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The inevitable decline due to clutter
Seth Godin writes, "Once you overload the user, you train them not to pay attention. More clutter isn't free. In fact, more clutter is a permanent shift, a desensitization to all the information, not just the last bit."
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december 2010 by tysone
Is "Undesigned" the Next Great Web Trend? Fat Chance
"Dadich's immersion, Fried's speed, and Meaney's context-specific clarity already co-exist in digital design's big tent. The future of web design lies in expanding that tent, not folding it up. ... So what are the right notes? On this, of course, designers differ wildly."
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november 2010 by tysone
Insight: So much complexity in software comes from - (37signals)
So much complexity in software comes from trying to make one thing do two things.
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may 2010 by tysone
Scott Adams Blog: Complexity 01/27/2010
"The real problem is that the world has become so complex that simple tasks are nearly impossible."
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march 2010 by tysone
ignore the code: Removing Features
"Constant vigilance is the price you pay for an elegant application. This means you have to learn to say no. ... As a programmer or designer, it’s easy to become a bit too invested in your application’s feature set; accepting that something you’ve put a lot of work in needs to be changed or removed can be hard. But sometimes, it has to be done."
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february 2010 by tysone
Maeda's SIMPLICITY: Think-Make-Think
All I want to be,
is someone that makes new things.
And thinks about them.
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december 2009 by tysone
It’s Cool to be FLAT 2.0 @ IgniteNYC | LEESEAN.NET
"A specter is haunting the world of the web and visual design. The specter is the gratuitous use of gradients, drop shadows, and faux 3D... Condense and clarify, don't clutter or complicate... Make positive use of negative space... Let's strip away the artifice, let's cleanse this degeneracy of the digital rococo. Function > Ornament."
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november 2009 by tysone
How Chipotle, Pinkberry, and others win big by doing just a few things well - (37signals)
One thing you won’t find at Chipotle is dessert. Restaurant analysts say a cookie or other dessert at the end of the food line could instantly boost sales by 10 percent or more there. Ells doesn’t care. “We’ve had 10 years of double-digit comps in a row, and we’ve done that without cookies,” he says. “So why start now? I see only the downside to adding cookies.”
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november 2009 by tysone
Mark Porter » Blog Archive » Extra from the NYT
I’ve spent my whole career trying to create usable readable editorial design. I also admire the people in the technology world (Apple, Google) that take simplicity in the UI very seriously. But the very richness and complexity that gives value to a site like ours also makes it impossible to give it the kind of clean simple design which would make it most usuable.
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december 2008 by tysone

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