Colorful CSS Gradient Background Generator
Colorful CSS Gradient Background Generator
color  css  generator 
9 hours ago
В будущем интернет станет пользовательским коллажем: Медиа:
В нашем очередном интервью про IT-технологии образца 2015 года Михаил Якубов, заместитель директора по развитию интернет-проектов Agava Software, делится своим видением веба будущего. В нем меньше людей, озабоченных копирайтом, больше информации, нужной пользователям, а блогеры приносят пользу обществу, объединившись в команды.
2010  futurology  socialsoftware 
8 days ago
Frere-Jones Type | Typeface Mechanics: 001
Our conscious minds want to draw one shape, but our eyes need to see another. Part of typeface design is managing this eternal friction between logic and optics. It’s always there, no matter the style.

This new series of posts will explore what I call “typeface mechanics”, the behind-the-scenes work that makes typefaces visually functional. It is what placates the stubborn oddities of human perception, helps or hinders the user, and informs long-standing conventions of design.
design  fonts  typography 
9 days ago
The Rough Elements of an Annual Plan | The Weekly Briefly
For the last episode of 2014, I wanted to talk about planning for the next year. It’s not nearly as lame or tedious as it sounds — in fact, it’s something my wife and I have done for the past 3 years and we look forward to it.

A good annual plan should help you:

identify what you want to do
identify what you don’t want to do
discover what you need to do
And then, give yourself permission and freedom to do those things you want and need to and stop doing those things which you don’t want/need to do.
audio  planning  gtd  family 
9 days ago
Dead Man's Snitch — A dead simple cron job monitoring tool.
Dead Man’s Snitch gives you a special URL for each job you want monitored. Use curl or your browser to make a request to this URL to start snitching.
9 days ago
Typography tools for better web type.

Type.js allows you to write new CSS properties to take finer typographic control of type styles on the web.
javascript  typography  design  css 
9 days ago
youtube-dl is a small command-line program to download videos from and a few more sites. It requires the Python interpreter (2.6, 2.7, or 3.2+), and it is not platform specific. We also provide a Windows executable that includes Python. youtube-dl should work in your Unix box, in Windows or in Mac OS X. It is released to the public domain, which means you can modify it, redistribute it or use it however you like.
video  youtube  software  python  tools 
11 days ago
GitBook · Write & Publish Books
A modern, publishing toolchain, simply taking you from ideas to finished, polished books.
books  publishing  selfpublishing  git 
11 days ago
The Church of TED
CHANCES are you will not attend TED this year. Tickets to the gathering that begins Monday in Vancouver are sold out, this despite or rather because of the fact…
from instapaper
12 days ago
Brick By Brick: A free guide to building awesome communities
Why do some communities thrive while others become ghost towns?

Building an audience is already tricky, but establishing a true community is even harder.

Setting up your blog, forum, or chat room is only the beginning. It's what you do after that will make all the difference. So in this guide, we'll look at nine “bricks” you can use to build up your community.

Let's get started!
community  guide 
12 days ago
Use ImageGlitcher to glitch any image and save the result. Drag and Drop an image from the desktop, or click a sample image below.
javascript  js  glitch  design  generator 
14 days ago
Nature Photography by Drone | Popular Photography
How-To: Using a Drone for Dramatic Nature Photos
To see landscapes in a whole new light, shoot from a bird's-eye view
photography  drones 
16 days ago
Getting Started | Foundation Docs
Foundation is the most advanced, responsive front-end framework in the world. The framework is mobile friendly and ready for you to customize it any way you want to use it.
css  documentation  framework 
16 days ago
dmison/Serum — A simple extension to make link-blogging to a Github-hosted Jekyll blog easy. Install it from the Chrome WebStore: Just select the text you want to quote, cl
A simple extension to make link-blogging to a Github-hosted Jekyll blog easy.

