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What is Narrative, Anyway? – Poynter
Then it occurred to me that we throw the word "narrative" around pretty freely these days. Yet here was a veteran, sophisticated reporter who was keenly interested in producing this thing she heard everyone talking about, but honestly wasn't sure what it meant.
narrative  writing  toteach 
january 2017 by tysone
Good Design — The Year of the Looking Glass — Medium
You know you have a good design when you show it to people and they say, “oh, yeah, of course,” like the solution was obvious.
design  toteach  advice 
january 2016 by tysone
Scrapy Tips from the Pros: Part 1 | The Scrapinghub Blog
Scrapy is at the heart of Scrapinghub. We use this framework extensively and have accumulated a wide range of shortcuts to get around common problems. We’re launching a series to share these Scrapy tips with you so that you can get the most out of your daily workflow. Each post will feature two to three tips, so stay tuned.
scraping  programming  toteach 
january 2016 by tysone
Living in different worlds
How much abstraction is right in this world, and is it helpful or unhelpful to have prior mental models (‘memory cards are like film’) to apply?
toteach  design  prediction 
january 2016 by tysone
Audience & Analytics Reading List
Here's a sampling of interesting articles and resources for thinking about audiences and analytics in the context of journalism.
toteach  analytics  journalism 
september 2015 by tysone
Explaining graphic design to four-year-olds — Medium
Design is about making something easy to use, or easy to understand.
design  toteach 
july 2015 by tysone
Web Design - The First 100 Years
Designers! I am a San Francisco computer programmer, but I come in peace! I would like to start with a parable about airplanes.
toteach  design 
july 2015 by tysone
Before there was Photoshop | graphic design tools | Photoshop 25th anniversary - YouTube
Follow along as Sean Adams mocks up a layout with a variety of traditional design tools.
design  history  toteach 
july 2015 by tysone
RegExr: Learn, Build, & Test RegEx
RegExr is an online tool to learn, build, & test Regular Expressions (RegEx / RegExp).
code  regex  tool  toteach 
may 2015 by tysone
Makerbook - The best free resources for creatives.
A hand-picked directory of the best free resources for creatives
photography  design  resources  free  toteach 
may 2015 by tysone
An oral history of the epic collision between journalism and digital technology, from 1980 to the present
journalism  history  toteach 
april 2015 by tysone
The Histomap. - David Rumsey Historical Map Collection
The Histomap. Four Thousand Years Of World History. Relative Power Of Contemporary States, Nations And Empires. Copyright by John B. Sparks. Published by Histomap, Inc. Chicago, Ill. Printed and distributed in the U.S.A. by Rand McNally & Co., Chicago, Ill.
charts  history  toteach  visualization 
february 2015 by tysone
interface hall of shame [mirror of iarchitect.com]
the interface hall of shame is an irreverent collection of common interface design mistakes. our hope is that by highlighting these problems, we can help developers avoid making similar mistakes.
ui  design  toteach 
february 2015 by tysone
The 5 Most Common Mistakes in Design — The Year of the Looking Glass — Medium
There’s no learning without mistakes. And I’ve done the following (as well as seen the following done) too many times to count. Luckily, there’s this thing called the “Internet” and this medium called an “article” that lets us point at and talk about these mistakes behind their backs, in the hopes that by bullying them into the spotlight, it’ll be harder for them to slink around, wasting our time and steering us towards no-good solutions.
design  advice  toteach 
december 2014 by tysone
A brief history of web design for designers. Explained with animations
So instead of debating whether designers should learn code or developers should learn design, let's set some common ground on how design for the web evolved and how we could bridge the gap between code and design.
design  history  toteach  web  css 
december 2014 by tysone
Design Explosions: Mapping on iOS — Medium
This is not a contest, it’s a detailed design lesson.
