Lack of Exercise Can Disrupt the Body’s Rhythms -
Photo Credit Getty Images Exercise may affect how and when we move, even when we aren’t exercising, according to a fascinating new study in mice. The findings…
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3 days ago
Firing Well | Monday Note
Ending a work relationship needn’t be complicated or traumatic. It can be done in a sane and respectful way if a clean framework is set up at hiring time.
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4 days ago
How to quickly hide all apps except for the active app on Mac
Use a simple keyboard shortcut: Option (⌥)+Command (⌘)+H and that will hide all other applications.
tips  mac  osx 
4 days ago
Swallowing the Spider — Medium
Swallowing the Spider by John Gruber via Daring Fireball -- “Or to put it in Rands-ian terms: When you say “I wish I could run two apps side-by-side on the iPad,” I hear, “I wish the iPad were more complicated.” --
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5 days ago
How to Land Your Kid in Therapy
If there’s one thing I learned in graduate school, it’s that the poet Philip Larkin was right. (“They fuck you up, your mum and dad, / They may not mean to, but…
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8 days ago
Facebook Visual Identity | Office of Ben Barry
Facebook’s visual identity already had a lot going for it in 2008 when I started working there. They had chosen a bold and simple color scheme, had a simple well crafted wordmark, and had thankfully avoided the glossy web 2.0 aesthetic so prevalent at the time. Still, I believed there was huge opportunity for improvement. That opportunity, along with their mission and company culture, was a major reason why I wanted to work there.
branding  design  facebook  redesign  casestudy 
10 days ago
Twine / An open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories
Twine is an open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories.

You don't need to write any code to create a simple story with Twine, but you can extend your stories with variables, conditional logic, images, CSS, and JavaScript when you're ready.

Twine publishes directly to HTML, so you can post your work nearly anywhere. Anything you create with it is completely free to use any way you like, including for commercial purposes.
gamedev  games  storytelling  tools  interactiveFiction 
10 days ago
Tampermonkey - the most popular userscript manager for Blink-based browsers
Tampermonkey is a free browser extension and the most popular userscript manager for Blink- and WebKit-based Browsers like Chrome, Opera Next and Safari. Tampermonkey can give you very much convenience in managing your userscripts. It provides features like easy script installation, automatic update checks, a overview what scripts are running at a tab and there is a good chance that scripts that are incompatible to Google Chrome run with Tampermonkey.
11 days ago
Что он умеет?

Заменяет креативные ники на скучные логины;
Сворачивает (фолдит) длинные ветки комментариев в таймлайне;
Показывает приложенные к постам картинки в красивых лайтбоксах;
Показывает ссылку 'Add comment' под комментариями к посту;
Разноцветные облачка у комментариев (оранжевые у вас, тёмно-серые у автора треда, голубые у ваших френдов, светло-серые у ваших читателей);
При клике на облачко в поле комментария вставляется @логин или ^^^ при клике с Ctrl/Cmd;
"@логины" в тексте становятся ссылками;
При внаведении на "@логин" или "^^^"/"↑↑↑" в комментарии, подсвечиваются соответствующие комментарии;
Вместо анимированных гифовых превьюшек показывается стоп-кадр;
Текстовые поля ввода увеличиваются по высоте вместе с текстом;
В общей ленте постов показывается, чей комментарий или лайк принесли в ленту этот пост (если пост не от френда), также можно скрывать посты не от френдов;
Облачко рядом с комментарием заменяется на юзерпик автора. Если включена настройка «разноцветные облачка», то под юзерпиком показывается полоска соответствующего цвета;
Если в посте есть ссылки и нет аттачей, то после тела поста добавляется краткое превью страницы по ссылке (используется сервис;
Пока всё.
freefeed  userscripts  greasemonkey 
11 days ago
РБК — Финансовый отчет за 2014 год
Итоги работы в 2014 году, стратегия и планы на 2015 год
11 days ago
Reading Every Issue of The New Yorker
This approach is similar to one taken by writer Laura Hillenbrand when she wrote a bestseller about the racehorse Seabiscuit. In an excellent essay in the July, 7, 2003 New Yorker, she described how a chronic illness forced her to conduct much of the book’s research from home, and in a recent interview with The New York Times Magazine (Dec. 18, 2014), she further related how the research included buying old newspapers on eBay and reading them in her living room as though she were browsing the daily paper. “I wanted to start to feel like I was living in the ’30s,” she told the magazine. “That elemental sense of daily life seeps into the book in ways too subtle and myriad to count.”