Just select the text you want to quote, click the toolbar button and make any necessary tweaks to the post and the new post file is added to the _drafts directory of your Jekyll blog on Github.
blogging  jekyll 
17 days ago
The Cost of Paying Attention
A FEW years ago, in a supermarket, I swiped my bank card to pay for groceries. I watched the little screen, waiting for its prompts. During the intervals…
from instapaper
17 days ago
Синдром ополченца – Мария Эйсмонт – Как жить – Материалы сайта – Сноб
Мария Эйсмонт съездила в Свердловскую область, где встретилась с Игорем Гребцовым, воевавшим на стороне украинских сепаратистов, и узнала, как он живет после возвращения из Донбасса в Россию.
Russia  2015 
20 days ago
OS X Screencast to animated GIF
This gist shows how to create a GIF screencast using only free OS X tools: QuickTime, ffmpeg, and gifsicle.
osx  reference  gif  video  animation 
21 days ago
roadhump/GoldenRatio · GitHub
Sublime Text 2/3 plugin to resize current group by golden ratio
22 days ago
Sketch Gems - Premium Design Files for Sketch | Enhance your Sketch Workflow with GemsSketch Gems - Premium Design Files for Sketch
At Sketch Gems we create top quality resources, hand-crafted especially for designers and developers who use Bohemian Coding Sketch in their web, user interface, icon and app creation workflow.
resources  design  sketch 
25 days ago
Product Design and Engineering Jobs | Job Board from ZURB
Job Board from ZURB
Job Board from ZURB is focused on people who design web and mobile products. Listings are displayed across our properties 10 million times a month. You'll connect to our 500,000 monthly visitors in our network.

We have over a decade of experience hiring and working with Product Designers, which puts us in a unique position to connect you with the right talent.
design  ux  job 
26 days ago
Design Tools at Instagram — Medium
Let’s face it, as designers, we waste a LOT of time on menial tasks. For us at Instagram, filling out a PSD or Sketch file requires a lot of manual labor. You know the process: make a rectangle in Photoshop, go to the web (in our case,, find an image you want to use, drag it into Photoshop, resize and move it into place. Making a grid? Repeat that 15 times and try not to cry.

We’ve built a few tools here to smooth out our workflow.
automation  design  tools 
26 days ago
«Золотой батон — вершина отечественного дизайна» — статья на Смартии
ВэВэГоловача знают все хоть сколько-нибудь опытные интерфейсоделы. Он — автор трех книг («Дизайн пользовательского интерфейса», «Дизайн пользовательского интерфейса.² Искусство мыть слона» и «Культура дизайна»), сооснователь и руководитель первой российской компании по проектированию и юзабилити-тестированию пользовательских интерфейсов.

Владислав рассказал Смартии о том, почему интересно быть проектировщиком интерфейсов, почему быть им — всё сложнее, чем нынешние интерфейсы похожи на старые автомобили, и как изучение культуры спасает от пропаганды.
uxd  article  interview 
26 days ago
Timesheet.js - Open time tables with HTML, JavaScript and CSS …
Just include Timesheet.js and configure your data. No external dependencies, no jQuery needed and of course no Angular.JS! Just a few lines JavaScript to generate a beautiful HTML5 layout and some really delicious CSS to be customized by mighty you.
timeline  javascript  css 
26 days ago
Introducing Pop, the animation engine behind Paper
Pop is an extensible animation engine for iOS and OS X. In addition to basic static animations, it supports spring and decay dynamic animations, making it useful for building realistic, physics-based interactions. The API allows quick integration with existing Objective-C codebases and enables the animation of any property on any object. It's a mature and well-tested framework that drives all the animations and transitions in Paper.
animation  ios  origami 
28 days ago
Rebound - spring dynamics for Android
Rebound is a java library that models spring dynamics. Rebound spring models can be used to create animations that feel natural by introducing real world physics to your application.

Rebound is not a general purpose physics library; however, spring dynamics can be used to drive a wide variety of animations. The simplicity of Rebound makes it easy to integrate and use as a building block for creating more complex components like pagers, toggles, and scrollers.

