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Google Swiffy
Swiffy converts SWF (Flash) to HTML5.
swf  flash  html5 
june 2011 by ulrichp
Keep Flash Videos in Full Screen on Dual Monitors - Flash - Lifehacker
Many dual monitor enthusiasts love to watch movies or television shows on their second monitor, but if those are web-based videos, Flash has to rain on our parade. Sure you can make the Hulu video go full screen on your second monitor, but as soon as you try to work on your other monitor, Flash will lose its full-screen view. Thankfully, blogger/browser patcher d.i.z. has made a one byte change to the Flash plug-in that will keep videos running full screen, even if you click outside them—and he's made it available for download.
flash  dualscreen  monitor  fix  patch  todo 
december 2009 by ulrichp
ergon / logos
A game, sort of. Supposedly.
indie  games  flash 
august 2009 by ulrichp
Adobe UI Gripes
[Someone] moaning about shoddy UI inconsistencies and mistakes in Adobe products and how they get shittier with every release.
humor  mac  software  adobe  wtf  flash  funny  web  photoshop  design  lol  usability  fail 
january 2009 by ulrichp
Moonk! > Home
Turn your photos, videos, and mp3s into embeddable Flash applications with Moonk.
flash  freeware  web  interesting  software 
february 2008 by ulrichp
Passing by
This is surprisingly soothing on fullscreen with my own mp3s playing. Right now: The Killer's "When You Were Young." Try it!
art  cars  flash  video  interesting  movies  travel 
november 2007 by ulrichp
[ Sphere ]
Looks like another one of those Flash 'get out of the locked room' puzzles, only without being creepy.
flash  games  interesting 
march 2007 by ulrichp
Oh the things that you'll see - Optimize Prime
"The cool thing is, you can also watch the debug messages from everyone else. There are a few interesting ones, but the best I've found so far is the YouTube embedded player." 'showing the goddamn play button' takes the cake for me.
flash  programming  video  interesting  humor 
march 2007 by ulrichp
Grafik Dynamo!
Pictures from blogs + text from... well, somewhere (probably blogs!) = randomly-generated comic. Kind of surreal, really.
art  flash  humor 
january 2006 by ulrichp
gHacks » 5 Best Freeware Games of 2005
Including the Korean massively multiplayer first person shooter (?!), Gunz: The Duel. Good list worth checking out, though largely Windows-only.
flash  freeware  games  interesting  windows  videogames 
december 2005 by ulrichp
CyberBox by LightForce
Maddeningly addictive. Move your dot through the open area at the top of the play area.
flash  games 
october 2005 by ulrichp
Weebls Stuff - Toons - Kenya
Free snorkel with every visit!
flash  humor 
may 2004 by ulrichp
Weebls Stuff - Toons - Scampi
I've seen things, I've seen things with my eyes; I've seen things, they're often in disguise
flash  humor 
may 2004 by ulrichp
a n i s s a . o r g
The little grey-people drum machine
flash  humor  music 
may 2004 by ulrichp

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