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Windows: Disable Windows Update restart nag
Windows installed another round of updates and now it's asking you to restart. Again. One simple command line entry can disable this obnoxious reminder.
howto  useful  software  windows  hacks  lifehacks  productivity  computers  microsoft 
august 2008 by ulrichp
How to Turn Cheap “Choice” Steaks into Gucci “Prime” Steaks | Jaden's Steamy Kitchen
How to make cheap steaks taste like prime restaurant steaks. Hint: salt, and a ton of it.
cooking  food  howto  interesting  lifehacks  todo  useful 
september 2007 by ulrichp
Hack Attack: Roll your own killer audio player with foobar2000 - Lifehacker
If you love to tweak and customize your software applications to work just the way you want, extensibility is key - and the free audio player for Windows, foobar2000, is the most extensible player on the market.
freeware  hacks  howto  lifehacks  music  software  windows 
march 2007 by ulrichp
"Not only is sleeping naked more comfortable, but it's good for your health too."
sex  lifehacks  useful 
march 2007 by ulrichp
10 Unconventional Diet Tips: How to lose 50 pounds in three months - lifehack.org
Interesting article, with tips that seems largely realistic and, to some degree, largely psychological.
exercise  food  health  howto  lifehacks  todo 
january 2007 by ulrichp
But is it ART? | Wise Bread
"What would you say if I told you that I filled my entire living room with completely original works of art for less than $300?"
art  interesting  lifehacks  money  shopping  wishlist  todo 
january 2007 by ulrichp
PDFTOHTML conversion program
Exactly what it sounds like. Converts PDFs to HTML with frames or XML(?). Also has a Win32 GUI.
computers  development  ebook  freeware  lifehacks  opensource  tools  webdev  windows  xml 
january 2007 by ulrichp
I Will Teach You To Be Rich: Set smaller goals: impress friends, get girls, lose weight
How to make sustainable changes by not going to extremes. 'Gradual change' is a great concept, whether it's finances, diets, or - well - anything.
howto  interesting  lifehacks  money  health  productivity  psychology 
january 2007 by ulrichp
Cool Running :: The Couch-to-5K Running Plan
"Our beginner's running schedule has helped thousands of new runners get off the couch and onto the roads, running 3 miles in just two months."
exercise  lifehacks  health  howto  interesting  tools 
january 2007 by ulrichp
Amazon's secret price guarantee! - By Timothy Noah - Slate Magazine
"If a retailer offers a price guarantee but doesn't tell customers about it, does the price guarantee exist? Only for the few who hear about it somewhere else."
books  internet  lifehacks  money  shopping  todo 
january 2007 by ulrichp
FitDay - Free Weight Loss and Diet Journal
Get your free online diet journal and start tracking your foods, exercises, weight loss, and goals.
exercise  health  food  freeware  lifehacks  tools  useful 
january 2007 by ulrichp
Take control of your money, find the best values in your area, and reach your financial goals by joining the Wesabe community.
lifehacks  money  productivity  tools  useful  web2.0 
january 2007 by ulrichp
Joe's Goals
A very simple goal-tracking system. I'm using it for various sorts of things.
health  lifehacks  interesting  exercise  internet  web2.0  tools  useful  work  software  productivity 
january 2007 by ulrichp
Geek to Live: Build your "PC on a stick" with MojoPac - Lifehacker
You're headed to your buddy's house and you want to play some World of Warcraft or watch a downloaded movie while you're there. You don't have to drag along your entire laptop to do so.
lifehacks  os  software  windows 
december 2006 by ulrichp
Keep people in the loop, via a webapp that notifies subscribes to your Loop. Will have to try this out later; could prove invaluable.
email  interesting  lifehacks  mobile  notes  productivity  rss  web2.0  tools  useful 
december 2006 by ulrichp
Monitor your Linux computer with machine-generated music
Use Perl and FluidSynth to create a real-time musical composition of your system status.
computers  lifehacks  linux  music  software  opensource  perl 
november 2006 by ulrichp
Geek to Live: Top Firefox 2 config tweaks
Better late than never, right? I keep forgetting where this handy list of Firefox 2-related config tweaks is at any given time.
firefox  howto  lifehacks  technology  todo  tools 
november 2006 by ulrichp
Convert a $3 pen into a $200 pen - Lifehacker
$12 Mont Blanc refill + $3 Pilot G2 Pro = imitation $200 Mont Blanc pen. Voila!
howto  writing  lifehacks  geekery  todo 
july 2006 by ulrichp
about kip
Keep track of all those PDFs that get everywhere. Version 1.0 is free! (For Mac OS X.)
