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Bohm is a zen-like, soothing experience about creating a tree.
games  indiegames  pc  interesting 
december 2010 by ulrichp
An HTML5 game-programming kit.
gaming  programming  html5  games  game  javascript 
may 2010 by ulrichp
UDK - Unreal Development Kit - Epic Games
The world’s best game engine...
Now at your fingertips.

Experience the power and potential of Unreal Engine 3. Create amazing games, lifelike scenes and fantastic worlds...
for free.
games  programming  development  unreal  free  todo 
november 2009 by ulrichp
ergon / logos
A game, sort of. Supposedly.
indie  games  flash 
august 2009 by ulrichp
Modding guide - Dwarf Fortress Wiki
This is intended to be an easy guide for general newbies on how to both edit and add civilizations, creatures, objects, and so on in Dwarf Fortress, both adventurer and fortress modes, without breaking anything too much. Generally breaking stuff is fine!
games  dwarffortress  videogames  modding  howto 
june 2009 by ulrichp
Death Knight Outland Gear guide | I Sheep Things...
Welcome to the beginnings of my Death Knight Outland gear guide. This guide is to help you find the best upgrades for a Death Knight while leveling through Outland. I’m making it a goal to get the gear as soon as you are high enough level for it so that you can continue laying waste to the countryside on your quest to Northrend.
games  wow  videogames  interesting  todo  wishlist 
november 2008 by ulrichp
somehedgehog: Adventuring Party Politics: The Campaign is Getting Ugly
GM: OK, the bugbear attacks you. What do you do? OBAMA: I send one of my 672 henchmen after it. MCCAIN: OK, seriously. Why does he have so many henchmen? I'm a level 72 ranger and he's only a level 8 paladin.
humor  games  politics  rpg  funny  gaming  satire  dnd  geek 
october 2008 by ulrichp
Mario Paint Composer!
Mario Paint Composer is a remake of the music system from the original Mario Paint for the Super NES. It is completely free, Windows and possibly Mac.
windows  mac  freeware  games  videogames  music  interesting  nostalgia  tools 
july 2008 by ulrichp
Phun - 2D physics sandbox
A fantastic little physics sandbox. Create simple shapes, change their properties, watch them interact. A great way to lose a lot of time.
education  physics  science  freeware  games  interesting  software  videogames 
february 2008 by ulrichp
thinking with my fingers: Feign death really works
"After playing World of Warcraft, the 12 year old boy knew how to cope when he was attacked by a moose in the forest." He feigned death. See? Videogames lead to creative solutions, too.
animals  games  geekery  humor  news  mmorpg 
december 2007 by ulrichp
xu4 - Ultima IV
This is so gotten. A multi-platform remake of Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar, my personal favorite in the series.
freeware  games  opensource  linux  mac  windows  pc  rpg  software 
october 2007 by ulrichp
Capcom News - were in ur entries, judgin ur lolcatz
Phoenix Wright + lolcats = contest. Way to go, Capcom.
games  ds  videogames  capcom  contests  todo  lolcats 
october 2007 by ulrichp
Find nearby board, card, or RPG gamers. I have a weakness for anything with Google Maps integration, you know.
games  rpg  search 
october 2007 by ulrichp
Cube Engine Games
Cube is an open source multiplayer and singleplayer first person shooter game built on an entirely new and very unconventional engine. Cube is a landscape-style engine that pretends to be an indoor FPS engine.
games  linux  osx  windows  opensource  programming  todo  videogames 
september 2007 by ulrichp
The Stoic Monkey » VROOM!!!
More Pythonicity; a dead simple-looking but awesome-to-play racing game written in Python.
videogames  games  python  interesting 
august 2007 by ulrichp
Inform 7
Inform is a design system for interactive fiction, a new medium for writers which began with adventure games in the late 1970s and is now used for everything from literary narrative fiction through to plotless conceptual art.
art  books  computers  development  fiction  games  history  if  interesting  internet  literature  mac  opensource  programming  project  software  todo  tools  useful  videogames  windows  writing 
august 2007 by ulrichp
Kempa.com: Vinyl Data
Adding digital content to music isn't a new thing - in fact, some musicians added Spectrum ZX code to vinyl recordings! Jawdroppingly weird. Includes some versions ready for emulation.
art  computers  emulation  games  geekery  hardware  history  humor  interesting  music  nostalgia  programming  software  technology  trivia  video  videogames  todo  howto 
june 2007 by ulrichp
Crate Review System
All games contain crates, therefore all games can be judged empirically on those crates.
