Егор Данилов о жизни стартапера
Создатель мессенджера Moments Егор Данилов написал колонку о жизни стартапера. Об организации рабочего процесса, свободном времени, проблемах, с которыми приходится сталкиваться, и умении взять себя в руки.
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3 hours ago
Google Is Planning to Plan Your City
After years of mediating our digital lives, Google is formally venturing into the physical world.
Earlier this month, Google announced it would be starting a…
from instapaper
4 days ago
What does it do?

take a screenshot every minute
make hourly movies for past hours of the day
make daily movies for previous days
each image has a timestamp overlaid
support several display: display id at the end of filename
What is it good for?

remembering what you've been doing
filling your timesheets
recovering data in case of crash
osx  software  tools  timemanagement  video  tracking  screenshots 
4 days ago
This list keeps track of interesting D3js libraries, plugins and utilities.
We decided not to list tutorials, resources or concepts here, because there is already a very good list of readings out there you can check out and contribute to.
d3  github  javascript  visualization 
4 days ago
​The Half Life of Body Hacking | Motherboard
On October 19, 2013, Tim Cannon got a Circadia 1.0—a sensor that can measure heat and pulse—implanted into his arm. The rectangular box sat there beneath his arm, measuring the temperature of his body, and transmitting that data to his cell phone. The idea is to ultimately develop a device that communicates with a thermostat, controlling the climate of a room based on a person’s internal temperature.

Cannon’s box wasn’t designed as a permanent implant. Based on the stress tests they’d done of the device, his team of bodyhackers at Grindhouse Wetware only planned to have it in for a maximum of 180 days. It lasted 94. Then he had it cut out.
bodyhacking  culture  future.of.body  implants 
5 days ago
BeeLine Reader: BeeLine Reader adds a color gradient to text to help you read faster and more accurately.

BeeLine Reader makes reading faster and easier by using a color gradient that guides your eyes from the end of one line to the beginning of the next. With BeeLine Reader, you can finish your work faster—and with less eyestrain.
reading  tools 
5 days ago
Why I’m Afraid of Therapy
When I was growing up, my father was fascinated by people talking about themselves. Books, movies, television — if it had an extended scene of self-analysis, he…
from instapaper
7 days ago
Confessions of a Seduction Addict
It started with a boy I met at summer camp and ended with the man for whom I left my first husband. In between, I careened from one intimate entanglement to the…
from instapaper
7 days ago
‘I Don’t Believe in God, but I Believe in Lithium’
The manila folder is full of faded faxes. The top sheet contains a brief description of my first medically confirmed manic episode, more than 20 years ago, when…
from instapaper
7 days ago
Как «Газпрому» стало некуда девать газ
России некуда девать добываемый природный газ. Глава «Газпрома» Алексей Миллер на днях доложил президенту, что его компания способна ежегодно получать из недр…
from instapaper
8 days ago
The Future of Notifications — Medium
В субботу получил письмо с интересным содержанием:
О, думаю, как круто: чуваки прошлись краулером по GitHub’у, выбрали открытые репозитории, отфильтровали по…
from instapaper
9 days ago
Why Mathematicians Are Hoarding This Special Type of Japanese Chalk
This isn’t just a story about a dead chalk company—it’s the story of a dead medium, the chalkboard, now being superseded by whiteboards and tablets. But it’s not hard to see chalk having old-fashioned appeal, much like vinyl records and mason jars. For now, the chalk is still available on Amazon. Get it while it lasts.
13 days ago
Slogger - BrettTerpstra.com
Slogger indexes various public social services and creates Day One (http://dayoneapp.com/) journal entries or plain text Markdown files for them. It allows you to keep a personal journal that collects your online social life automatically, all in one place.
software  infoorg  dayone 
16 days ago
The CLU | Сервис для друзей
Много-много лет мы помогаем друзьям, друзьям друзей и знакомым друзей друзей с их «яблочной» техникой. Начиная с рядовых продаж, мы придерживались принципа «своих не бросаем». Поэтому к нам всегда можно обратиться за помощью, даже если вы купили у нас Мак в лохматом 2006 году. Денег за такую помощь брать не привыкли, чем ставили людей в тупик: нам несли алкоголь, кофе, тортики. Печень начала бунтовать, нужен был выход.
mac  maintenance 
16 days ago
Entweet: Securing Twitter — Lukasa/entweet
Everyone likes Twitter, right? We all think it's awesome.

However, Twitter suffers from one critical problem: it lacks GPG integration. In this modern era, we believe it's vital to wed the two most important technologies of our generation: message integrity, and 140-character witticisms.

Enter Entweet.

