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How to Make Sense of Any Mess
Abby Covert is one of my favorite minds in the IA / UX world. She is amazing at framing how to think through new things to those unfamiliar and make them familiar and usable to those she engages with through words or in person. This is a free edition of her book, but you know what is even better? Picking up a digital or physical copy through the "Buy the Book" link at the top of the page.
IA  UX  AbbyCovert  information  book  linkfodder 
16 days ago by vanderwal
Beck Tench – The Informed Life
This podcast hit on all cylinders for me with its information management focus on a personal level, but also productivity, as well as the theoretical focus of how digital tools can fit into a calm reflective life.
information  JorgeArango  informationarchitecture  podcast  podfodder  BeckTench  linkfodder  tinderbox  informationmanagement  personalinfocloud 
6 weeks ago by vanderwal
[no title]
@jarango This one is a gem - Informing ourselves to death -
information  NeilPostman  informationoverload 
may 2013 by vanderwal
MIT Media Lab: The Cognitive Limit of Organizations
I'm really liking this post on "The Cognitive Limit of Organizations" from MIT Media Lab -
bounds  limit  MIT  MediaLab  JoiIto  ifttt  structure  business  management  knowledgemanagement  km  information  organization  from delicious
april 2012 by vanderwal
On the news / from a working library
Mandy Brown lays out a solid expectation of what the news should be in her ideal world, which is almost exactly what I would wish for as well. I'm seeing many people agreeing and wishing for the same. Go read and see if this makes sense for you too.
news  information  informed  MandyBrown  reading  newspaper  blogs  from delicious
april 2011 by vanderwal
Bloug: Contending with a second set of silos
Lou Rosenfeld discusses understanding information structures inside organizations and nomenclature.
enterprise2.0  business  information  nomenclature  ia  informationarchitecture  LouRosenfeld  from delicious
november 2010 by vanderwal
Our Changing Information Diet
Tim Young lays out a really good understanding of the role information, its abundance, and need for control of its tenancy for excess. (Somehow I missed this on the first pass)
knowledge  information  infovore  infocloud  curation  infooverload  timyoung 
september 2010 by vanderwal
David Hobbie looks at information overflow in the work environment and examines how personal knowledge management can help
pkm  km  knowledge  informationoverload  information  ia  enterprise2.0  informationmanagment 
march 2010 by vanderwal
Phone Numbers, Shortcuts & Customer Service Tips - Companies Worldwide -
Phone numbers, shortcuts, tips, contact info, reviews, and customer service details for thousands of companies worldwide. Get faster and better technical support or general customer support by checking the contact information, tips, and ratings from
phone  human  customerservice  reference  information  business  lifehacks  hacks  service  advice  consumer  customer 
february 2010 by vanderwal
A Better Way to Manage Knowledge - John Hagel III and John Seely Brown - Harvard Business Review
John Hagel & John Seely Brown discuss managing knowledge using "creation spaces" for sharing information, curating it, and collaborating.
km  knowledgemanagement  knowledge  information  culture  hbr  johnhagel  johnseelybrown  e2.0  enterprise2.0 
january 2010 by vanderwal
The Web is finally starting to behave like a butler - PARC blog
Ellen Isaacs writes on the PARC blog about the web is finally becoming a helpful resource that looks out for our needs and desires around troublesome and repetitive tasks.
infocloud  localinfocloud  web  data  search  hci  assistant  internet  sociology  privacy  information  retrieval 
january 2010 by vanderwal
Conversational information flows from the days when humans interacted directly.
social  conversation  information  flow  midinopulos 
june 2009 by vanderwal
News Flash From the Future: What Will Journalism Look Like? | Fast Company
Fast Company shows what IDEO came up with as the future of journalism, it is situated information based on rather old ubicom ideas of the future.
situated  information  ubicom  newpaper  news  journalism  ugc  user  contributed  ideo  fast  company 
june 2009 by vanderwal
What Twitter won’t kill - RSS and cultural depth :: Adina Levin
Adina Levin provides excellent insight into the value of activity streams and information flows.
rss  microblog  twitter  status  realtime  flow  knowledge  information 
may 2009 by vanderwal
Media Cloud
Visualize that is happening across mainstream media
information  visualization  infoviz  media  harvard  berkman 
march 2009 by vanderwal
The Macroeconomics of Information and Attention: How People Make Decisions | The Noisy Channel
An overview of information economics for how people consider information as well as weighing attention as a marketplace for competing values
attention  information  economics  human  decisions  infoeconomy  km  value 
december 2008 by vanderwal
Go Big Always - Anatomy of the Enterprise Octopus
Moving from the mess and chaos that is most organization's internal information managment approach to something more flat and accessible
enterprise  enterprise2.0  business  collective  knowledge  km  knowledgemanagement  information  access 
june 2008 by vanderwal
SocialTech: Signal vs Noise
Josie Fraser builds on the idea of the granular social network adding temporal relevance
granularsocialnetwork  socialsoftware  socialweb  socialnet  social  interest  information  filter  socialcomputing 
april 2008 by vanderwal
Rocker Peter Gabriel offers Filter to cut through online clutter | Tech news blog - CNET
Peter Gabriel states, ""When you drown people in an ocean of information, you've got to give them navigation tools"
music  information  video  web  informationarchitecture  navigation  findability  ia  structure 
april 2008 by vanderwal
Enterprise 2.0 :: Enterprise 2.0 Success Factors
Naill Cook provides good insight in the quick need, build/integrate, and use cycle in Enterprise 2.0 workflows
enterprise  enterprise2.0  socialcomputing  socialsoftware  personalvalue  information  worklife 
february 2008 by vanderwal
Ask E.T.: Interface design and the iPhone
Edward Tufte provides an interface review of the iPhone
iphone  interface  design  apple  usability  information 
january 2008 by vanderwal
Ten Common Objections to Social Media Adoption and How You Can Respond - ReadWriteWeb
Marshall outlines the 10 common objections to social software/computing in the enterprise and the possible responses. I have a stack of responses I have been using and know of many more that are not included. This is a good start though.