Rebound uses the same spring constants as Origami making it easy to convert Origami interaction mockups directly into your Android application.
animation  android  origami 
28 days ago
Good Country Index - Business Insider
Ireland Contributes The Most Good To Humanity
For the size of its economy and a combined score in all seven categories, Ireland out ranks 124 other nations in contributing the most good to the global community.

Europe Contributes The Most Good To Humanity
Finland comes in 2nd place overall.
An overwhelming majority of the top 30 nations listed on the index are European, making this region the most significant 'cluster of goodness' in the world, according to the report. Nine European countries hold a position in the top 10 spots.

Russian ranks 95th overall, on par with nations like Honduras, Kuwait, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
2015  research 
28 days ago
What is Kindlebox?
Kindlebox is an easy way to transfer books to your Kindle using a Dropbox folder.
kindle  dropbox  ebooks 
29 days ago
Paperwork by twostairs
Paperwork - OpenSource note-taking & archiving alternative to Evernote, Microsoft OneNote & Google Keep
evernote  notetaking  opensource 
4 weeks ago
Beating the retina display bloat – Jeffrey Sambells
TL:DR The iPad retina display is going to cause bloat in app sizes beyond the 20MB 50MB 3G download limit. Instead use vector images to render assets on-the-fly as shown in this GIST and this example Xcode project.
development  ios  design 
5 weeks ago
A visualization catalogue
Good examples are always useful. Here is a collection of examples within information visualization, selected to cover a broad spectrum of possible approaches and packaged as 12 x 10 cm cards in a box.
5 weeks ago
Generate App Store images for all iPhone sizes from Sketch

With the new iPhones, it's now a huge pain to create screenshots for iTunes Connect. This tool was created to save you a ton of time.
ios  sketch 
5 weeks ago
datedropper - jQuery Dates Plugin
javascript  jquery  ui 
5 weeks ago
Crowdfunding Journalism — Beacon
Crowdfund the stories you want to tell.
Turn your readers into paid subscribers.
crowdfunding  services  journalism  1000fans 
5 weeks ago
10 Things to Know about A/B Testing: MeasuringU
Whether you're new to A/B testing or a seasoned practitioner, here are 10 things you should know about this essential method for quantifying the user experience.
split-testing  statistics  uxd/research  marketing 
6 weeks ago
How to use Adblock Plus filter subscriptions to provide advertisement filtering to devices
This guide will help you setup advertisement filtering (similar to Adblock Plus) through your router. It is suggested to use in conjunction with a mobile device (such as an iOS or Android smartphone), as filtering a PC will cause performance loss due to hardware limitations on the router. This guide uses privoxy (a proxy server) to capture and filter traffic from mobile devices.
privoxy  adblock 
6 weeks ago
Stay Ahead: Adblock Plus and Privoxy | 1000heads: The Word of Mouth People
I’m going to talk about two popular tools people use to avoid ads, their implications for brands, and what we can do about them.
6 weeks ago
[SOLVED] my script to convert AdBlock Plus lists into Privoxy compatible filters
note: this script is based on this. all the actual conversion was done by him (all of the sed work between "# convert to privoxy compatible list" and the following "done" were ccp'd directly from the original script) , I just cleaned it up a bit and made it more friendly to edit and create filter lists

first, we need to create a list of AdBlock compatible filters and place them in the file we are going to parse later on. if you don't want to edit the script too much then make sure the
6 weeks ago
Subway is a set of 306 pixel perfect crafted icons optimized for iOS, Windows Phone, Windows and BlackBerry 10.
icons  webdesign 
6 weeks ago
Evolution of the Product Manager - ACM Queue
Software practitioners know that product management is a key piece of software development. Product managers talk to users to help figure out what to build, define requirements, and write functional specifications. They work closely with engineers throughout the process of building software. They serve as a sounding board for ideas, help balance the schedule when technical challenges occur — and push back to executive teams when technical revisions are needed. Product managers are involved from before the first code is written, until after it goes out the door.
history  productmanagement 
6 weeks ago
Moving from WordPress to Jekyll | Tobias Ahlin
Heard of Jekyll? Jekyll transforms markdown files into static sites and blogs. You can say goodbye to databases and bloated blog engines, and blog from your favorite markdown editor.

