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Fan death - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Fan death is a South Korean urban legend which states that an electric fan, if left running overnight in a closed room, can cause the death (by suffocation, poisoning, or hypothermia) of those inside.
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june 2009 by ulrichp
YouTube - WoW Lingo
Possibly the one stab I've seen a reporter take at 'reporting' on WoW 'lingo' without making herself look like a dumbass. Can't say as much for her subject, though.
wow  news  interesting  video 
february 2009 by ulrichp
BBC NEWS | Health | 'Visions link' to coffee intake
People who drink too much coffee could start seeing ghosts or hearing strange voices, UK research has suggested. People who drank more than seven cups of instant coffee a day were three times more likely to hallucinate than those who took just one, a study found.
coffee  caffeine  hallucinations  study  news  science 
january 2009 by ulrichp
Nov. 12, 1935: You Should (Not) Have a Lobotomy
1935: The world's first modern frontal leukotomy is performed in a Lisbon hospital by Portuguese neurologist Antonio Egas Moniz.
news  science  history  medicine 
november 2008 by ulrichp
BBC NEWS | Technology | The end of an era - Windows 3.x
Windows 3.x has come to the closing moments of its long life. On 1 November Microsoft stopped issuing licences for the software that made its debut in May 1990 in the US.
software  news  windows  technology  computers  history  hardware  microsoft  os 
november 2008 by ulrichp
Talking Points Memo | AP: Al Qaida Web site Endorses McCain
"Al-Qaida supporters suggested in a Web site message this week they would welcome a pre-election terror attack on the U.S. as a way to usher in a McCain presidency."
politics  news 
october 2008 by ulrichp
Hans Reiser seeks a reduced sentence, leads cops to body in deal with D.A.
(07-07) 20:11 PDT OAKLAND -- Convicted killer Hans Reiser led police Monday to what he said was the body of his wife in the Oakland hills just two days before he was to be sentenced for first-degree murder, authorities said.
linux  crime  news 
july 2008 by ulrichp
Supreme Court backs Guantanamo detainees - Guantanamo- msnbc.com
Foreign terrorism suspects have right to challenge detention, court rules
politics  news 
june 2008 by ulrichp
Strange & Unusual - Elderly Man Attacks Man with Pricing Gun at Wal-Mart
In which a 71-year-old man attacks an 80-year-old man with a pricegun at Wal-Mart.
walmart  news  wtf  shopping  crime  violence  amusing 
april 2008 by ulrichp
Gone, Without a Trace - Stephen Levy, for Newsweek
"Yes, it's still possible the gizmo may have been stolen. Or it may be somewhere jammed into an obscure crevice in my apartment. For now, though, my review unit lays claim to being the first MacBook Air to be discarded by mistake. But, I will wager, not t
mac  apple  interesting  news  hardware  portables 
march 2008 by ulrichp
Sending an S O S for a PC Exorcist - New York Times
Man spends $1600 or so on a new Dell; is pleased when he can spend $800 to get it fixed.
wtf  computers  portables  news 
february 2008 by ulrichp
Video On Demand | KING5.com | News for Seattle, Washington
TSA detains, searches 5-year-old boy because his name is on the no-fly list.
news  video  idiocy  wtf 
january 2008 by ulrichp
thinking with my fingers: Feign death really works
"After playing World of Warcraft, the 12 year old boy knew how to cope when he was attacked by a moose in the forest." He feigned death. See? Videogames lead to creative solutions, too.
animals  games  geekery  humor  news  mmorpg 
december 2007 by ulrichp
Man burns down trailer in online feud - Yahoo! News
ELM MOTT, Texas - A Navy man who got mad when someone mocked him as a "nerd" over the Internet climbed into his car and drove 1,300 miles from Virginia to Texas to teach the other guy a lesson.
internet  news  wtf 
july 2007 by ulrichp
Creating a Cute Cat Frenzy - TIME
Time on lolcats: "...the reigning instance of an Internet meme, a running gag that won't stop running but instead reproduces and mutates in the petri dish of the Net's collective imagination."
humor  internet  lolcats  news  technology 
july 2007 by ulrichp
Psychology Today: Ten Politically Incorrect Truths About Human Nature
Every time we fall in love, fight with our spouse, get upset about the influx of immigrants into our country, or go to church, we are, in part, behaving as a human animal with our own unique evolved nature—human nature.
biology  science  sex  health  humor  news  trivia  interesting 
july 2007 by ulrichp
The Road Home - New York Times
It is time for the United States to leave Iraq... like many Americans, we have put off that conclusion, waiting for a sign that President Bush was seriously trying to dig the United States out of the disaster he created...