apple  lifehacks  mac  organization  os  pim  productivity  software 
june 2006 by ulrichp
"Send Music and Photos to your Cellphone, for FREE as Ringtones and Graphics!"
hacks  howto  lifehacks  mobile  music  technology  todo  tools  useful  wallpaper 
february 2006 by ulrichp
52 Projects: 2006 Sick Day Calendar
How to optimize your sick days for maximum effectiveness... at not being at work.
holidays  howto  humor  useful  work  lifehacks 
january 2006 by ulrichp
Bionic Office - Joel on Software
The second floor of our office building seems to be unoccupied. Now if only I could convince our managers to spring for it and remake it into something like this.
architecture  howto  interesting  lifehacks  organization  productivity  software  useful  work  development 
december 2005 by ulrichp
18 Tricks to Teach Your Body
From Men's Health. Cure a toothache without opening your mouth, clear your sinuses, soothe a burn, and relieve the need to pee by ... well, you'll see.
hacks  howto  lifehacks  productivity  trivia 
december 2005 by ulrichp
Vincent Cheung's Blog - Alarm clocks are bad. How to wake up and feel better.
I may be able to do this with my alarm clock, actually, because the buzzer setting is naturally quiet, while the music is astoundingly loud.
howto  interesting  lifehacks  todo 
october 2005 by ulrichp
Lifes Little Annoyances
"In Lifes’s Little Annoyances, Ian Urbina chronicles the lengths to which some people will go when they have endured their pet peeves long enough and are not going to take it any more."
books  humor  lifehacks  interesting  wishlist 
october 2005 by ulrichp
unrequited narcissism - Skype Hack
A ridiculously complex (okay, so it's not THAT complex) hack using SkypeOut, Internet Explorer, and the Windows Task Scheduler to automatically get a call to get yourself out of a meeting.
interesting  lifehacks  howto 
october 2005 by ulrichp
The Mike Matas Blog: How to make a Life Poster
98 photos in a poster. I've been working on mine for a year or two... only 40 more photos to go.
art  howto  apple  interesting  lifehacks  mac  photography 
october 2005 by ulrichp
space-age wasteland » Blog Archive » Make Days Off Grand
"Every ten weeks or so, take a day off from everything." Organizing mini-retreats from the world.
lifehacks  productivity  work 
october 2005 by ulrichp
Like Spotlight, if Spotlight didn't suck. I'm curious about its interaction with non-Apple programs: namely, Adium instead of iChat, since I dumped iChat a year ago.
apple  email  internet  interesting  lifehacks  mac  music  organization  pim  productivity  software  technology  todo  tools  useful 
october 2005 by ulrichp
Getting Things Done on a Macintosh | Ask MetaFilter
The title pretty much explains it. Sadly, it devolves at first into a debate on Mac email clients before anything useful is gleaned.
apple  lifehacks  mac  organization  productivity  project  technology  software  tools  useful 
october 2005 by ulrichp
how do I get off my ass? | Ask MetaFilter
Because nothing will help motivate you like a stack of strangers. Most of the advice amounts to "get off your ass by getting off your ass."
interesting  lifehacks 
october 2005 by ulrichp
MSN Money - 10 things you shouldn't buy new
Yes, thank you, Captain Obvious. Do people really need to be told this stuff?
lifehacks  money 
october 2005 by ulrichp
Stephanie Burns - How to Install a Habit
Good advice for making things we might otherwise be unmotivated to do into a daily habit.
lifehacks  howto  interesting  organization  productivity  todo  tools  useful 
october 2005 by ulrichp
Open Loops: Stereotyping Your Office
What a crock. My desk is empty not because I'm not committed to my job, but because I don't have anything to put on it. I have some office supplies, a phone, 2 monitors, that's it.
lifehacks  work  wtf 
october 2005 by ulrichp
Conference attendee tips - Lifehacker
How to make the most out of attending a conference.
lifehacks  work 
september 2005 by ulrichp
LibraryThing | Catalog your books online
Book nerds unite! Tagging, booklistings, ability to find books even if you're entering sloppy information, and best of all, inexpensive: it's only $10 if you want to enter more than 200 books, which is worth it. Especially once RSS feeds go in...
academia  ajax  books  hci  interesting  internet  javascript  lifehacks  organization  literature  tools  useful 
september 2005 by ulrichp
Must remember to subscribe to Make's podcast.
apple  books  electronics  geekery  howto  hacks  internet  linux  lifehacks  news  productivity  rss  tools  useful  science  development 
september 2005 by ulrichp

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