The New Yorker’s digital archive doesn’t provide the same tactile experience as newsprint, but each issue is nevertheless an exact scan of the original, some even bearing a past reader’s penciled notes, dog-eared corners, or the shadow of cellophane tape hastily applied over a tear.
history  NewYorker 
15 days ago
TIL: You can type in multiple corner radius values in Sketch - Designer News
In Sketch, you can specify radius for individual corners of a rectangle by entering the numeric values rather than setting the corner values individually in the "Edit" mode.

Type "8/8/0/0"
sketch  tips 
23 days ago
The iPhone Extension Trick — MacSparky
When creating a contact, instead of this:

866-5309 x1982

Do this:


The semicolon is secret code to your iPhone to wait once the call connects and gives you the option to dial the extension when you tap it at the bottom of the screen.
apple  ios  iphone  tips 
24 days ago
Create free interactive timelines | Hstry
Create interactive timelines

Hstry is a free digital learning tool which promotes collaboration and engagement in the classroom.
timelines  tools  visualization 
24 days ago
Beautiful web-based timeline software
Create beautiful timelines
Tiki-Toki is web-based software for creating beautiful interactive timelines that you can share on the internet.
timelines  tools  visualization 
24 days ago
Timeglider: web-based timeline software
Web-based timeline software for creating and sharing history, project planning and more ...
Create, collaborate, and publish zooming and panning interactive timelines. It's like Google Maps,
but for time.
timelines  tools  visualization 
24 days ago
Create timelines, share them on the web | Timetoast timelines
Timetoast is a great way to share the past, or even the future...
Create timelines in minutes, it's as simple as can be.
timelines  tools  visualization  services 
24 days ago
Preceden Timeline Maker: Create & share beautiful timelines
Make a beautiful timeline that you can print and share in minutes — even if you've never created one before. Try Preceden for free by adding up to 5 events to your timelines. Add an unlimited number of events for a one time payment of only $29.
timelines  services 
24 days ago
Ходилки Бродилки - самое время гулять!
Что такое бродилка? Как это работает?

Каждая бродилка — это игра-экскурсия, в которой ты получаешь задания на свой телефон или планшет.
city  walks  quests  moscow 
24 days ago
Top 10 Articles | The Psychology of Video Games
Below is a list of what I consider “the best of” so far. It’s a subjective list, but it’s roughly based on my happiness with the articles, the amount and quality of discussion in the comments, and how often it’s been shared around the ‘net.
games  gamedesign  psychology 
26 days ago
Великое злодеяние
Версия для печати 13 (364), 20 апреля 2015 Цуканова Любовь 100 лет назад на территории Османской империи разразилась катастрофа. В ночь на 24 апреля 1915 года в…
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4 weeks ago
Cash Flowed to Clinton Foundation as Russians Pressed for Control of Uranium Company
The headline in Pravda trumpeted President Vladimir V. Putin’s latest coup, its nationalistic fervor recalling an era when the newspaper served as the official…
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4 weeks ago
Repairing permissions when owner is "Fetching..." | Apple Support Communities
Back up all data before proceeding.
This procedure will unlock all your user files (not system files) and reset their ownership, permissions, and access controls to the default. If you've intentionally set special values for those attributes on any of your files, they will be reverted. In that case, either stop here, or be prepared to recreate the settings if necessary. Do so only after verifying that those settings didn't cause the problem. If none of this is meaningful to you, you don't need to worry about it, but you do need to follow the instructions below.
mac  tips  reference 
4 weeks ago
Going "Write-Only"
“Think of what that really means. Things that last. It’s all the more surprising because Joey is talking about writing software. Most code is notoriously ephemeral. It is complicated and ties in tightly with its environment. When the environment changes even a little the code becomes unusable without maintenance. By contrast the written word, math, music, or visual art are shared between human minds (much more forgiving systems, minds) and don’t tarnish as easily as code.”
article  culture 
4 weeks ago
PhotoPin - Free Photos for Bloggers via Creative Commons
Search millions of Creative Commons photos and add them to your blog posts easily.
photography  stock  free  creativecommons 
4 weeks ago
Энтузиаст городской фотографии избегает банальностей — Look At Me — MAG — поток «Интернет»
В ПРОФИЛЕ ДИРКА БЭККЕРА, фотографа из Амстердама, редко встретишь типичные для этого города снимки с велосипедами и каналами. Опыт в графическом дизайне помогает Дирку увидеть в архитектуре игру теней, паттерны и текстуры. Сам он называет всё это «линиями города», и свою любовь к городской съёмке выразил в создании сайта SeeMyCity — платформы для городских фотографов.
photography  city  inspiration  creativity 
5 weeks ago
ios - Images can't contain alpha channels or transparencies - Stack Overflow
Apple has released new version of iTunes Connect & I got an error message when I tried to set Screenshots on itunes connect for my app.

