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Enable tethering in iPhone 3.0 - UPDATE
Sorry, AT&T, but you can’t hide tethering from the very folks who taught you, long ago, what it meant to truly tether.
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june 2009 by ulrichp
ThinkGeek :: Cellphone Signal Extender
If this thing actually works, it is my dream product. If I were made of money, I would buy two. My cellphone reception is horrible (with ANY phone, not just my iPhone), both at work and at home. I've spent the last 45 minutes at work trying to get a signal.
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august 2008 by ulrichp
Plundr is a location-based game of piracy and trading on the high seas created by area/code. It's also location-based - what island you're on changes based on where you are.
mobile  pc  videogames  interesting 
august 2007 by ulrichp
Coding Horror: Why You Don't Want an iPhone -- Yet
"It's gotten to the point now where I get the shakes if I can't bust out my Blackjack and look up something on Wikipedia, any time, any place. It's like having the sum of the entire world's knowledge in the palm of your hand... It completely and utterly
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june 2007 by ulrichp
Keep people in the loop, via a webapp that notifies subscribes to your Loop. Will have to try this out later; could prove invaluable.
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december 2006 by ulrichp
Station.com - PSP Portal
A portable version of Sony Station
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march 2006 by ulrichp
"Send Music and Photos to your Cellphone, for FREE as Ringtones and Graphics!"
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february 2006 by ulrichp
The Google Web Accelerator is back with a vengeance - Signal vs. Noise (by 37signals)
In which Google releases their most evil product to date. Again. Wiki owners and Backpack users, beware! Google is determined to stomp all over your website.
google  mobile  web2.0  idiocy 
october 2005 by ulrichp
Special: Geek to Live - Lifehacker
Power Texting Tips. I can't say I haven't done a few of these, but with a TON of texts per month and no chance of ever using them all, I like to take advice where I can.
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october 2005 by ulrichp
J2ME MIDP Development for NetBeans IDE 4.1 Quick Start Guide
"This document takes you through the basics of using NetBeans IDE 4.1 to create a Java™ 2 Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME(tm) platform), Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) application."
howto  java  mobile 
october 2005 by ulrichp
Lukas Hasik's Weblog
Creating a J2ME webservices client in under 5 minutes with NetBeans.
java  mobile  interesting  useful 
october 2005 by ulrichp
iSync Compatible Devices
Looks like I finally got a compatible phone, albeit via USB
mobile  mac 
july 2005 by ulrichp

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