Also, we’re not going to be spending any time on the accuracy of Apple’s map data, which is considered less accurate than Google’s. We’ll be focusing on the flows in the apps themselves, because those are details the designers can actually control.
toteach  design  google  apple  maps 
december 2014 by tysone
Bloomberg Best (and Worst)
Bloomberg Best (and Worst) showcases data that have been analyzed, organized and visualized by the Bloomberg Rankings team. These rankings seek to enlighten and entertain readers on topical issues of immediate and perennial interest in business, economics, investing, lifestyle, personal finance and politics & policy. Bloomberg Rankings differentiates its products through its commitment to creating rankings that are totally transparent and do not include editorially-adjusted or opinion-based data.
bloomberg  data  lists  toteach 
september 2014 by tysone
writings/published/understanding-backbone.md at master · kjbekkelund/writings
I've seen many struggle when they first meet Backbone.js. In this blog post I will gradually refactor a bit of code from how I used to write JavaScript before, into proper Backbone.js code using models, collections, views and events. Hopefully this process will give you a firm understanding of the core abstractions in Backbone.js.
javascript  jquery  backbone  tutorial  toteach 
july 2014 by tysone
Recruiting a Designer? Here's What You Should Know - BOLD by Pixelapse
Design is a rather broad and vague term. When someone says "I'm a designer", it is not immediately clear what they actually do day to day. There are a number of different responsibilities encompassed by the umbrella term designer.
design  terminology  toteach 
july 2014 by tysone
The Coolest Web Sites From 1996 - Business Insider
In February 1996,  Morgan Stanley analysts Mary Meeker and Chris DePuy wrote a massive, 322-page report arguing that that would soon change. They wrote, "the market for Internet-related products and services appears to be growing more rapidly than the early emerging markets for print publishing, telephony, film, radio, recorded music, television, and personal computers."
nostalgia  internet  webdesign  toteach 
april 2014 by tysone
Reasons your HTML and CSS may be fucked. A curated list of commonly frustrating HTML and CSS quandaries, miscues, and dilemmas.
css  design  html  toteach 
march 2014 by tysone
Black Tie - Free Handsome Bootstrap Themes
Free handsome Bootstrap themes for everyone.
Because "free" doesn't always mean crappy.
toteach  webdesign  themes 
january 2014 by tysone
explainshell.com - match command-line arguments to their help text
write down a command-line to see the help text that matches each argument
(support for control flows (if/while/etc.) and command substitutions will be added later on)
development  toteach  tutorial  unix 
december 2013 by tysone
What Screens Want by Frank Chimero
What does it mean to natively design for screens?
toteach  frankchimero  essay  webdesign 
november 2013 by tysone
Statistics Done Wrong — Statistics Done Wrong
Statistics Done Wrong is a guide to the most popular statistical errors and slip-ups committed by scientists every day, in the lab and in peer-reviewed journals. Many of the errors are prevalent in vast swathes of the published literature, casting doubt on the findings of thousands of papers. Statistics Done Wrong assumes no prior knowledge of statistics, so you can read it before your first statistics course or after thirty years of scientific practice.
statistics  toread  science  research  toteach 
november 2013 by tysone
Front-end Code Standards & Best Practices | Roundarch Isobar
This document contains guidelines for web applications built by the Creative Technology (front end engineering) practice of Roundarch Isobar. It is to be readily available to anyone who wishes to check the iterative progress of our best practices.
bestpractices  css  html  toteach 
june 2013 by tysone
Investigative Reporters and Editors | Tipsheets and links
Session materials from panels, demos and hands-on classes at the 2013 IRE Conference. Were you a IRE 2013 speaker with materials we don't yet have on this list? Send them to web editor Tony Schick at tony@ire.org or resource center director Lauren Grandestaff at lauren@ire.org.
ire  journalism  tutorial  toteach 
june 2013 by tysone
Native equivalents of jQuery functions
I think there are many developers who don’t realize that most of the jQuery methods they use have native equivalents that require the same or only a slighter larger amount of code to use. Below are a series of code samples showing some popular jQuery functions along with their native counterparts.
javascript  jquery  toteach 
may 2013 by tysone
Amanda Cox: The Power of Visualization's "Aha!" Moments
Data viz is both young and not young. It's still rapidly changing, so I'm hoping it gets more awesome rapidly. But we're already at a place where we can make people understand what they didn't understand.
