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USA Today Redesign - The Onion
For the first time in its history, USA Today is undergoing a major redesign. What are some of the changes in store for readers?
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september 2012 by tysone
Census API
The USA TODAY Census API allows developers to easily and programmatically access United States Census information.
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may 2011 by tysone
Gannett Blog: USAT | The numbers: Politics vs. the Red Carpet
USA Today has distributed revised newsroom flow charts, showing the paper's staffing under a recent reorganization to boost readership and revenue. The documents are dated Oct. 21-22; I recently obtained copies from a source. To the best of my knowledge, this is the first time USAT's editorial staffing breakdown has been made public
november 2010 by tysone
How Business Travelers Contributed to USA Today's Decline
"People will pick it up from in front of their door only because it's kind of strange just to step over it," said Steven Carvell, a Cornell University professor of Hotel Administration. "But they're not being read through."
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september 2010 by tysone
Allen Neuharth of USA Today Says: Not on His Watch
Allen H. Neuharth, 86, the former Gannett executive who founded USA Today nearly 30 years ago, had some tart words for the people now in charge of his beloved paper.
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august 2010 by tysone
Getting a grip on government debt - Interactive Graphic - USATODAY.com
Continuous annual federal budget deficits have led to a big increase in the nation's overall debt. Explore this interactive to see:
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july 2010 by tysone
Q&A With Bill Couch, USA Today's 25-Year Old iPad Designer
The Social Media Lounge interviews Bill Couch about the process of building one of the popular news apps.
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june 2010 by tysone
NPR Hires Key Staff For Local News Effort; Finalizes Station List | paidContent
NPR is putting the pieces in place for a summer launch of its ambitious local news effort, known internally as Project Argo. Named by digital head Kinsey Wilson with Jason and the Argonauts in mind ... USA Today vet Joel Sucherman starts as project director while the Knight Foundation’s Matt Thompson, co-producer of viral hit Epic 2004, joins as editorial product manager.
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december 2009 by tysone
Polls can affect president's hold on party - USATODAY.com
The Gallup organization first started asking Americans how they approved of the job the president was doing in the 1940s. See how each president since then has fared in the approval poll, look at some news events that influenced public opinion and compare how approval ratings evolved for each president.
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july 2009 by tysone
Ex-USA Today editor: Imagine the newspaper being invented after the modem
But humor me, and consider this alternate history: Imagine if Gutenberg had invented a digital modem rather than a printing press, and that for centuries all of our information had come to us online.
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february 2009 by tysone
Founder Richard Curtis retiring from USA Today - SND Update
Curtis announced he will retire this month as Managing Edito at USA Today, which he helped found in 1982.
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december 2008 by tysone
Mr. October - Who will rise to the occasion this postseason? - USATODAY.com
Impressed that Kristen was able to use "clutch" as an adjective, oh, and the project's pretty sweet too.
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october 2008 by tysone

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