Entweet is a tool for taking Twitter and making it 100 times nerdier. No longer will you have to be content with tweeting in plaintext, like your non-tech-savvy uncle, Barry. Instead, you can take your Twitter conversations to the next level, by guaranteeing the integrity of everything you tweet, while making it really inconvenient for other people to read your messages.
encryption  twitter  crypto 
16 days ago
Questions I ask when reviewing a design by Jason Fried of Basecamp
I’ve been thinking more about how I review a design – both my own and someone else’s. So over the past couple days I’ve been writing down every question I’ve been asking when I look at a design-in-progress. Some of these I say out loud, some just go through my head, some are in person, others are posted to Basecamp or Campfire.
37signals  design  questions  lists 
17 days ago
After having managers describe an existing customer persona and consider the person’s thoughts and reactions, the research team asked the managers to anticipate the customer’s needs. The findings were not what you would expect. The more empathetic managers were, the more “egocentric” they became; that is, the more likely they were to say that the customers’ preferences were the same as their own.
empathy  ux 
17 days ago
HTML source editor for Evernote (web) – a bookmarklet! [Updated 2014-08-12] - Seb Maynard :: seb.so
Simply visit one of your notes in Evernote, click in the editor portion to go into edit mode (this is important – otherwise it won’t always edit the most recent note content), then click your new bookmarklet. A plaintext html editor should pop up, and clikcking update will return you to the note with your updated content.
17 days ago
ROUND/enhance.js · GitHub
A port of @fat's simple jQuery plugin for image zooming – now with support for object-fit/object-position and powered by Velocity.js animations.
javascript  animation  webdev 
17 days ago
Touch, responsive, flickable galleries
css  javascript  jquery 
17 days ago
JavaScript library to create physics-based CSS animations
animation  css  javascript 
17 days ago
Filter & sort magical layouts
css3  javascript  jquery 
17 days ago
Audrey Hepburn: the iconic movie star as you've never seen her - Telegraph
Ahead of a new exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, the son of the actress, philanthropist and icon shares intimate photos and memories. Prepare to meet the real Audrey Hepburn
AudreyHepburn  women 
18 days ago
база данных в помощь начинающему попаданцу
history  reference 
18 days ago
How to Make Online Dating Work
WE turn to screens for nearly every decision. Where to eat. Where to vacation. Where to eat on vacation. Where to get treatment for the food poisoning you got…
relationships  dating  from instapaper
20 days ago
jakubroztocil/httpie · GitHub
CLI HTTP client; user-friendly cURL replacement featuring intuitive UI, JSON support, syntax highlighting, wget-like downloads, extensions, etc.
api  cli  http  rest  tools  python  tool  webdev 
25 days ago
SEAL Team 6: A Secret History of Quiet Killings and Blurred Lines
They have plotted deadly missions from secret bases in the badlands of Somalia. In Afghanistan, they have engaged in combat so intimate that they have emerged…
from instapaper
27 days ago
Тест Люшера | Полный тест Люшера | PsyTests.org
Особенности реализации:
* полноценная полная клиническая методика – возможно, впервые в интернете;
* цвета подобраны максимально близко к оригинальным цветовым таблицам;
* определяется уровень тревожности, указаны возможные внутренние конфликты;
* доступен полный протокол исследования и подробная разметка выборов;
* для каждого результата формируется короткая ссылка, которой можно поделиться;
* совершенно бесплатно и анонимно, регистрация не требуется.
psychology  psychodiagnostics  cogpsy 
27 days ago
Read this article in English.
Около 08:30 утра 11 сентября прошлого года у Дювала Артура, директора местного отделения Управления внутренней безопасности и…
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29 days ago
Create animated gif screencasts.
video  gif  screencast  ruby  opensource 
29 days ago
Kazuo Ishiguro’s ‘The Buried Giant’
Fantasy is a tool of the storyteller. It is a way of talking about things that are not, and cannot be, literally true. It is a way of making our metaphors…
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4 weeks ago
«Из машины» и еще 8 хороших новых научно-фантастических фильмов - Афиша-Воздух
Мимо российского проката прошел фильм «Из машины» — и это не единственный пример интересной научной фантастики, которую у нас не показали в кино. «Афиша» вспомнила еще несколько хороших недавних сайфай-фильмов, которые не добрались до российских кинотеатров.
прокино  lists  sci-fi 
4 weeks ago
Дмитрий Зимин и философский пароход
Дмитрий Зимин Под самый конец рабочего дня 25 мая пресс-служба Министерства юстиции РФ сообщила: «В соответствии с Федеральным законом «О некоммерческих…
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5 weeks ago
Lack of Exercise Can Disrupt the Body’s Rhythms - NYTimes.com
Photo Credit Getty Images Exercise may affect how and when we move, even when we aren’t exercising, according to a fascinating new study in mice. The findings…
from instapaper
6 weeks ago
Firing Well | Monday Note
Ending a work relationship needn’t be complicated or traumatic. It can be done in a sane and respectful way if a clean framework is set up at hiring time.
business  hiring  culture  management 
6 weeks ago
How to quickly hide all apps except for the active app on Mac
Use a simple keyboard shortcut: Option (⌥)+Command (⌘)+H and that will hide all other applications.
tips  mac  osx 
6 weeks ago
Swallowing the Spider — Medium
Swallowing the Spider by John Gruber via Daring Fireball -- “Or to put it in Rands-ian terms: When you say “I wish I could run two apps side-by-side on the iPad,” I hear, “I wish the iPad were more complicated.” -- https://medium.com/@ienjoy/5c6376f6005e
IFTTT  NewsBlur 
6 weeks ago
How to Land Your Kid in Therapy
If there’s one thing I learned in graduate school, it’s that the poet Philip Larkin was right. (“They fuck you up, your mum and dad, / They may not mean to, but…
from instapaper
7 weeks ago
Facebook Visual Identity | Office of Ben Barry
Facebook’s visual identity already had a lot going for it in 2008 when I started working there. They had chosen a bold and simple color scheme, had a simple well crafted wordmark, and had thankfully avoided the glossy web 2.0 aesthetic so prevalent at the time. Still, I believed there was huge opportunity for improvement. That opportunity, along with their mission and company culture, was a major reason why I wanted to work there.
branding  design  facebook  redesign  casestudy 
7 weeks ago
Twine / An open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories
Twine is an open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories.