forsnd  design  infographics  toteach  from instapaper
april 2013 by tysone
Computer Chronicles - The Internet (1995) - YouTube
In this episode of Computer Chronicles, Stewart Cheifet will show you what the internet had to offer back in the 1990's. He would also show you how to get onto the internet. But first, You would need a Internet Service Provider (ISP). But for this episode of Computer Chronicles, Stewart Cheifet will show you the most popular ISP back in the 1990's, and that was Compuserve. Keep in mind that this TV Program was recorded and broadcasted back in 1995. Thanks for watching and enjoy the video!
history  computers  toteach 
april 2013 by tysone
ProPublica's Casino-Driven Design for Crowdsourcing
We called the design we devised for participation-oriented areas of the site “Casino-Driven Design.” A variant of Behavior Design, Casino-Driven Design cuts away all distraction and drives the user’s attention toward staying focused on a single task.
toteach  newsapps  webdesign  forsnd 
march 2013 by tysone
guides/news-apps.md at master · propublica/guides · GitHub
This style guide comprises the typographic and technical best practices used by ProPublica's News Applications desk. Most of the rules here also apply to our online graphics, a category that has a lot in common with news applications. It's not meant to be a design spec or a coding style guide, though you should probably have both of those.
toteach  propublica  newsapps 
february 2013 by tysone
Let’s Make a Map
In this tutorial, I’ll cover how to make a modest map from scratch using D3 and TopoJSON. I’ll show you a few places where you can find free geographic data online, and how to convert it into a format that is both efficient and convenient for display. I won’t cover thematic mapping, but the map we’ll make includes labels for populated places and you can extend this technique to geographic visualizations such as graduated symbol maps and choropleths.
toteach  d3  maps  cartography  tutorial 
february 2013 by tysone
D3.js 101
D3.js 101 - A Technical Intro
d3  javascript  toteach 
february 2013 by tysone
The three levels of HTML5 usage · Mathias Bynens
Since the target audience was filled with ‘esteemed HTML5 newcomers’ I decided to focus on how easy it is to ‘switch’ to HTML5 and use it today. The way I see it, there are three levels of HTML5 usage:
html5  toteach 
january 2013 by tysone
writings/published/understanding-backbone.md at master · kjbekkelund/writings · GitHub
I've seen many struggle when they first meet Backbone.js. In this blog post I will gradually refactor a bit of code from how I used to write JavaScript before, into proper Backbone.js code using models, collections, views and events. Hopefully this process will give you a firm understanding of the core abstractions in Backbone.js.
javascript  jquery  backbone  toteach 
january 2013 by tysone
Code smells in CSS – CSS Wizardry – CSS, OOCSS, front-end architecture, performance and more, by Harry Roberts
How can you tell if your CSS code smells? What are the signs that the code is sub-optional, or that the developer hasn’t done a good job? What do you look for in the code to determine how good or bad it is?
css  toteach  standards 
january 2013 by tysone
Form Follows Function
FFF is a collection of interactive experiences. Each experience has a its own unique design and functionality.
animation  css  html5  inspiration  toteach 
january 2013 by tysone
An Advanced Guide to HTML & CSS
An Advanced Guide to HTML & CSS takes a deeper look at front-end design and development, expanding on what is covered in the beginner’s guide. Studying modern front-end development, this guide teaches the latest for any designer looking to round out their front-end skills.
html  css  toteach 
january 2013 by tysone
Interactive Guide to Blog Typography
Have a blog? With small adjustments, you can noticeably improve its typography. Your readers will thank you for it.
design  typography  toteach 
december 2012 by tysone
Ruby · Styleguide
If you're visiting from the internet, feel free to learn from our style. This is a guide we use for our own ruby apps internally at GitHub. We encourage you to set up one that works for your own team.
toteach  ruby  documentation  standards  github 
december 2012 by tysone
Main : Stefanie Posavec
This site is for the work of Stefanie Posavec. It's held together with string and sellotape, so bear with me as I slowly cobble it all together.
