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Official Google Mac Blog: App Engine Launcher for Mac OS X
An easier way to create and launch Google App Engine apps, from the guys at Google. For Macs.
development  google  mac  osx  programming  python  web  webdev 
may 2008 by ulrichp
The Stoic Monkey » VROOM!!!
More Pythonicity; a dead simple-looking but awesome-to-play racing game written in Python.
videogames  games  python  interesting 
august 2007 by ulrichp
The Stoic Monkey » Python CSound Drum Machine
A Python script that reads formatted textfiles and spits them out to CSound to make...well, drum patterns.
music  python  interesting  todo  csound 
august 2007 by ulrichp
Transforming a Shell Script into an Automator Action
Automator is a powerful technology for building custom workflows. But sometimes you need functionality that the existing actions don't provide—functionality that could be easily accomplished using the shell with a scripting language.
apple  automator  geekery  howto  mac  osx  perl  php  python  ruby  software  todo  interesting 
july 2007 by ulrichp
How to Write a Spelling Corrector
...in 20 lines of Python 2.5 code, using a collection of Sherlock Holmes stories as your 'good word' corpus.
development  diy  programming  howto  interesting  linguistics  python  productivity  software  statistics  technology 
april 2007 by ulrichp
carthage webdev » Blog Archive » LDAP Authentication in Django with Backends
How to do dead-simple LDAP auth in Django using Django's backends system.
howto  python  webdev 
september 2006 by ulrichp
Google Sitemaps (BETA) Help
A way to get info into Google quicker using a Python script from a Google open source tool, Google Sitemap Generator.
google  python  webdev  opensource  todo  development 
may 2006 by ulrichp
The Lyntin Agent Framework: Main
Perhaps I can use this later. With this core in place, making a Cocoa (or PyObjC, rather) GUI around it would be simple... or SEEMS simple.
python  mush  project  interesting  todo 
october 2005 by ulrichp
Python development with Eclipse and Ant
Good guide on setting up PyDev, using Eclipse for Python development, and using Ant to automate build processes.
python  development 
october 2005 by ulrichp
TurboGears: Front-to-Back Web Development
Is TurboGears Python's answer to Ruby on Rails? I sure hope so. I love the ease of RoR, but I can't stand Ruby.
ajax  javascript  python  webdev  development 
october 2005 by ulrichp
An Ordered Dictionary
Python's odict module keeps items in a dictionary in the order you inserted them. Order can be altered by changing the sequence attribute of the odict.
python  useful  development 
october 2005 by ulrichp
PEP 257 -- Docstring Conventions
This PEP documents the semantics and conventions associated with Python docstrings.
python  development 
october 2005 by ulrichp
GameDev.net - How To Build a Game In A Week From Scratch With No Budget
Maybe something I'll have to work on one of these weekends. Uses Python, PyGame, Py2EXE, and so on.
games  interesting  project  python  development 
september 2005 by ulrichp
A definite possibility for the dc website
blogging  python  tools  development 
august 2005 by ulrichp
Building Chandler Parcels
Turning Chandler into, as an example, an RSS reader
xml  python  interesting  pim 
august 2005 by ulrichp
PyObjC 1.3.7 for Python 2.3 on Mac OS X Tiger
python  mac  cocoa  development 
august 2005 by ulrichp
Simon Willison: Introducing Django
Good overview of the open-source Python webdev framework (with links to real-world examples)
python  webdev  development 
august 2005 by ulrichp
The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines
python  webdev  opensource  development 
july 2005 by ulrichp
a pythonic, object-oriented web development framework
interesting  opensource  python  webdev  development 
july 2005 by ulrichp
PFd4-II Design Diary
Part One: Start of a Brand New World
games  geekery  python  development 
june 2004 by ulrichp

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