adoption  blogging  collaboration  communication  collective  enterprise  enterprise2.0  information  innovation  knowledge  marshallk  media  online  overload  resources  rww  social  socialsoftware  socialcomputing  socialweb  socialnet  web 
january 2008 by vanderwal
Cognitive Edge
Dave Snowden enters his well thought through comments into the fray of what is a knowledge worker and if that is still a valid moniker for people in a workforce.
davesnowden  km  knowledge  knowledgemanagement  knowledgeworker  worklife  digital  information  data  metadata  use  reuse  synthesis 
january 2008 by vanderwal
Wikipatterns - Wiki Patterns
A set of social interactions and stereotypical role patterns found in wikis
wiki  patterns  people  social  socialnetworking  teamwork  usage  ux  web  webapp  webdev  webdesign  management  resource  reference  guides  ia  information  community  communication  bestpractice 
december 2007 by vanderwal
10 Semantic Apps to Watch
Richard MacManus provides a review of 10 semantic applications on the web that are worth watching
web  semantic  socialweb  review  data  context  collective  information  meaning  metadata  ontology  semantics  semweb  tagging 
november 2007 by vanderwal
Social information management :: Jon Udell
Personal actions in social web services are often personal information management, nicely done by Jon Udell
jonudell  pim  social  socialweb  udell  information  management  data  annotation  collective  personalinfocloud 
november 2007 by vanderwal
Search and Govt 2.0 | NPSC Blog
A good overview of over abundance of information and technology pain around refindability in
tagging  standards  semantic  search  refindability  tags  folksonomy  information  overload 
october 2007 by vanderwal
Bloomberg Desktop Redesign ::
A visual interactive slideshow of the new Bloomberg desktop. There are now excellent data visualizations and the information is now portable (in their devices).
visualization  ui  redesign  business  analysis  dashboard  context  datamining  design  data  economics  infographics  information  informationarchitecture  informationdesign  innovation  interactive  layout  personalinfocloud  localinfocloud  portable  worklife 
august 2007 by vanderwal
cookz - eat. share. be loved.
Seems like a start-up social web app that is part recipe sharing and part instructables - looks to rock
information  food  design  art  instructions  recipe 
august 2007 by vanderwal
Many Eyes
IBM Alpha program has a really interesting visualization offering, it seems it captures many of the viz interfaces that have been around for quite a while and that it a good thing.
analysis  analytics  annotation  beta  code  collaboration  collective  community  complexity  creativity  data  database  design  graphics  ibm  infographics  visualization  ui  webapp  tools  trend  tagging  tagcloud  tag  socialcomputing  socialsoftware  social  statistics  quantitative  sociology  society  information  interaction  interface  internet  mathematics  patterns  perspective  sharing  service 
july 2007 by vanderwal
TouchGraph | Home
A company that provides visualizations of networked relationships, they also have a freeware version of their older tools
analysis  amazon  api  visualization  web  webapp  java  learning  visual  ui  tracking  tools  statistics  socialsoftware  socialnetworks  socialnetworking  socialnetwork  social  semanticweb  analytics  authority  network  research  search  searchengine  mapping  interactive  interaction  information  geek  freeware  model  navigation  infographics  gui  graphics 
july 2007 by vanderwal
Widgify :: Come to Me Web
Nice to see the Come to Me Web is catching on as information moves outside its formerly walled boundaries and gets used and reused as people want and need
widget  cometomeweb  attraction  modelofattraction  allaire  information  use  reuse 
june 2007 by vanderwal
Another Nokia related blog filled with seemingly helpful information.
cellphone  blog  e61i  gadgets  mobile  information  nokia  osx  phone  reference  resource  smartphone  software  technology  tools  wifi  series60 
june 2007 by vanderwal
Designing Interactions
A collection of designers discussing interaction
book  design  information  innovation  interaction  interface  interview  reading  research  social  video  ux  ucd 
june 2007 by vanderwal
The Neo Cons of Interaction Design
Dan provides insight into the new approach to interaction design (well not so new)
computer  computing  dansaffer  design  interaction  interface  people  communication  information 
june 2007 by vanderwal
The Feed Reader as the Link Between Social Networks
Dan talks about the need for a social network monitoring tool to track his local infocloud.
