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BBC NEWS | Technology | The end of an era - Windows 3.x
Windows 3.x has come to the closing moments of its long life. On 1 November Microsoft stopped issuing licences for the software that made its debut in May 1990 in the US.
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november 2008 by ulrichp
Windows: Disable Windows Update restart nag
Windows installed another round of updates and now it's asking you to restart. Again. One simple command line entry can disable this obnoxious reminder.
howto  useful  software  windows  hacks  lifehacks  productivity  computers  microsoft 
august 2008 by ulrichp
Stupid Shipping Gang: Dell Sends You An 8 lb Shelf In A Truly Gigantic Box
"Ok, at this point, we're starting to suspect that Dell wants to be on our blog. Why else would they hire a freight truck to deliver a gigantic box on a pallet that contained an 8 lb shelf?"
wtf  idiocy  dell  computers 
august 2008 by ulrichp
Blender 3D: Noob to Pro - Wikibooks, collection of open-content textbooks
A great starter on Blender. I've learned quite a bit in just an afternoon.
art  books  computers  diy  ebook  freeware  howto  linux  mac  windows  opensource  todo  tools  useful  video 
april 2008 by ulrichp
Sending an S O S for a PC Exorcist - New York Times
Man spends $1600 or so on a new Dell; is pleased when he can spend $800 to get it fixed.
wtf  computers  portables  news 
february 2008 by ulrichp
Gamer PC | Ask MetaFilter
Advice on building a gaming-dedicated PC on a budget.
computers  interesting  todo 
september 2007 by ulrichp
Shut Up I Hack You
Script kiddies gone wild. Actually pretty hilarious even for the non-techie crowd: watch as a 'hacker' is tricked into aiming his 'attacks' at his own computer.
computers  hacks  humor  internet 
august 2007 by ulrichp
Inform 7
Inform is a design system for interactive fiction, a new medium for writers which began with adventure games in the late 1970s and is now used for everything from literary narrative fiction through to plotless conceptual art.
art  books  computers  development  fiction  games  history  if  interesting  internet  literature  mac  opensource  programming  project  software  todo  tools  useful  videogames  windows  writing 
august 2007 by ulrichp
Kempa.com: Vinyl Data
Adding digital content to music isn't a new thing - in fact, some musicians added Spectrum ZX code to vinyl recordings! Jawdroppingly weird. Includes some versions ready for emulation.
art  computers  emulation  games  geekery  hardware  history  humor  interesting  music  nostalgia  programming  software  technology  trivia  video  videogames  todo  howto 
june 2007 by ulrichp
10 Reasons It Doesn’t Pay To Be “The Computer Guy” · LifeReboot.com
Two words: Fuck. Yeah. And people wonder why sometimes I only claim the philosophy degree. I am not all-knowing. I am certainly not that patient.
computers  interesting  technology  work 
may 2007 by ulrichp
Hackszine.com: HOW TO: Remote desktop to a Windows server through a firewall with Putty
I can never remember how to do this when I need to; luckily, Hackszine remembers for me.
howto  windows  linux  security  interesting  work  computers  internet 
may 2007 by ulrichp
Coding Horror: EA's Software Artists
Electronic Arts is a lumbering corporate megalith today, pumping out yearly game franchise after yearly game franchise. It's easy to forget that EA was present at the very beginning of the computer game industry, innovating and blazing a trail for everyon
videogames  computers  interesting  history  nostalgia 
april 2007 by ulrichp
Programming Blog - Problems & Solutions, Tips & Tricks » Things Computers Can Do in Movies
11. All computer panels operate on thousands of volts and have explosive devices underneath their surface. Malfunctions are indicated by a bright flash of light, a puff of smoke, a shower of sparks and an explosion that causes you to jump backwards.