You don't need to write any code to create a simple story with Twine, but you can extend your stories with variables, conditional logic, images, CSS, and JavaScript when you're ready.

Twine publishes directly to HTML, so you can post your work nearly anywhere. Anything you create with it is completely free to use any way you like, including for commercial purposes.
gamedev  games  storytelling  tools  interactiveFiction 
7 weeks ago
Tampermonkey - the most popular userscript manager for Blink-based browsers
Tampermonkey is a free browser extension and the most popular userscript manager for Blink- and WebKit-based Browsers like Chrome, Opera Next and Safari. Tampermonkey can give you very much convenience in managing your userscripts. It provides features like easy script installation, automatic update checks, a overview what scripts are running at a tab and there is a good chance that scripts that are incompatible to Google Chrome run with Tampermonkey.
7 weeks ago
Что он умеет?

Заменяет креативные ники на скучные логины;
Сворачивает (фолдит) длинные ветки комментариев в таймлайне;
Показывает приложенные к постам картинки в красивых лайтбоксах;
Показывает ссылку 'Add comment' под комментариями к посту;
Разноцветные облачка у комментариев (оранжевые у вас, тёмно-серые у автора треда, голубые у ваших френдов, светло-серые у ваших читателей);
При клике на облачко в поле комментария вставляется @логин или ^^^ при клике с Ctrl/Cmd;
"@логины" в тексте становятся ссылками;
При внаведении на "@логин" или "^^^"/"↑↑↑" в комментарии, подсвечиваются соответствующие комментарии;
Вместо анимированных гифовых превьюшек показывается стоп-кадр;
Текстовые поля ввода увеличиваются по высоте вместе с текстом;
В общей ленте постов показывается, чей комментарий или лайк принесли в ленту этот пост (если пост не от френда), также можно скрывать посты не от френдов;
Облачко рядом с комментарием заменяется на юзерпик автора. Если включена настройка «разноцветные облачка», то под юзерпиком показывается полоска соответствующего цвета;
Если в посте есть ссылки и нет аттачей, то после тела поста добавляется краткое превью страницы по ссылке (используется сервис http://embed.ly/code);
Пока всё.
freefeed  userscripts  greasemonkey 
7 weeks ago
РБК — Финансовый отчет за 2014 год
Итоги работы в 2014 году, стратегия и планы на 2015 год
7 weeks ago
Reading Every Issue of The New Yorker
This approach is similar to one taken by writer Laura Hillenbrand when she wrote a bestseller about the racehorse Seabiscuit. In an excellent essay in the July, 7, 2003 New Yorker, she described how a chronic illness forced her to conduct much of the book’s research from home, and in a recent interview with The New York Times Magazine (Dec. 18, 2014), she further related how the research included buying old newspapers on eBay and reading them in her living room as though she were browsing the daily paper. “I wanted to start to feel like I was living in the ’30s,” she told the magazine. “That elemental sense of daily life seeps into the book in ways too subtle and myriad to count.”

The New Yorker’s digital archive doesn’t provide the same tactile experience as newsprint, but each issue is nevertheless an exact scan of the original, some even bearing a past reader’s penciled notes, dog-eared corners, or the shadow of cellophane tape hastily applied over a tear.
history  NewYorker 
8 weeks ago
TIL: You can type in multiple corner radius values in Sketch - Designer News
In Sketch, you can specify radius for individual corners of a rectangle by entering the numeric values rather than setting the corner values individually in the "Edit" mode.

Type "8/8/0/0"
sketch  tips 
9 weeks ago
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