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Developers – Refind
Refind service RSS and JSON (and service integration) page. This could start making Refind usable for me and pairing it with Pinboard service which is my catch-all service for read, to read, sharing, and annotating.
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february 2018 by vanderwal
Thread: What would news do?
Andrew Barron's response:

On just this topic, wondering myself why Google killed their Reader, its kinda interesting that Google hasn't provided any significant rationale. Especially after so many people have spoken up.

From what they have said, it seems clear that Google thinks RSS is dying because its looking at usage stats from its Reader, but the problem is that Google's reader sucks so bad, its the product that is dying, not the medium. This is obviously why so many other companies are jumping in.

Re: Google's perspective, I figured it ultimately had to do with G+. For just that reason, Ive been going back to G+ to try to understand how they expect that to work, but so far, they have not provided a feature set that is an adequate replacement. On the contrary, I asked the folks who circled me on G+ to let me know if they are receiving my updates, and in fact, the majority are not receiving my posts. Its the same for me too. I am following a lot of people on G+ who put out updates, links, news, etc. that are literally invisible to me. If I dont think to go look for them, I will probably never see them again.

But as we know from Twitter, which is still in the news, Twitter is not a useful tool for doing the kind of activity we do when we publish and read news via RSS either. This is because, of course, people who publish on Twitter, also chat, and the noise is practically gone 10min later.

Imagine if we still had a good Technorati. That would prob be considered a more influential place to be marked than by the number of RT on Twitter you get. Because after all, Twitter prefers to promote the Mashable and HuffPo versions of everyone's blog posts.
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june 2013 by vanderwal
Distracting chatter is useful. But thanks to RSS (remember that?) it’s optional. « Jon Udell
Jon Udell had the same moment I had a few months back where I grew tired of the chatter and missed really solid writing and well thought through ideas shared and went back to my RSS reader and found the land of "ah this is better".
socialnetworks  socialweb  rss  quality  blogs  JonUdell  from delicious
july 2011 by vanderwal
What Twitter won’t kill - RSS and cultural depth :: Adina Levin
Adina Levin provides excellent insight into the value of activity streams and information flows.
rss  microblog  twitter  status  realtime  flow  knowledge  information 
may 2009 by vanderwal
Going with the flow: whither enterprise RSS? :: Blog :: Headshift
RSS in Enterprise is not dead and has great value that has yet to be realized
headshift  rss  enterprise  enterprise2.0  flow 
may 2009 by vanderwal
R.I.P. Enterprise RSS - ReadWriteWeb
This piece surprises me to some degree as RSS is an essential service for enterprise. But, most enterprise people to not grasp why it has value. I'm sort of thinking cart before horse.
rss  feeds  atom  enterprise  2.0  marketplace  market 
january 2009 by vanderwal
A nice iPhone service that provides a nice experience for RSS reading on iPhone
rss  iphone  webapp  mobileweb  mobile  clearleft  simonwillison 
april 2008 by vanderwal
What's Next on the Web: a ReadWriteWeb Toolkit for 2008
Marshall outlines tools for working with open data on the web for portability, use/reuse, mobile, visualization, and more.
mobile  openid  rss  opml  tools  web  webdev  visualization  marshallk  semantic  portability  data  attention  google  reuse 
january 2008 by vanderwal
About Us - AideRSS
This could the the RSS filter tool that many of us have been looking for making manageable flows out of vast RSS streams - a Pipes for regular people.
rss  aggregation  filtering  webapp  web  webservice 
july 2007 by vanderwal
5 questions with Brent Simmons, creator of NetNewsWire - The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)
The newest edition of NetNewsWire is rather stunning and its creator is interviewed and shares some insight regarding the nice interaction design
interview  macosx  rss  software  interaction  design  application  userexperience  macintosh 
june 2007 by vanderwal
Pipes: Rewire the web
Yahoo has finally opened the doors on Pipes, a new tool for easily building and subscribing to available data on the web
mashups  mashup  yahoo  webdev  webservice  sml  gui  visualization  visual  web  webapp  service  sharing  social  socialsoftware  socialweb  data  feeds  rss  api  aggregation  cometomeweb  personalinfocloud  creation  content  interface  interactive  programming  remix  syndication 
february 2007 by vanderwal
ThinkMac Software - NewsLife
Looks to be a good simple to understand feed reader
apple  mac  feeds  macosx  rss  news  software  syndication  feed  simplicity 
january 2007 by vanderwal
AllCrazy - and Upcoming mashup
This takes person's and information and builds a mashup recommendations concert suggest in RSS and the site.
subscription  rss  music  maps  inspiration  events  calendar  application  web  interaction  design  mashup  aggregation  information  genius  feeds 
november 2006 by vanderwal
Micro Persuasion: 35 Ways You Can Use RSS Today
There are some decent things in this list of 35 RSS uses
rss  feeds  atom  rssfeeds  usage  attraction  steverubel 
august 2006 by vanderwal
Feed Digest : Mix, convert, and syndicate RSS and Atom feeds
Feed Digest is a personal aggregation tools that pulls in feeds into one page on the web for easy viewing. The aggregation can be what ever the person chooses (their own or other's content).
aggregation  feeds  feed  personalinfocloud  web  webapp  webdev  weblog  blog  webservices  tracking  syndication  script  php  rubyonrails  rss  atom  xml  rdf  content  blogging  blogs  communication  localinfocloud  pim  pkm  personlization  ajax 
july 2006 by vanderwal
PlaceDB is a resource for getting location based information from a variety of services
location  geo  data  place  geodb  rss  feed  glocalization  tags  localinfocloud  localsearch 
may 2006 by vanderwal
Jon Udell: Mashing up the enterprise, wiring the web
An overview of web services in the enterprise compared to web services on the web. Jon points out the power in the Live Clipboard in moving information in and out of the Personal InfoCloud.
enterprise  jonudell  microformats  notes  rss  webservices  personalinfocloud  cometomeweb  information  informationmanagment  portable  webdev  interaction  design  webservice  structure 
march 2006 by vanderwal
Edgeio Thoughts (by Jeremy Zawodny)
"Agreed! Most new technology is too hard, not ready for mainstream, etc.
business  rss  tags  web  web2.0  webdev  webdesign  design  interaction  public  tag  tagging  commerce  application  webapp  community  social  socialsoftware  socialnet  socialweb 
march 2006 by vanderwal
Russell Beattie Notebook :: RSS to SMS
Russell looks at Yahoo's push to get RSS to you mobile with SMS (Seems like they were reading my mind or listening to my conversations/presentations the last few weeks/months).
mobile  rss  sms  syndication  web  yahoo  feeds  personalinfocloud  blogs  blog 
december 2005 by vanderwal
A new French search site with a very nice interface. Worth paying attention to.
french  internet  reference  ria  search  services  rss  technology  tools  web  webdesign  design  interface  searchengine 
october 2005 by vanderwal
Yahoo! implements Attention.xml
This is one of the most forward thinking moves I have seen in a long time. Yes, AJAX is great, but attention.xml acually solves real people problems in such a profound way. I was waiting for somebody to step up to the plate and adopt it.
attentionxml  yahoo  attraction  personalinfocloud  aggregation  rss  syndication  xml 
april 2005 by vanderwal
Python scripts to move iCal scripts to RSS
RSS  aggregation  apple  script 
october 2004 by vanderwal

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