"Images can't contain alpha channels or transparencies."
ios  graphics 
5 weeks ago
Replace the volume changing sound | Macworld
When you use the volume up and down keys on your keyboard, your Mac emits a slight “click” sound to let you know you’ve pressed the key. You can silence this permanently in System Preferences -> Sound -> Sound Effects by unchecking the “Play feedback when volume is changed” option. Alternatively, as explained in this hint, you can temporarily silence it by holding down the Shift key while pressing the volume changing keys. But what if you like the sound, but you’d rather have it be something other than that clicking noise?
apple  osx  tips 
5 weeks ago
Why I hate funnels by Ben Chestnut
It's kinda funny how I've founded an email marketing service with over 3 million users around the world, but I've never felt comfy calling myself an "email marketer," let alone a member of the email marketing community. That's partly because I nearly failed Marketing 101 in college (don't tell anybody). But mostly, it's because I hate funnels. And professional marketers just won't shut up about those God forsaken things.
marketing  smarterconversations 
5 weeks ago
Основатель Pressfeed Константин Бочарский о сторителлинге во взаимодействии со СМИ
Работа журналиста по превращению информации в заметку во многом строится на драматизации происходящего. Причём для этого не требуется ничего выдумывать или подтасовывать. Порой достаточно просто задать фокус.
communication  writing  copywriting  journalism  storytelling 
5 weeks ago
AP Was There: Original AP report of Lincoln's assassination
On the night Abraham Lincoln was shot, April 14, 1865, Associated Press correspondent Lawrence Gobright scrambled to report from the White House, the streets of the stricken capital, and even from the blood-stained box at Ford's Theatre, where, in his memoir he reports he was handed the assassin's gun and turned it over to authorities. Here is an edited version of his original AP dispatch
history  journalism  writing 
5 weeks ago
Ъ-Деньги - Короля играет рента
Короля играет рента — Как колебания цен на нефть меняют Саудовскую Аравию
5 weeks ago
Dribbble - John Maeda
I'm from the 80s and 90s era of graphics back when anti-aliased lines were still a fantasy, so my pixels will tend to be a bit jagged for most tastes.
design  history  pixelart  simplicity 
5 weeks ago
Motion Mountain - The Free Physics Textbook for Download
Explore the motion of wheels, birds, lightning, planets, light and empty space itself! Be fascinated by the beauty of nature and by the concepts of modern physics, from the principle of cosmic laziness – least action – to gauge symmetry – the symmetry of charges and quarks!
books  science  textbook  reference 
6 weeks ago
Тест EQ | Синдром Аспергера
Психолог Саймон Барон-Коган и его коллеги из Кембриджского центра по изучению аутизма разработали шкалу для оценки уровня эмпатии, или коэффициент эмпатичности EQ. Среднее значение EQ для контрольной группы - 42, для группы с синдромом Аспергера/высокофункциональным аутизмом - 20
cogpsy  empathy  EQ 
7 weeks ago
New Hacker News Guideline - Y Combinator Posthaven
This idea is simple. We’re updating the guidelines to add: "Avoid gratuitous negativity."