inspiration  design  visualization  toteach 
october 2012 by tysone
How browsers work
Web browsers are probably the most widely used software. In this book I will explain how they work behind the scenes. We will see what happens when you type 'google.com' in the address bar until you see the Google page on the browser screen.
toteach  html  browsers 
october 2012 by tysone
PBS: The Art of Web Design
The explosion of the internet over the past 20 years has led to the development of one of the newest creative mediums: the website. Web designers have adapted through the technological developments of html, CSS, Flash, and JavaScript, and have mastered the balance between creativity and usability.
forsnd  design  toteach  html  webdesign 
september 2012 by tysone
Digital Frameworks for Reporting JOUR 490 Medill School of Journalism Fall 2012
derek_willis  syllabus  toteach 
september 2012 by tysone
What Ate the Periodical? A Primer for Web Geeks
“Newspaper” and “magazine” are labels that speak to format and topicality, and plenty has been written about both. But they also speak to how those entities are structured as businesses. What, if anything, did the internet change about those things? And what qualities endure despite the shifting tides? Let’s take a look.
forsnd  toteach  journalism  newspapers 
september 2012 by tysone
Learn Why to Code
This primer to practical programming is designed for an Online News Association class that I’ll be teaching on Sept. 20. If you’re planning to attend ONA in San Francisco and are interested in this class, sign up here.

This is currently a skeleton draft, published only as a preview. Check out the table of contents to see the proposed lesson path.
programming  toteach  propublica 
september 2012 by tysone
Adaptive Composite Map Projections on Vimeo
A new composite map projection for web maps that adapts to map scale and the shown geographic area, developed by the Cartography and Geovisualization Group at Oregon State University.
cartography  toteach 
september 2012 by tysone
Learning JavaScript Design Patterns
In this book we will explore applying both classical and modern design patterns to the JavaScript programming language.
javascript  toteach  toread 
september 2012 by tysone
JS: The Right Way
It’s important to know that JavaScript has some bad parts, but also have nice ones! And that nice parts make it worth. It’s a fun language to work with, and if you know how to use it in the “right way”, you can enjoy programming on it.
toteach  javascript  programming 
september 2012 by tysone
Mining of Massive Datasets
The book has now been published by Cambridge University Press. The publisher is offering a 20% discount to anyone who buys the hardcopy Here. By agreement with the publisher, you can still download it free from this page. Cambridge Press does, however, retain copyright on the work, and we expect that you will obtain their permission and acknowledge our authorship if you republish parts or all of it. We are sorry to have to mention this point, but we have evidence that other items we have published on the Web have been appropriated and republished under other names. It is easy to detect such misuse, by the way, as you will learn in Chapter 3.
toread  toteach 
august 2012 by tysone
Javascript Fundamentals: Development for Absolute Beginners | Channel 9
Want to learn a different language? Over the course of 21 episodes, our friend Bob Tabor from www.LearnVisualStudio.net will teach you the fundamentals of Javascript programming. Tune in to learn concepts applicable to web based videogames, enhanced user interfaces, and dynamic web pages.
javascript  toteach  tutorial 
august 2012 by tysone
The 22 rules of storytelling, according to Pixar
On Twitter, Pixar storyboard artist Emma Coats has compiled nuggets of narrative wisdom she's received working for the animation studio over the years.
storytelling  narrative  pixar  toteach 
june 2012 by tysone
What if the whole web is an API waiting to be used? APIfy brings to life all the data that is locked up in HTML tables and Wiki pages in the form of JSON APIs.
api  toteach  totry  data 
june 2012 by tysone
D3 Without SVG - Jim Vallandingham
Recently, the New York Times published an interactive visualization on the electorial map for the up-coming American presidential election. It features a bubble chart inspired interactive ‘game’ in which users can make their own predictions about which way undecided states will swing to see how the election might turn out.
d3  data  design  javascript  toteach 
may 2012 by tysone
Introduction to d3: Build an Animated Graph in 19 Lines of Code - Need for Air
The goal of this tutorial is to give an introduction to d3.js by using the example of a simple animated bar chart.
charts  d3  javascript  toteach 
may 2012 by tysone
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