socialsoftware  social  information  identity  community  collaboration  2007  feeds  infocloud  personalinfocloud  localinfocloud  interaction 
june 2007 by vanderwal
My life without Google - CenterNetworks
A look at what cutting Google out of one's life means, for privacy advantages and the downsides
google  government  privacy  javascript  web  yahoo  search  security  life  technology  technosocial  infocloud  data  lifestream  information  ethics 
may 2007 by vanderwal
WEIGHTSHIFT SXSW 2007 Infographics in PNG
Naz Hamid designed this brilliant infographic of his trip to SXSW 2007 interactive
infographics  design  data  conference  sxsw  tech  graphics  information  informationdesign  social  socialnetwork  visualization  visual  png 
april 2007 by vanderwal
SIMILE | Timeline
The SIMILE time line is an interactive time line that sits on top of JSON data streams all the rendering of the interaction is in the browser in JavaScript
ajax  animation  api  application  calendar  infographics  information  interaction  informationarchitecture  data  design  development  control  code  coding  domscripting  event  events  example  Framework  gui  hack  ia  html  interface  javascript  json  library  maps  mashup  mashups  metadata  navigation  opensource  productivity  programming  projectmanagement  resource  schedule  script  services  temporal  time  tools  visualization  web  webapp  webdesign  webdev  mit  academic 
april 2007 by vanderwal
Life-Long Computer Skills (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)
Jakob talks about educating youth on needed information skills. This is one of the few articles I find of his worth sharing.
userexperience  kultofjakob  usability  education  youth  internet  web  teaching  technology  information  computer  advice 
february 2007 by vanderwal
Forty - Business Blog - Attention Mapping: The 10-Point Exercise
A customer's attention: it's exceedingly difficult to acquire, experts measure it in milliseconds, it vaporizes if mistreated, and it's worth far more than gold or diamonds. Scared? Don't be--it's putty if you know how to handle it.
attention  design  development  howto  Inspiration  reference  simplicity  ui  ux  web  webdesign  webdev  information  informationdesign  interaction  visualization  informationarchitecture  ia  structure  client 
february 2007 by vanderwal
XTech 2007: Schedule: All sessions — XTech
XTech looks to be a killer conference, even better than the wonderful conference last year. It has a great mix of sessions that go deep and cover a lot of ground.
xml  webdev  conference  standards  structure  information  technology  france  paris  xtech  edd  openid 
february 2007 by vanderwal
Designing for Content |
I am deeply enjoying not only the redesign of Garrett's blog, but also his write-up. The design is simple and elegant, it could use a little more contrast to ease reading, but other than that perfect.
information  Inspiration  content  blogs  redesign  process  interface  interaction  typography  ui  usability  visualization  web  webdesign  webdev  design  simplicity  access  easeofuse 
february 2007 by vanderwal
Product Review-Presto! BizCard Reader 5 (Mac) - business card scanner for Mac
now I can get my stacks of business cards into my Mac more easily. Used on on Windows years ago at work and liked it.
mac  macosx  productivity  product  software  hardware  information  aggregation  contacts  address  business  ocr 
january 2007 by vanderwal
Creating Passionate Users: The *Dumbness of Crowds*
A great post from Kathy Sierra saves me from writing a long brewing rant about the vast mis-understanding of the wisdom of crowds, understanding the distinction is important for social networking
kathysierra  surowiecki  collaboration  collective  communication  community  content  definition  design  development  emergence  internet  psychology  social  socialsoftware  anthropology  software  technology  tools  web  webdesign  wisdom  process  news  webdev  localinfocloud  socialweb  socialnet  interaction  socialcomputing  socialbookmarking  sharing  infocloud  information  emergent  folksonomy 
january 2007 by vanderwal
Information Architecture 3.0
Peter Morville expounds his thoughts on the future of IA, also read the comments
ia  informationarchitecture  information  librarian  usability  ux  web  webdesign 
november 2006 by vanderwal
AllCrazy - and Upcoming mashup
This takes person's and information and builds a mashup recommendations concert suggest in RSS and the site.
subscription  rss  music  maps  inspiration  events  calendar  application  web  interaction  design  mashup  aggregation  information  genius  feeds 
november 2006 by vanderwal
Creating Passionate Users: Add graphics to your blog, book, or presentation
Adding graphics adds value and drive the message home. Do I ever know this one, but it is something I really need to work on.
blog  blogging  blogs  design  graphics  howto  images  kathysierra  marketing  presentation  visualization  webdesign  writing  information  interaction  userexperience  ux  uxd  infographics  communication 
november 2006 by vanderwal
Review of Web 2.0 Summit Launchpad :: Web 2.0 Explorer
Richard has a good overview of the new(ish) products and launches at the O'Reilly Web2.0 conference. There are some that focus on syncing and managing information that people find.
webapp  webdev  webdesign  web2.0  interaction  infocloud  personalinfocloud  localinfocloud  information  pim  socialweb  collaboration  syncing  sync 
november 2006 by vanderwal
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