news  interesting 
july 2007 by ulrichp
And the Winners Are...: The World's New Wonders - International - SPIEGEL ONLINE - News
After years of anticipation and over 100 million votes, the new seven wonders of the world were finally announced in Lisbon on Saturday. Not everybody was happy with the results.
interesting  geography  news  travel 
july 2007 by ulrichp
Slashdot | Music Industry Attacks Free Prince CD
You might not like Prince, but he's planning on giving away a free CD in a national British newspaper. Harmless publicity, right? The music industry disagrees. Executives are practically going insane over the idea and are threatening to 'retaliate'.
music  wtf  idiocy  news 
june 2007 by ulrichp
100-foot deep Andes lake disappears - CNN.com
SANTIAGO, Chile (AP) -- A five-acre glacial lake in Chile's southern Andes has disappeared -- and scientists want to know why.
news  science  interesting  wtf 
june 2007 by ulrichp
Japan gives Iwo Jima pre-war name - CNN.com
Iwo Jima is now Iwo To - the name the residents of the island still prefer, and the name it has always had since before WW2 - when it was mistakenly renamed by navy officers.
history  geography  interesting  news 
june 2007 by ulrichp
Va. School's No-Contact Rule Is a Touchy Subject - washingtonpost.com
Fairfax County middle school student Hal Beaulieu hopped up from his lunch table one day a few months ago, sat next to his girlfriend and slipped his arm around her shoulder. That landed him a trip to the school office.
wtf  idiocy  news 
june 2007 by ulrichp
Judge cites 42 Beatles songs to teach beer thief a lesson | the Daily Mail
A judge sentencing a Beatles-loving beer thief quoted 42 of the band’s song titles in his verdict.
music  news  crime  interesting  humor 
june 2007 by ulrichp
Hey 'Fuzzy' ... get lost - Dateline Florida
'But that's still no reason to run "Mallard Fillmore" and I really can't believe that I admitted to you that I had anything to do with it.'
comics  news  interesting  humor 
june 2007 by ulrichp
Neatorama » Blog Archive » The Strangest Disaster of the 20th Century.
Here’s the story of how scientists unlocked the secrets of the worst natural disaster in the history of the West African nation of Cameroon… and what they’re doing to try and stop it from happening again.
chemistry  environment  history  interesting  news  science  trivia 
may 2007 by ulrichp
Slashdot | TJX Breach Began With WEP Crack
It seems that the loss of over 45 million credit card numbers and more than 450,000 SSNs, driver's license numbers, and military identifications began with someone using a "telescope-shaped" antenna at a wireless link at a Marshall's near St. Paul, Minnes
security  news  internet  money 
may 2007 by ulrichp
13-year-old conman wore pricey suits, hired escorts | NEWS.com.au
A 13-year-old boy who lives with his grandmother has been exposed as one of Britain's biggest internet conmen. The boy earned more than $607,000 by posing as the boss of several multinational companies selling various goods.
crime  news  internet  wtf 
may 2007 by ulrichp
Blundering Bush makes ANOTHER gaffe as he winks at the Queen | the Daily Mail
When you've just made it sound like the Queen is more than 200 years old, there may be a few ways of recovering from the gaffe. But turning to her and giving her a sly wink is probably not included in any book of royal etiquette.
news  politics  wtf  humor 
may 2007 by ulrichp
I was not a lab rat | By genre | Guardian Unlimited Books
A new book has rekindled old rumours that renowned psychologist BF Skinner used his baby daughter in his experiments. Stop this rubbish about me and my dad, says Deborah Skinner Buzan
books  myths  psychology  wtf  news 
may 2007 by ulrichp
Daily Kos: Dinesh D'Souza says I don't exist: an atheist at Virginia Tech [Updated]
I am an atheist and a professor at Virginia Tech. Dinesh D’Souza says that I don’t exist, that I have nothing to say, that I am nowhere to be found. But I am here.
interesting  religion  news 
april 2007 by ulrichp
BBC NEWS | World | Asia-Pacific | 'Ghost yacht' found off Australia
Emergency services in Australia have launched a search for the three-man crew of a yacht found drifting off the North Queensland coast.
news  interesting  wtf 
april 2007 by ulrichp
The Alameda-Weehawken Burrito Tunnel
Ever wonder how to find a good burrito in New York? The answer: a 42-minute cross-country journey via chord tunnel from Alameda to Weehawken.
engineering  fiction  food  history  humor  news  physics  science 
april 2007 by ulrichp
Fire destroys Johnny Cash home - CNN.com
Johnny Cash's longtime lakeside home, a showcase where he wrote much of his famous music and entertained U.S. presidents, music royalty and visiting fans, was destroyed by fire on Tuesday.