I just moved from an old dusty version of WordPress to Jekyll, served by GitHub Pages.
6 weeks ago
guitar - When practicing on my instrument - which is more important - quantity or quality? - Music: Practice & Theory Stack Exchange
Wrong reps create wrong results. DO NOT play fast and wrong. Practice as slowly as you need to to avoid wrong notes. This is very important.

The reason that you need to practice in the first place is that you need to create muscle memory. If you tell your muscles to do the wrong thing they will remember to do the wrong thing. Every instance of sloppy, inaccurate, and ultimately dissatisfying performance in my personal experience (and I have plenty of those) comes from being in too much of a hurry to learn something, and so never playing slowly enough to be accurate.

I often ask my students how fast a piece should go. Generally the answers boil down to some version of "faster than I can play it". The answer to that question should always be "as fast as I play it"! It takes a certain talent to recognize that. (Of course, if you're playing with other people, the answer is "as fast as WE play it" but the principle is the same.)

In your case, your question really boils down to being anxious about whether you can learn to play it "full speed" in the time you have available to prepare. I can guarantee you that your fingers will remember every few notes that you miss, and faithfully reproduce them for you when you get to the point of performance. This is especially true when you get in extra reps of those few wrong notes by playing fast enough to not pay attention to them. Music is unforgiving that way.

So, if you want to make the best of the time you have, then take the time you need to get the notes right. Practice slowly enough to get the notes right, don't slow down in difficult spots and speed up in easier ones.

Also, never, ever (never ever) practice with the goal of just getting the notes right. There is music in every note no matter what tempo you're using. Your job as a musician is to find it (that means NOW, not once you get the notes). If you do not find it, the best you can create is empty virtuosity.  learning 
6 weeks ago
Choosy - A smarter default browser for Mac OS X
orget the default browser, Choosy opens links in the right browser. When you click on a link Choosy will do the right thing, whether that's something simple (like using whatever browser is already running) or something complex (like prompting you to pick a browser, but only when you hold down the shift key and click on a link to
tools  mac 
6 weeks ago
» 8 Non-Useless Interview Questions for Product Managers
Whether it ended in a job offer or a "no thanks", when is the last time you had a job interview for a Product Management role that you felt actually addressed your ability to do the job? Asking about past accomplishments doesn't separate out your role from the environment...
6 weeks ago
The Ultimate Guide to Product Manager Interview Questions
Product management interview questions. Product manager interviews include: product case, analytical, leadership, and most significant accomplishment interviews.
6 weeks ago Backup Bouncer
Hey there OS X user! Do you back up your files? Of course you do! (Right? Right???) But do your backups work? Really? Are you sure? Have you checked?

Backup Bouncer is here to help keep the ugly backup tools out of the club. It’s a command-line-based test suite that makes it easy to find out how bad (or good, if you’re lucky) your backup software is. It aims to be a comprehensive test for preservation of all OS X file metadata.
backup  osx  tools  mac 
6 weeks ago
Links are broken. These three alternatives have improved our readers’ reading experience. — De Correspondent — Medium
It’s all about focus, relevance and context.

“When we want to tell a story, we'd like you to take it in from start to end. There is a flow we would like you to follow. We introduce you into a topic, investigate our findings and come to some kind of conclusion. If we gave our readers too many options to leave the article before finishing it, we wouldn’t get to convey whatever it is we want to convey.

To enforce this principle, our editor, called Respondens, doesn't allow our authors to add common links to their stories. However, we offer them three alternatives: an info card, a side note and a featured link.”
webdesign  ia  ux  ui 
6 weeks ago | Icons for the web in 2014
Going for vector-based icons on the web is a no-brainer these days, but there are a few different ways you can implement them.
svg  webdev 
6 weeks ago
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