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Mark Porter reports from SND Italia
Notes from talks by Javier Errea, Gianni Valenti, Benjamin Lana, Paco Trujillo and more.
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may 2010 by tysone
The making of the NYT’s Netflix graphic – The Society for News Design
"It’s something we know we can do better; I don’t think anyone would disagree that tidbits of analysis are usually more meaningful than massive streams of raw data. It’s nice to get both in if you can. We’re working on it."
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january 2010 by tysone
The Society for News Design
"The mission of the Society for News Design is to enhance communication around the world through excellence in visual journalism."
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january 2010 by tysone
SND Vegas Custom Card Deck
54 cards, 54 illustrators — each individually commissioned to celebrate the Society for News Design’s 2008 Annual Workshop in Las Vegas.
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december 2009 by tysone
Gentle reminder to SND: diversity matters | Design With Reason
Diversity of age (i.e., youth) is more important now than ever. As SND goes (wisely) more digital, it needs to keep the conversation fresh and provocative, via folks who weren’t trained in “the old ways” as many of us were, and who indeed stand to reinvent the industry. Fresh blood is needed in news design, as well as the conversations and conferences that guide it.
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july 2009 by tysone
Recap from weekend meetup in Chicago - SND Update
Adrian Holovaty: “Is this journalism? I don’t care and I hope my competitors keep arguing about it while we actually do shit.”
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may 2009 by tysone
SND meetup in New York City - March 7 - Facebook
RSVP: The Society for News Design's hosting an informal meetup at the NYT where media pros can present ideas for magazine, newspaper and online design... Speakers include: Nigel Holmes, Sarah Slobin, Joe Hutchinson, Matthew Ericson and Shan Carter.
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february 2009 by tysone
Web Design Boot Camp : SND - The Society for News Design
My first SND teaching gig. Spread the word, hoping for a full class!
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february 2009 by tysone
No. 1: End of the boom — and the innovation ahead - SND Update
With adversity comes the chance for the new, the untried, the innovative. That means many newsrooms (not all) will have to overcome the institutional inertia that has held them back until now, a mindset that has not only not dealt well with change but actively combats it. To quote The Talking Heads, “Well, how did we get here?” And, to paraphrase many a media observer, how do we get beyond it?
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december 2008 by tysone
No. 4: Embracing our social, microlocal world - SND Update
A distinct thread in online news last year revolved around the idea of connecting people — to each other, to the reporters in the newsroom, to what was happening down the block. A few of the most innovative changes to the social landscape of journalism in 2008:
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december 2008 by tysone
No 6: Multimedia and interactives grow up - SND Update
Multimedia and interactive projects continued their rapid evolution in 2008, becoming more central to the storytelling process in newsrooms of every size. It is these types of undertakings that underscore Jeff Jarvis’ proclamation: “The building block of journalism is no longer the article.”
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december 2008 by tysone
No. 3: Redesigns roll out at a stunningly fast pace - SND Update
"As an industry we have a tendency to go from “we refuse to participate” to a “we will be the best at…” stance on anything new or different. And we have a reluctance to evolve and improve when things are going well – probably the best time to consider changes that will improve our products."
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december 2008 by tysone
No. 9: Untangling the migration to mobile - The Year in News Design - SND Update
It was an epic year for handheld devices and the services that power them. And, news organizations scrambled to respond.
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december 2008 by tysone
H&FJ News | Hoefler & Frere-Jones
Glad to see Jonathan pimping my favorite project of the year!
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december 2008 by tysone
Founder Richard Curtis retiring from USA Today - SND Update
Curtis announced he will retire this month as Managing Edito at USA Today, which he helped found in 1982.
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december 2008 by tysone
More on the Chicago Tribune's Redesign - Poynter Online - Visual Voice
Jonathon Berlin, Chicago Tribune design director: "The most exciting thing about the changes we'll start on Monday is that it will really be a completely different experience."
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october 2008 by tysone
Five Young Journalists at SND Describe the Future of News
"I talked with a number of extremely bright young journalists at the Society for News Design workshop in Las Vegas this week."
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september 2008 by tysone
Tell Zell: Passive Voice
Here's a photo of two of the reigning con artists in the news business: Lee Abrams and Rob Curley.
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september 2008 by tysone
Decades of doodles - SND Update
Very quietly some time last week, Michigan State University professor and international graphics voice Karl Gude posted 27 years’ worth of drawings he did while in news meetings — from his days starting at UPI through his decade of service at Newsweek just before coming to MSU. The drawings offer a unique, visual perspective on the world and what was happening on certain days. And on meetings.
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september 2008 by tysone
Lisa Clausen, RIP - SND Update
“Her earnestness was something we would joke about … like I was Nietzsche and she was Air Supply. ... She was always looking for newspaper nirvana. Maybe now she’s found it somewhere.”
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july 2008 by tysone
On print redesigns » Invisible Inkling
"Make beautiful pages. I lust after your hot L and your reverse-type flags. I wish every paper looked as cool as yours. But try not to mistake fresh design for fresh content."
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june 2008 by tysone
Get Your Extra Credit Here! « Newshouse 1.0
For those of you who joined the “Train Jumping” or the Web Design workshops this week, please offer some thoughts to this entry about what you learned or others should know. Thanks for being there!
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february 2008 by tysone
SND Update Blog: Mark Porter: Reinventing The Guardian
Mark Porter, creative director of one the 2005 SND World's Best-Designed newspapers on reinventing the print and online versions of one of Britain's leading newspapers.
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october 2007 by tysone

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