music  history  news 
april 2007 by ulrichp
In Our Messy, Reptilian Brains - Newsweek Technology - MSNBC.com
Just as the mouse brain is a lizard brain "with some extra stuff thrown on top," Linden writes, the human brain is essentially a mouse brain with extra toppings. That's how we wound up with two vision systems.
news  science  biology  animals  interesting 
april 2007 by ulrichp
Student punished for spaghetti beliefs | Metro.co.uk
"Bryan Killian says that he follows the Pastafarian religion, and that as a crucial part of his faith, he must wear 'full pirate regalia' as prescribed in the holy texts of Pastafarianism."
humor  religion  education  news 
march 2007 by ulrichp
Risk-taking kiwis protest looming "party pill" ban | Oddly Enough | Reuters.com
Frenzy, Torque and D-lite may not be New Zealand's best-known inventions, but kiwi fans fighting a proposed government ban argue their legal highs are safer than many of the small country's dangerous pastimes.
march 2007 by ulrichp
This Guy Can Get 59 MPG in a Plain Old Accord. Beat That, Punk
"Wayne is the odds-on favorite to win the challenge, in which drivers compete to push the automotive limits not of speed and power—a desire those gathered here consider old-fashioned and wasteful—but for the unsexy title of Most Fuel-Efficient Driver
cars  economics  engineering  environment  news  science  interesting 
march 2007 by ulrichp
Huge 'Ocean' Discovered Inside Earth - Yahoo! News
"Scientists scanning the deep interior of Earth have found evidence of a vast water reservoir beneath eastern Asia that is at least the volume of the Arctic Ocean."
news  science  interesting 
march 2007 by ulrichp
Discovery Channel :: News - Archaeology :: Jesus Family Tomb Believed Found
New scientific evidence, including DNA analysis conducted at one of the world's foremost molecular genetics laboratories, as well as studies by leading scholars, suggests a 2,000-year-old Jerusalem tomb could have once held the remains of Jesus of Nazaret
science  religion  tv  interesting  news 
february 2007 by ulrichp
Pensito Review » Does Bush’s Homophobe Base Know His Longtime Sidekick Is Gay?
"If you know the name Israel Hernandez, you probably know him as “Altoids Boy,” the young man in charge of George W. Bush’s breath mints. (He says his real Dubya-assigned nickname is Izzy.) ... Izzy is also gay."
sex  news  politics  interesting 
february 2007 by ulrichp
cbs4.com - Tim Hardaway: 'I Hate Gay People'
“Well, you know, I hate gay people, ” Hardaway said in response to Le Batard. “I let it be known I don’t like gay people. I don’t like to be around gay people. I’m homophobic. It shouldn’t be in the world, in the United States, I don’t lik
wtf  idiocy  news  sports  sex 
february 2007 by ulrichp
20 Things You Didn't Know About... Skin - - science news articles online technology magazine articles 20 Things You Didn't Know About... Skin
19: The Cleveland Public Library, Harvard Law School, and Brown University all have books clad in skin stripped from executed criminals or from the poor.
interesting  news  science 
february 2007 by ulrichp
Anna Nicole Smith dies after collapsing in hotel - CNN.com
"Reality TV star and former model Anna Nicole Smith was pronounced dead Thursday after being taken to a Florida hospital, a law enforcement source told CNN." She was 39.
february 2007 by ulrichp
Student’s Recording of Teacher’s Views Leads to a Ban on Taping - New York Times
"After a public school teacher was recorded telling students they belonged in hell if they did not accept Jesus as their savior, the school board has banned taping in class without an instructor’s permission..."
news  science  religion  education  wtf  idiocy 
february 2007 by ulrichp
Vanilla Ice Breaks Up MTV's Party
NEW YORK (AP) -- It somehow seemed fitting when Vanilla Ice trashed MTV's lame party.
music  video  news  humor  wtf 
february 2007 by ulrichp
Salon.com Technology | Courtney Love does the math
A great, coherent rant from Courtney Love, actually well-written, on how the music industry is actually pirating from its artists - pirating their fees, for one thing.
economics  interesting  law  money  music  p2p  politics  writing  news  wtf 
february 2007 by ulrichp
'Hot' patients setting off U.S. radiation alarms - Yahoo! News
When 75,000 football fans pack into Dolphin Stadium in Miami for the Super Bowl on February 4, at least a few may want to carry notes from their doctors explaining why they're radioactive enough to set off "dirty bomb" alarms.
health  security  science  news  interesting 
january 2007 by ulrichp
NEWSWEEK Poll: Bush Hits New Low - Newsweek Politics - MSNBC.com
"...and more than half the country (58 percent) say they wish the Bush presidency were simply over..."
