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Dan Wood: The Eponymous Weblog
"We collect the possible addresses from three places, adding the addresses to a mutable set. We also try to determine the primary address..."
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january 2007 by ulrichp
Keep people in the loop, via a webapp that notifies subscribes to your Loop. Will have to try this out later; could prove invaluable.
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december 2006 by ulrichp
RecipeSource: French Fry Spam Casserole
Found this while perusing my spam folder in Gmail. Sounds intriguing.
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june 2006 by ulrichp
A PBEM games of gods and mortals that I actually used to play. Kind of fun. May get into it again.
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may 2006 by ulrichp
What Makes A Winning Game?
Another Firetop Mountain strategy discussion - more general, this time.
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november 2005 by ulrichp
Tactics 102: PPws
FM tactics for invisibility. Man, I'm such a freakin' nerd. Tactics discussion for a PBEM game.
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november 2005 by ulrichp
30 Day Webmail Challenge Update (by Jeremy Zawodny)
jwz reports on using Yahoo! Mail Beta for work and Gmail for personal email. End result? Both have their own good points, both have their own little bugs, and being sans email in a plane is not always a bad idea.
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october 2005 by ulrichp
Like Spotlight, if Spotlight didn't suck. I'm curious about its interaction with non-Apple programs: namely, Adium instead of iChat, since I dumped iChat a year ago.
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october 2005 by ulrichp
Sort of like instant messaging meets file transfer meets internal email. Works on both Windows and OS X. Seems pretty seamless, so far, but not likely to be adopted here, unfortunately.
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october 2005 by ulrichp
Full of Internets!
A deliciously funny hand-drawn animation describing how the internet really works for a brand new user. NSFW.
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october 2005 by ulrichp
From the Hall: GmailThis!
Sort of like BlogThis, only with emailing, and Gmail.
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september 2005 by ulrichp
Automatic Enkoderform
Encode HTML into really obfuscated JavaScript. I can never find it when I need it.
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september 2005 by ulrichp
Top-posting - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
#476 on the list of Things I Did Not Know There Were Names For
infojunkie  interesting  internet  email 
september 2005 by ulrichp
Home - Columba - Java Email Client
No idea why this is better than any other free email client; maybe I'll give it a try
email  java  opensource 
september 2005 by ulrichp
What if there was a website that any and every email address you can think of already exists? And you use any one you like, anytime you like - just by thinking one up?
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september 2005 by ulrichp

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