Critical thinking is good; shallow cynicism, on the other hand, adds nothing of value to the community. It is unpleasant to read and detracts from actual work. If you have something important but negative to say, that's fine, but say it in a respectful way.

Negativity isn't the problem--gratuitous negativity is. By that we mean negativity that adds nothing of substance to a comment. This includes all forms of meanness.
7 weeks ago
Sick time follows a simple formula - Great Not Big
I made an interesting discovery recently while spelunking in our time tracking system. The distribution of sick time, over all the people we’ve ever employed, very closely follows a logarithmic distribution.
serendipity  stats 
7 weeks ago
How to enable Safari Reader on your site? · Mathias Bynens
This definitely needs more investigating, but so far, these appear to be the most important factors for Safari’s Reader functionality to kick in:

* Use the right markup, i.e. make sure the most important content is wrapped inside a container element. Whether you use <article>, <div> or even <span> doesn’t seem to matter — as long as it’s not <p>.
* The content needs to be long enough. Use enough words, use enough paragraphs, use enough punctuation. Every paragraph should have at least 100 characters.
* Reader doesn’t work for local documents.
webdev  readability 
7 weeks ago
Colorful CSS Gradient Background Generator
Colorful CSS Gradient Background Generator
color  css  generator 
8 weeks ago
В будущем интернет станет пользовательским коллажем: Медиа:
В нашем очередном интервью про IT-технологии образца 2015 года Михаил Якубов, заместитель директора по развитию интернет-проектов Agava Software, делится своим видением веба будущего. В нем меньше людей, озабоченных копирайтом, больше информации, нужной пользователям, а блогеры приносят пользу обществу, объединившись в команды.
2010  futurology  socialsoftware 
9 weeks ago
Frere-Jones Type | Typeface Mechanics: 001
Our conscious minds want to draw one shape, but our eyes need to see another. Part of typeface design is managing this eternal friction between logic and optics. It’s always there, no matter the style.

This new series of posts will explore what I call “typeface mechanics”, the behind-the-scenes work that makes typefaces visually functional. It is what placates the stubborn oddities of human perception, helps or hinders the user, and informs long-standing conventions of design.
design  fonts  typography 
9 weeks ago
The Rough Elements of an Annual Plan | The Weekly Briefly
For the last episode of 2014, I wanted to talk about planning for the next year. It’s not nearly as lame or tedious as it sounds — in fact, it’s something my wife and I have done for the past 3 years and we look forward to it.

A good annual plan should help you:

identify what you want to do
identify what you don’t want to do
discover what you need to do
And then, give yourself permission and freedom to do those things you want and need to and stop doing those things which you don’t want/need to do.
audio  planning  gtd  family 
9 weeks ago
Dead Man's Snitch — A dead simple cron job monitoring tool.
Dead Man’s Snitch gives you a special URL for each job you want monitored. Use curl or your browser to make a request to this URL to start snitching.
9 weeks ago
Typography tools for better web type.

Type.js allows you to write new CSS properties to take finer typographic control of type styles on the web.
javascript  typography  design  css 
9 weeks ago
youtube-dl is a small command-line program to download videos from and a few more sites. It requires the Python interpreter (2.6, 2.7, or 3.2+), and it is not platform specific. We also provide a Windows executable that includes Python. youtube-dl should work in your Unix box, in Windows or in Mac OS X. It is released to the public domain, which means you can modify it, redistribute it or use it however you like.
video  youtube  software  python  tools 
9 weeks ago
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