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Ruby Hacking Guide
This is a new effort to gather efforts to help translate into English the Ruby Hacking Guide. The RHG is a book that explains how the ruby interpreter (the official C implementation of the Ruby language) works internally.
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august 2013 by tysone
Ruby · Styleguide
If you're visiting from the internet, feel free to learn from our style. This is a guide we use for our own ruby apps internally at GitHub. We encourage you to set up one that works for your own team.
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december 2012 by tysone
guides/gem-development.md at master · radar/guides
Did you know that you can use Bundler for not only gem dependency management but also for writing our own gems? It's really easy to do this and Bundler provides a couple of things to help you along this path.
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april 2012 by tysone
Even Non-Techies Aim to Learn the Internet’s Language - NYTimes.com
Parlez-vous Python? What about Rails, or JavaScript? Foreign languages tend to wax and wane in popularity — but the language du jour is computer code.
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march 2012 by tysone
The Ruby Refresher
This document aims to refresh one's memory of Ruby syntax, semantics, common operations, and standard libraries as quickly and efficiently as possible. The reader is expected to have some past experience with the Ruby language.
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march 2012 by tysone
Wat — Destroy All Software Talks
The sarcasm in this talk does not represent anyone's actual opinion. For a more serious take on software, try Destroy All Software Screencasts: 10 to 15 minutes weekly, dense with information on advanced topics like Unix, TDD, OO Design, Vim, Ruby, and Git.
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march 2012 by tysone
The Bastards Book of Ruby
The Bastards Book of Ruby is an introduction to programming and its practical uses for journalists, researchers, scientists, analysts, and anyone else whose job is to seek out, make sense from, and show the hard-to-find data.

This does not require being "good at computers", having a background in programming, or the desire (yet) to be a full-fledged hacker/developer. It just takes an eagerness to be challenged.
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december 2011 by tysone
If you’re using to_json, you’re doing it wrong | Miso Engineering
From these design questions and several days of work, the RABL gem was born. We started using this approach and fell in love with it immediately. All of a sudden, generating APIs was easy and intuitive.
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july 2011 by tysone
nesquena/rabl - GitHub
RABL (Ruby API Builder Language) is a Rails and Padrino ruby templating system for generating JSON and XML. When using the ActiveRecord 'to_json' method, I tend to quickly find myself wanting a more expressive and powerful system for generating APIs. This is especially frustrating when the json representation is complex or doesn't match the exact schema defined in the database itself.
ruby  api  totry  from delicious
july 2011 by tysone
being agile: Creating and publishing your first ruby gem
In this post I’m going to cover the basics of creating and publishing a gem using the bundle gem command provided by Bundler. We’re going to use bundler to create a gem template for us. We’ll then take that skeleton gem, add some functionality to it, and publish it for all the world to use.
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july 2011 by tysone
TomDoc 0.9.0
TomDoc is a code documentation specification that helps you write precise documentation that is nice to read in plain text, yet structured enough to be automatically extracted and processed by a machine.
documentation  ruby  totry  from delicious
june 2011 by tysone
A List Apart: Articles: Rapid Prototyping with Sinatra
Whether it’s a prototype, a single serving site, or something more complex, it’s always a thrill to see even the simplest app up on the web. Adding that “appness” brings life to what were previously just pages on a server.
al_shaw  sinatra  ruby  from delicious
february 2011 by tysone
Why Ruby makes my heart go Boom Boom | qvister
The presentation hilights a selection of features I became very found of in Ruby. All in all the presentation went well and I hopefully inspired a few to start digging into the world of Ruby.
ruby  toteach  from delicious
february 2011 by tysone
sstephenson's brochure at master - GitHub
Brochure is a Rack application for serving static sites with ERB templates (or any of the many template languages supported by Tilt). It's the good parts of PHP wrapped up in a little Ruby package — perfect for serving the marketing site for your Rails app.
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november 2010 by tysone
The Ruby Toolbox - Know your options!
The Ruby Toolbox gives you an overview of these tools, sorted in categories and rated by the amount of watchers and forks in the corresponding source code repository on GitHub so you can find out easily what options you have and which are the most common ones in the Ruby community.
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march 2010 by tysone
TableFu is a ruby gem for spreadsheet-style handling of arrays (e.g. filtering, formatting, and sorting by "column" or "row"). In addition, it has the ability to facet — or group — rows according to cell value. It was developed as a backend for its companion project TableSetter.
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march 2010 by tysone
McBean should allow HTML, Markdown, Textile, RTF, etc. to be interchangeable formats.
mcbean  ruby  markdown 
march 2010 by tysone
tobi's delayed_job at master - GitHub
Delayed_job (or DJ) encapsulates the common pattern of asynchronously executing longer tasks in the background.
ruby  rails 
march 2010 by tysone
About this Blog | Free PeepCode Blog
Sinatra, HAML, SASS, plus art direction... fancy.
sinatra  webdev  inspiration  ruby 
february 2010 by tysone
$ command line cheat sheets
You've reached the central repository for cheat, the RubyGem which puts cheat sheets right into your terminal.
ruby  documentation 
december 2009 by tysone
Mongoid provides an easy to use API for working with documents in MongoDB.
monodb  rails  ruby  database 
december 2009 by tysone
"Lorem Ipsum Dalor Est".gsub(/([^\s])\s+([^\s]+)$/, '\1 \2') # => "Lorem Ipsum Dalor Est"
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november 2009 by tysone
GIS on Rails
There are times we want our Rails apps to have some sort of spatial capability. Recording lat long point locations and displaying them in a google map is fine, but increasingly we want to do more with our spatial data.
toread  rails  geodata  geocoding  ruby 
october 2009 by tysone
mir.aculo.us with Thomas Fuchs » Blog Archive » textorize: Pristine Font rendering for the Web
It all boils down to a Ruby script that runs on OS X only and uses OS X’s really awesome typography and subpixel antialiased font rendering. Why not tap into this to make those headline graphics? With Rubycocoa you can easily whip up a small app that draws some text, and save it into a PNG file.
typography  webdesign  ruby 
september 2009 by tysone
Why Stylesheet Abstraction Matters
CSS is the weakest link in the web developers toolbox. The problem goes deeper than CSS’s lack of variables. Unlike the “function” in programming, CSS has no fundamental building block.
css  framework  programming  ruby 
september 2009 by tysone
Bowline – A Ruby GUI framework | Lead Thinking
In a nutshell, Bowline lets you build cross platform desktop applications with Ruby, HTML and JavaScript. The idea is to make building desktop apps as simple (and fun) as building Rails websites.
ruby  development  programming  javascript  sdk 
august 2009 by tysone
Ruby Best Practices -- Blog
Increase Your Productivity -- Write Better Code
ruby  programming 
april 2009 by tysone
Introducing Redis: a fast key-value database | Zen and the Art of Programming
like other Italian products such as Lamborghini and Ferrari, this schema-less database is amazingly fast.
ruby  database 
march 2009 by tysone
JavaScript dependency management and concatenation: Sprockets
Sprockets is a Ruby library that preprocesses and concatenates JavaScript source files.
javascript  ruby  rails  37signals 
february 2009 by tysone
Sinatra is a DSL for quickly creating web-applications in Ruby with minimal effort.
ruby  opensource  programming  framework 
december 2008 by tysone

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