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How Twilight Works - The Oatmeal -
A few weeks ago I had the miserable experience of reading Twilight. A friend bought it for me and I took it with me to read on a long flight from Seattle to Houston. I knew it was going to be crappy, but I thought it would be a guilty pleasure kind of crappy - where you know it's bad but you still get enjoyment out of it. I actually managed to power through around 400 pages until I gave up and started reading Sky Mall. I've been seeing Twilight everywhere lately, especially with Vampire Teens II New Moon's release, so I thought I'd break down why chicks go apeshit for it.
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november 2009 by ulrichp
pandagon.net - these things don't just blame themselves
For every "Buffy" fan who can't believe the kids are eating up "Twilight"
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june 2009 by ulrichp
A PBEM games of gods and mortals that I actually used to play. Kind of fun. May get into it again.
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may 2006 by ulrichp

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