politics  news 
january 2007 by ulrichp
At Ease, Mr. President - New York Times
"President Nixon was not Mr. Ruckelshaus’s commander in chief. The president is not the commander in chief of civilians. He is not even commander in chief of National Guard troops unless and until they are federalized."
interesting  law  news  politics 
january 2007 by ulrichp
7 Things You Didn't Know About PETA
"One entire PETA website is devoted to the claim-despite ample evidence to the contrary-that Jesus Christ was a vegetarian."
animals  wtf  news  politics 
january 2007 by ulrichp
Truly Indie Fans - New York Times
The New York Times on being black and indie.
music  interesting  news 
january 2007 by ulrichp
Passport applicants find they're not Canadian - Yahoo! Canada News
"Porteous is part of a group known as the Lost Canadians. According to Canadian census data, there are an estimated 10,000 to 20,000 people in Canada who could find out they've lost their citizenship if they apply for a passport."
interesting  news  politics 
january 2007 by ulrichp
Bush Speech Terror Claim Debunked A Year Ago
"A claim made by President Bush in his State of the Union speech last night, that an attack on an L.A. skyscraper had been averted, was universally debunked as a hoax by Mayors, CIA, FBI and NSA personnel and counter-terror experts nearly a year ago..."
idiocy  politics  wtf  news 
january 2007 by ulrichp
Horses Mouth January 24, 2007 12:41 PM - Obama takes on Fox News
"All of the claims about Senator Obama’s faith and education raised in the Insight Magazine story and repeated on Fox News are false."
politics  news 
january 2007 by ulrichp
YumaSun.com > News - Scientists Can't Get Sloth To Move
'"Mats obviously wanted absolutely nothing to do with furthering science," said Axel Burchardt, a university spokesman.'
humor  news  animals  science  wtf 
january 2007 by ulrichp
Mexican prosecutors: man who tried to commit suicide beaten to death by police - International Herald Tribune
"MEXICO CITY: A man who tried to commit suicide by throwing himself onto the tracks of the Mexico City subway was later beaten to death by police, prosecutors said Saturday."
wtf  news 
january 2007 by ulrichp
IGN UK: Tetsuya Mizuguchi Sounds Off
Q Entertainment's legendary developer talks Every Extend Extra, nurturing new talent and the studio's future.
videogames  news  interesting  music 
january 2007 by ulrichp
Police: Girl Locked in Room for 2 Years
"A 13-year-old girl's father and stepmother were arrested after the teen told police she had been locked in a room for nearly two years, allowed out only for meals, chores and one-minute timed bathroom breaks, authorities said."
news  wtf 
january 2007 by ulrichp
seattlepi.com: Federal Way schools restrict Gore film
... "If you're going to come in and just say America is creating the rotten ruin of the world, I don't think the video should be shown."
environment  news  politics  religion  wtf  idiocy 
january 2007 by ulrichp
All Is Not So Bad in the State of Denmark - New York Times
"...over the past 30 years, the citizens of Denmark have scored higher than any other Western country on measures of life satisfaction, and scientists think they know why."
news  health  interesting 
january 2007 by ulrichp
The World's Most Beautiful Woman?, It's Aishwarya Rai, Queen of Bollywood - CBS News
"Who is the most beautiful woman in the world? Half a century ago, Hollywood would have presented her to us. Grace Kelly, Ingrid Bergman or perhaps Elizabeth Taylor. But today?"
women  interesting  news 
january 2007 by ulrichp
Female Beefeater: towering milestone for women? | Oddly Enough | Reuters.com
LONDON (Reuters) - The guardians of Britain's historic Tower of London are enlisting girl power for the first time in their 522-year history.
news  women  interesting 
january 2007 by ulrichp
CHUD.com - What if they released a movie and nobody came?
"Yes, Leo Grillo cast himself in a movie where he gets to kill Sizemore, a man who is obviously completely indestructible in real life."
humor  movies  news  wtf 
january 2007 by ulrichp
Typo takes tourist 13,000 km out - CNN.com
"A 21-year-old German tourist who wanted to visit his girlfriend in the Australian metropolis Sydney landed 13,000 kilometers (8,077 miles) away near Sidney, Montana, after mistyping his destination on a flight booking Web site."
humor  travel  news 
december 2006 by ulrichp
newsobserver.com | RDU flight canceled after intruder found
A Delta Airlines flight from Raleigh to Cincinnati was canceled this morning after a man scaled a security fence and got onto the plane overnight.
news  wtf 
december 2006 by ulrichp
Reality check: 95 percent of Americans had premarital sex - CNN.com
More than nine out of 10 Americans, men and women alike, have had premarital sex, according to a new study.
sex  news 
december 2006 by ulrichp
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