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Windows: Disable Windows Update restart nag
Windows installed another round of updates and now it's asking you to restart. Again. One simple command line entry can disable this obnoxious reminder.
howto  useful  software  windows  hacks  lifehacks  productivity  computers  microsoft 
august 2008 by ulrichp
fish is a new, extremely friendly shell for *nix-like operating systems.
development  tools  cli  osxcli  software  opensource  linux  unix  productivity  freeware  programming 
august 2008 by ulrichp
Bento - Overview, Personal Database - FileMaker
Filemaker's personal database. Looks and feels an awful lot like an iLife app; sort of like Filemaker without the intimidation or the huge pricetag.
apple  database  mac  organization  osx  productivity 
february 2008 by ulrichp
Sort of like interactive language flashcards, but with several more features. OS X only.
education  howto  productivity  osx  interesting  mac  tools  useful 
april 2007 by ulrichp
How to Write a Spelling Corrector
...in 20 lines of Python 2.5 code, using a collection of Sherlock Holmes stories as your 'good word' corpus.
development  diy  programming  howto  interesting  linguistics  python  productivity  software  statistics  technology 
april 2007 by ulrichp
I Will Teach You To Be Rich: Set smaller goals: impress friends, get girls, lose weight
How to make sustainable changes by not going to extremes. 'Gradual change' is a great concept, whether it's finances, diets, or - well - anything.
howto  interesting  lifehacks  money  health  productivity  psychology 
january 2007 by ulrichp
Take control of your money, find the best values in your area, and reach your financial goals by joining the Wesabe community.
lifehacks  money  productivity  tools  useful  web2.0 
january 2007 by ulrichp
Joe's Goals
A very simple goal-tracking system. I'm using it for various sorts of things.
health  lifehacks  interesting  exercise  internet  web2.0  tools  useful  work  software  productivity 
january 2007 by ulrichp
Literature and Latte - Scrivener Gold
Scrivener is a new piece of software for the Mac aimed at writers who want to manage and organise projects large or small.
mac  fiction  freeware  productivity  software  writing 
january 2007 by ulrichp
Keep people in the loop, via a webapp that notifies subscribes to your Loop. Will have to try this out later; could prove invaluable.
email  interesting  lifehacks  mobile  notes  productivity  rss  web2.0  tools  useful 
december 2006 by ulrichp
about kip
Keep track of all those PDFs that get everywhere. Version 1.0 is free! (For Mac OS X.)
apple  lifehacks  mac  organization  os  pim  productivity  software 
june 2006 by ulrichp
OSXvnc - did you know you could run it from the command line? Neither did I!
apple  computers  freeware  howto  opensource  productivity  software  useful  mac 
march 2006 by ulrichp
Bionic Office - Joel on Software
The second floor of our office building seems to be unoccupied. Now if only I could convince our managers to spring for it and remake it into something like this.
architecture  howto  interesting  lifehacks  organization  productivity  software  useful  work  development 
december 2005 by ulrichp
18 Tricks to Teach Your Body
From Men's Health. Cure a toothache without opening your mouth, clear your sinuses, soothe a burn, and relieve the need to pee by ... well, you'll see.
hacks  howto  lifehacks  productivity  trivia 
december 2005 by ulrichp
space-age wasteland » Blog Archive » Make Days Off Grand
"Every ten weeks or so, take a day off from everything." Organizing mini-retreats from the world.
lifehacks  productivity  work 
october 2005 by ulrichp
Like Spotlight, if Spotlight didn't suck. I'm curious about its interaction with non-Apple programs: namely, Adium instead of iChat, since I dumped iChat a year ago.
apple  email  internet  interesting  lifehacks  mac  music  organization  pim  productivity  software  technology  todo  tools  useful 
october 2005 by ulrichp
Getting Things Done on a Macintosh | Ask MetaFilter
The title pretty much explains it. Sadly, it devolves at first into a debate on Mac email clients before anything useful is gleaned.
apple  lifehacks  mac  organization  productivity  project  technology  software  tools  useful 
october 2005 by ulrichp
Stephanie Burns - How to Install a Habit
Good advice for making things we might otherwise be unmotivated to do into a daily habit.
lifehacks  howto  interesting  organization  productivity  todo  tools  useful 
october 2005 by ulrichp
The Noguchi Filing System
"This system relies on Noguchi's idea that it is more likely that the user will know or remember about when a document was created, than he/she will be able to remember where it has been stored in a conventional system."
organization  productivity  interesting  howto 
october 2005 by ulrichp
Next Up: Google Office?
Are Google and Sun going to announce a StarOffice collaboration today (Google Office)? Stay tuned to find out!
google  sun  productivity  work  writing 
october 2005 by ulrichp
Ning | Home: Front Page
Roll-your-own social software? That's what Ning is promising. Any of the software can also be cloned and altered by other users, to boot. Sadly, light.ning.com is inactive, but shi.ning.com is still available!
ajax  interesting  productivity  software  technology  tools  useful  web2.0  webdev  socnet  development 
october 2005 by ulrichp
From the Hall: GmailThis!
Sort of like BlogThis, only with emailing, and Gmail.
email  google  productivity  software  tools  javascript 
september 2005 by ulrichp
Roblog: OGTD, Original Gangsta
Blogging is the new... oh wait. (You know, one of these days, I'm going to have to read Getting Things Done, just to see what all the fuss is about.)
blogging  productivity  organization  humor 
september 2005 by ulrichp
Seems like a really interesting piece of shareware for timing projects. I especially like that you can turn project timers into itsy-bitsy start and stop windows. I'd probably lose them - but then again, that's what Exposé is for.
mac  productivity  tools  apple 
september 2005 by ulrichp
Taylor McKnight - //gtmcknight - Backpack tips and tricks
I've been using Backpack for a while, and it still amazes me what people will come up with to make it useful. Taylor's got a great collection of tips here - including API wrappers! Now I might have to build a Backpack tool...
backpack  css  hacks  interesting  organization  productivity  technology  useful  development 
september 2005 by ulrichp
welcome home : vim online
I think I am finally going to have to teach myself to use vim
howto  interesting  internet  linux  mac  news  opensource  osxcli  productivity  tools  unix  useful  windows  writing  development 
september 2005 by ulrichp
Must remember to subscribe to Make's podcast.
apple  books  electronics  geekery  howto  hacks  internet  linux  lifehacks  news  productivity  rss  tools  useful  science  development 
september 2005 by ulrichp

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