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Remove the legend to become one — Remains of the Day
A good line graph is a fusion of right and left brain, of literacy and numeracy. Just numbers alone aren't enough to explain the truth, but accurate numbers, represented truthfully, are a check on our anecdotal excesses, confirmation biases, tribal affiliations.
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november 2017 by tysone
The Latest in HTML5
Eric Bidelman — Developer Relations Brown Bag <br />
July 7, 2011
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july 2011 by tysone
Kevin Quealy, New York Times Graphics Department | Walker Channel
Kevin Quealy is a member of the New York Times graphics department, a 25-person team of visual journalists that explain, illustrate and contextualize the news for the newspaper and nytimes.com. Kevin has helped create some of the Times' best-known graphics, including visualizations of the 2010 Congressional elections, the interactive "Budget Puzzle" and many others. The department has won many national and international awards, including the National Design Award for Communication Design.
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june 2011 by tysone
Keynote - Jeremy Ashkenas - Sunny Conf 2010
Be profound. That was more or less our response to Jeremy for guidelines on the keynote. The title of his talk is Code as a Commons and most definitely meets the criteria.
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february 2011 by tysone
Introducing Slippy - HTML Presentations - Seld.be
Slippy is a HTML Presentation library written with jQuery, it takes a html file in and plays it in any browser.
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june 2010 by tysone
Note & Point
A gallery devoted to making your Keynote & Powerpoint presentations look that much better
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may 2010 by tysone
How to give a great ignite talk « Speaker Confessions
"Good slides support what you’re saying, not the other way around."
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january 2010 by tysone
keynotetweet - Project Hosting on Google Code
This simple piece provides the capacity for speaker or presenter to to participate in the backchannel of a talk or conference session by integrating live 'tweets' into an Apple Keynote presentation. Simply add text inside the tags [twitter] and [/twitter] in the presenter notes section of a slide and when that slide comes up in the presentation the script will grab that text and send it to Twitter on your behalf.
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august 2009 by tysone
plainview : software : the barbarian group
Plainview is a full-screen web browser, perfect for presentations.
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june 2008 by tysone
Rands In Repose: Out Loud
Developing a compelling presentation involves a series of decisions and exercises to align your head with the fact that you’re delivering your content directly to people. No internet. No weblog. Just you.
february 2008 by tysone

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