games  humor  videogames 
june 2007 by ulrichp
Lua Player
A moderately simple way to write games in Lua and play them on the PSP. Time to learn Lua, I guess...
development  diy  freeware  games  hacks  opensource  programming  tools  lua  psp 
april 2007 by ulrichp
[ Sphere ]
Looks like another one of those Flash 'get out of the locked room' puzzles, only without being creepy.
flash  games  interesting 
march 2007 by ulrichp
Processing 1.0 (BETA)
Processing is an open source programming language and environment for people who want to program images, animation, and sound.
development  education  electronics  environment  games  art  interesting  java  javascript  linux  unix  windows  mac  science  math  music  tools 
january 2007 by ulrichp
DUH DUH DUH DUHHhhhh! - DuhDuhDuhDuh.phantomhourglass.org
You got a bag of bombs! Or anything else, really. Customize your own Legend of Zelda "item get" screenshot.
games  humor  interesting  webdev  todo  web3.0 
january 2007 by ulrichp
jaxgames - Google Code
Think MSN one on one IM games, but without MSN, without registration, without Flash or Java plugins, without ads, without annoyances.
videogames  games  internet  web2.0  ajax  interesting 
january 2007 by ulrichp
.::{WiiNintendo.net}::. - the Wii Sports Experiment
"I outlined a 6 week game plan for myself, the idea being that I would continue ALL normal activity and eating habits, and simply add 30 minutes of Wii Sports to my day."
videogames  games  health  interesting  video  wii 
january 2007 by ulrichp
Lines of Action - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lines of Action is a two-player abstract strategy board game invented by Claude Soucie.
january 2007 by ulrichp
|MG| Free Download - Designing Arcade Computer Game Graphics
"In 2000, Ari Feldman wrote a book called Designing Arcade Computer Game Graphics. Unfortunately, it was taken out of print (although copies still exist in the retail channel)." Now it's available free!
books  games  videogames  art  internet  freeware 
january 2007 by ulrichp
The Duke Nukem Forever List
Daikatana began development 10 days before Duke Nukem Forever- Unfortunately no one was made John Romero's bitch when it hit retail shelves on May 23rd, 2000.
computers  games  history  humor  interesting  software  videogames  trivia 
december 2006 by ulrichp
alt.org - Public NetHack Server
Play NetHack online, if you're feeling oldschool.
freeware  games  internet  rpg 
december 2006 by ulrichp
Hacking The Virtual Console: What Titles Are Coming Soon? « Following Revolution
"GoNintendo just recently ran a story where one of their readers was searching through the Wii Shop Channel, and found Super Mario Bros. for the NES. I decided to take this idea and loop upon it myself."
games  wii  interesting  internet 
december 2006 by ulrichp
"SuperTux is a classic 2D jump'n run sidescroller game in a style similar to the original SuperMario games."
games  linux  opensource  software  videogames  development 
december 2006 by ulrichp
Free Freaky Fonts - Truetype and bitmap fonts :: Stuff ::
Want a Space Invader on your desktop? How about Bub, or Pitfall Harry? Check these desktops out!
games  nostalgia  videogames  wallpaper  art  interesting 
december 2006 by ulrichp
What You Can't Say
My point is that it took less than 2 hours to convince two sane, intelligent, and reasonably successful (possibly mildly inebriated) people that they had been magically transported into another world.
games  humor  philosophy  psychology 
october 2006 by ulrichp
Project Darkstar
Sun's gaming platform? Interesting.
games  java  technology  development 
october 2006 by ulrichp
Battle for Wesnoth
A strategy game, FOSS, multi-platform, based on the KISS principle. Strong AI, simple gameplay. Looks like I'll have to check this out...
windows  linux  mac  games  freeware  opensource  rpg  videogames  todo  computers 
september 2006 by ulrichp
JGame Home
A framework to greatly simplify creating 2D Java games; works on sprites with collision detection and tile backgrounds, with easy sprite-tile interaction.
games  java  useful 
september 2006 by ulrichp
Domino Cuff/Bracelet
I have GOT to make one of these.
project  clothing  interesting  todo  games  diy 
july 2006 by ulrichp
The Croquet Project
I've seen virtual reality, and it is apparently written in Smalltalk.
architecture  computers  environment  games  groupware  internet  linux  mac  windows  work  tools  todo  technology  project  software  space  opensource  web3.0  development 
july 2006 by ulrichp
A PBEM games of gods and mortals that I actually used to play. Kind of fun. May get into it again.
twilight  pbem  games  email  rpg  interesting  todo 
may 2006 by ulrichp
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