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Black Rock Shooter The Game Date Set (andriasang.com, 03.25.2011)
Okay, so - I definitely watched Black Rock Shooter about a month ago for the first time, and I have NO IDEA how they intend to make a game out of this.
psp  hemispheres  blackrockshooter 
march 2011 by ulrichp
A Certain Scientific Railgun Delayed
Can't lie: I really just like the name of this game.
hemispheres  psp 
march 2011 by ulrichp
Siliconera » How to get to Itadaki Street Portable
Seems the Ultimate Hits version of Itadaki Street Portable has a pullout guide with English translations. Sweet!
videogames  psp  interesting  boardgames 
may 2008 by ulrichp
lua:functions - PSP-Programming.com
Complete list of Lua functions in luaplayer.
lua  psp  hacks  diy  interesting  programming  development  todo 
april 2007 by ulrichp
Lua Player
A moderately simple way to write games in Lua and play them on the PSP. Time to learn Lua, I guess...
development  diy  freeware  games  hacks  opensource  programming  tools  lua  psp 
april 2007 by ulrichp
PSX on PSP - TheGamersPress
I know I'm trying this when I get home. I really need to get a FFT fix.
emulation  hacks  howto  psp  videogames  todo 
march 2007 by ulrichp
MegaManVI-WindMan.png (PNG Image, 3320x1680 pixels)
I think I want to rebuild this stage for Mega Man: Powered Up. Plus, as a widescreen image, it'd make an interesting Mac desktop. :)
m3  videogames  psp  todo 
april 2006 by ulrichp
Station.com - PSP Portal
A portable version of Sony Station
games  mobile  video  webdev  wallpaper  psp 
march 2006 by ulrichp

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