computers  humor  movies  technology 
april 2007 by ulrichp
010: Interview: John Vanderslice, Part 2 | The Merlin Show
Merlin talks with San Francisco indie rocker John Vanderslice about giving up on a large volume of email, meeting the people you admire, and having no patience for people who act like rock stars. (FYI: Contains PG-13 language)
music  computers  video  interesting  todo 
march 2007 by ulrichp
nLite - Deployment Tool for the bootable Unattended Windows installation
Customize the living hell out of your Windows install CD - add patches, remove unnecessary components, integrate install keys or SPs, and more.
computers  hacks  howto  security  software  useful  windows 
march 2007 by ulrichp
Build a Green PC
ExtremeTech covers how to build an everyday-use PC (for about two grand) that will also save the Earth a little bit.
computers  diy  environment  hacks  hardware  howto  technology  interesting 
march 2007 by ulrichp
Weekly World News - Story
CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--Watch out, PC owners. There's something far worse for your computer than malicious hacking: dry hacking.
wtf  computers  humor 
february 2007 by ulrichp
MAKE: Blog: HOW TO - Make your own laptop
"I decided to create a laptop that at any point, I could upgrade every component as they grew too old."
diy  computers  portables  interesting 
january 2007 by ulrichp
PDFTOHTML conversion program
Exactly what it sounds like. Converts PDFs to HTML with frames or XML(?). Also has a Win32 GUI.
computers  development  ebook  freeware  lifehacks  opensource  tools  webdev  windows  xml 
january 2007 by ulrichp
Maker Store from MAKE and CRAFT Magazines - Make Projects: Small Form Factor PCs
"Make Projects: Small Form Factor PCs is the only book available that shows you how to build small-form-factor PCs ... that are more interesting and more personalized than ... a full-sized PC."
books  electronics  computers  hardware  diy  wishlist 
january 2007 by ulrichp
Apple logo on top of Mac mini does not light up
"The Apple logo on the top of the Mac mini computer does not light up."
mac  apple  computers  humor 
january 2007 by ulrichp
The Duke Nukem Forever List
Daikatana began development 10 days before Duke Nukem Forever- Unfortunately no one was made John Romero's bitch when it hit retail shelves on May 23rd, 2000.
computers  games  history  humor  interesting  software  videogames  trivia 
december 2006 by ulrichp
X-Entertainment - Dr. Sbaitso, From Creative Labs.
"...it's because of him that I found a temporary but much needed best friend. No, I'm not talking about my brother. I'm talking about the dude who lived in his computer. Doctor Sbaitso."
computers  humor  software  technology  todo  freeware 
december 2006 by ulrichp
Monitor your Linux computer with machine-generated music
Use Perl and FluidSynth to create a real-time musical composition of your system status.
computers  lifehacks  linux  music  software  opensource  perl 
november 2006 by ulrichp
defmacro - Writing A Lisp Interpreter In Haskell
Sounds crazy, right? But a Lisp interpreter written in Haskell is actually fairly simple, and this is a decent beginner's examination of Haskell.
computers  development  project  software  java  lisp  haskell 
november 2006 by ulrichp
Battle for Wesnoth
A strategy game, FOSS, multi-platform, based on the KISS principle. Strong AI, simple gameplay. Looks like I'll have to check this out...
windows  linux  mac  games  freeware  opensource  rpg  videogames  todo  computers 
september 2006 by ulrichp
Need to remember to get a Linux driver for my laptop's Winmodem before I head home this weekend. At least, I assume it's a winmodem...
computers  linux  software  freeware  opensource  internet 
july 2006 by ulrichp
The Croquet Project
I've seen virtual reality, and it is apparently written in Smalltalk.
architecture  computers  environment  games  groupware  internet  linux  mac  windows  work  tools  todo  technology  project  software  space  opensource  web3.0  development 
july 2006 by ulrichp
Q - Q [kju:]
A Cocoa port of Qemu to Mac OS X.
os  computers  interesting  todo  cocoa  mac 
april 2006 by ulrichp
OSXvnc - did you know you could run it from the command line? Neither did I!
apple  computers  freeware  howto  opensource  productivity  software  useful  mac 
march 2006 by ulrichp

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