security  https 
march 2015 by vanderwal
Heartbleed and Pinboard (Pinboard Blog)
change your password (but only once the bug has been fixed), regenerate API keys.
heartbleed  pinboard  todo  security  via:vielmetti 
april 2014 by vanderwal
Introducing Google+ Sign-In: simple and secure, minus the social spam - Google Developers Blog
Today we’re adding a new feature to the Google+ platform: application sign-in. Whether you’re building an app for Android, iOS or the web, users can now sign in to your app with Google, and bring along their Google+ info for an upgraded experience. It’s simple, it’s secure, and it prohibits social spam.
google  sign-in  security  google+  webdev  app  application  development 
march 2013 by vanderwal
Cosmo, the Hacker 'God' Who Fell to Earth | Gadget Lab |
Mat Honan talks to a youth hacker and provides good insight into idle bored youth that get into hacking (rather than egging cars, cow tipping, or taking baseball bats to mailboxes).
wired  crime  youthcrime  MatHonan  hacker  cosmo  security  hacking  from delicious
september 2012 by vanderwal
Start-Ups Aim to Help Users Put a Price on Their Personal Data -
I great piece on something that everybody needs, but so few have considered why or how. Really good solutions are already in place and a few more are just around the corner. The solutions are not simple to build.
personaldataservice  services  security  privacy  data  personalinfocloud  pds  personaldatastore  nytimes  from delicious
february 2012 by vanderwal
HTTPS Everywhere | Electronic Frontier Foundation
The EFF in combination with the Tor Project have built a Firefox plugin that helps fix gaps in HTTPS (secure encrypted wrapper around your web traffic)
firefox  extension  encryption  privacy  security  eff  from delicious
april 2011 by vanderwal
T-Mobile Germany tracks use for each mobile use and this is just one person's data tracking their use and movement over 6 months. The data is mapped and then can be set in motion.
security  mobile  geolocation  visualization  privacy  tracking  dataviz  T-Mobile  germany  berlin  from delicious
march 2011 by vanderwal
Connect.Me :: Equals Drummond
Drummond Reed explains what Connect.Me is upto and a bit of the why / what problems it aims to solve, as well as the complete paradoxical irony behind its launch of its beta invite mechanisms.
identity  privacy  security  socialmedia  social  DrummondReed  from delicious
march 2011 by vanderwal - Blog - Top Ten Reasons You Should Quit Facebook
One of the best overviews of the severe privacy problems in Facebook's recent (April 2010) changes to their terms of service and opening of data (submitted to Facebook under terms where that data was private) to the world.
danyoder  facebook  privacy  quit  terms  of  service  ethics  third  party  data  incompetent  socialnetwork  security 
may 2010 by vanderwal
Persona Prime » Blog Archive » WDYDWYD part 2
Silona discusses privacy, security, and identity and her approach to transparency.
silona  identity  privacy  security  persona  transaction  openbanking  opengovernment  transparency 
january 2010 by vanderwal
Never store passwords in a database!
This should be a "no duh" post, but sadly it is not.
webdev  db  database  passwords  security  lessons  learned 
march 2009 by vanderwal
BBC NEWS | Identity 'at risk' on Facebook
Personal details of Facebook users could potentially be stolen by malicious hackers, BBC's Click discovers.
facebook  privacy  security  safety  identity  digitalidentity 
may 2008 by vanderwal
Google has lots to do with intelligence
The SF Gate has a good article about Intellipedia, a service that is a collection of social web applications that sit securely inside the boundaries of the intelligence community. The tools are shared across all intelligence agencies and information and k
government  intranet  enterprise2.0  socialnet  socialsoftware  socialcomputing  intelligence  intellipedia  privacy  security 
march 2008 by vanderwal
Unit Structures: Google (reading) your health records
Fred Stutzman provides a really good overview of why the Google aggregation, storage, and becoming a clearing point for people's medical and health records is rather frightening
google  heath  medical  records  privacy  security  fredstutzman 
february 2008 by vanderwal
Web Worker Daily :: Who Protects Your Cloud Data?
WWD asks and looks into one of big questions of online data storage and cloud computing, always on access and uptime.
infocloud  personalinfocloud  data  external  storage  backup  security  access  cloud  cloudcomputing  privacy  uptime  stability  network  business  viability 
january 2008 by vanderwal
OpenID :: OpenID 2.0…Final(ly)!
A quick write-up of the players offering immediate services for OpenID 2.0 and links to background
authentication  id  digitalidentity  identity  programming  security  services  web  webdev  tech 
december 2007 by vanderwal
Facebook's Misrepresentation of Beacon's Threat to Privacy: Tracking users who opt out or are not logged in. - CA Security Advisor Research Blog - CA
The are more problems behind Facebook's Beacon and the service is a greater threat to privacy than Facebook is willing to admit to.
facebook  security  privacy  tracking  trust  web  consumer 
december 2007 by vanderwal
Watchdog Group Slams Google on Privacy -
I have had concerns about Google's privacy and, at best, clumsy regard for privacy and exposing personal information and personal bits of life. I have feared the risk of using Google for storing or retrieving bits of one's one Personal InfoCloud.
google  privacy  identity  security  personalinfocloud  oversight  data  personal 
june 2007 by vanderwal
My life without Google - CenterNetworks
A look at what cutting Google out of one's life means, for privacy advantages and the downsides
google  government  privacy  javascript  web  yahoo  search  security  life  technology  technosocial  infocloud  data  lifestream  information  ethics 
may 2007 by vanderwal
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