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At Front Lines, Bearing Witness in Real Time - NYTimes.com
Geopolitics and the ubiquity of social media have made the world a smaller, seemingly gorier place. If Vietnam brought war into the living room, the last few weeks have put it at our fingertips.
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july 2014 by tysone
At Front Lines, Bearing Witness in Real Time - NYTimes.com
Geopolitics and the ubiquity of social media have made the world a smaller, seemingly gorier place. If Vietnam brought war into the living room, the last few weeks have put it at our fingertips.
nytimes  war  photojournalism 
july 2014 by tysone
Damon Winter's Portraits of Lives Restored
"With the final installment of the Lives Restored series published this week, Damon Winter discusses the challenges he faced in capturing what's essentially invisible: what happens inside someone's mind."
forsnd  photography  damonwinter  photojournalism  portraits 
december 2011 by tysone
Massoud Hossaini's Front-Page Photograph From an Attack in Kabul - NYTimes.com
Massoud Hossaini has never cried like this before. His photograph of a young Shiite woman, bloody and screaming, made the front page of The New York Times this morning. It also appeared on the front page of The Los Angeles Times and the Washington Post.
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december 2011 by tysone
9/11: The Photographs That Moved Them Most - LightBox
On September 11, 2001, photography editors across the world, overcome with a deluge of devastating imagery, faced the daunting task of selecting photos that would go on to define a catastrophe like no other. A decade later, TIME asked a wide variety of the industry’s leading photo editors, photographers, authors, educators, and bloggers to tell us which image moved them most—and why.
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september 2011 by tysone
Celebrating The Times Magazine's Most Iconic Images
When you work for a magazine that produces 52 issues a year, there is not a lot of time for reflecting on the past. But that's exactly what Kathy Ryan, the longtime photo editor of The New York Times Magazine, was asked to do for The New York Times Magazine Photographs, a revealing new book to be published by Aperture this October.
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september 2011 by tysone
World War II in Photos - Alan Taylor - In Focus - The Atlantic
This series of entries will last from June 19 until October 30, 2011, running every Sunday morning for 20 weeks. In these photo essays, I hope to explore the events of the war, the people involved at the front and back home, and the effects the war had on everyday lives. The entries will follow a roughly chronological sequence, with some broader themes (such as "The Home Front") interspersed throughout. These images will give us glimpses into the real-life experiences of our parents, grandparents and great grandparents, moments that shaped the world as it is today.
wwii  photography  photojournalism  history  from delicious
june 2011 by tysone
The Problem of Washington Photo Coverage Goes Well Beyond Restagings
The government doesn’t make itself easy to cover. And limited news budgets may make government handout photos look like a bargain. But the public needs and deserves professional observers to make certain there’s truth in the space around the notes.
photography  government  semiotics  photojournalism  forsnd  from delicious
may 2011 by tysone
Julie Platner's Coverage of a Slain Neo-Nazi Leader
“I’m trying to give human voice to people that most of society sees as monsters,” said Julie Platner, a 28-year-old photojournalist and video journalist in Brooklyn.
forsnd  photojournalism  nazi  nytimes  nytphoto  from delicious
may 2011 by tysone
Iraqi Child in Acclaimed War Photo Tries to Move On
At 5 years old, photographs of Samar Hassan, screaming and splattered in blood, illuminated the horror of civilian casualties in Iraq.
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may 2011 by tysone
The Inner Lives of Wartime Photographers
In a grievous season for the tribe of combat photographers, a discussion of the moral burden of putting them in harm’s way.
bill_keller  forsnd  photojournalism  from delicious
may 2011 by tysone
Photo Editors Describe the Power of Pete Souza's Photograph
“As a moment of time captured, it’s very powerful,” says Bloomberg Businessweek creative director Richard Turley. “It’s quite a human picture isn’t it: The way Obama kind of tucked himself into the corner, the body language on everyone.”
forsnd  photography  photojournalism  from delicious
may 2011 by tysone
Collection: DOCUMERICA Project by the Environmental Protection Agency
For the Documerica Project (1971-1977), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) hired freelance photographers to capture images relating to environmental problems, EPA activities, and everyday life in the 1970s.
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april 2011 by tysone
Photojournalism in the Age of New Media
Social media have given photojournalists a million extra eyes in conflict zones. But if a picture can say a thousand words, the trick is finding the right one.
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april 2011 by tysone
Lynsey Addario: 'It's What I Do' — Why She Will Cover War Again
Some comments said: “How dare a woman go to a war zone?” and “How could The New York Times let a woman go to the war zone?”<br />
<br />
To me, that’s grossly offensive. This is my life, and I make my own decisions.
nytimes  nytphoto  photojournalism  forsnd  from delicious
march 2011 by tysone
Q&A with author of About to Die: How News Images Move the Public
The emergence and cultural meaning photographs of the dead, the dying, and the potentially doomed published in the press and on the airwaves is the subject of Barbie Zelizer's densely packed, enlightening new book, About To Die: How News Images Move the Public.
forsnd  photography  photojournalism  newspapers  from delicious
january 2011 by tysone
Artistry and Artifice in The Times Studio - NYTimes.com
Such pictures are easy to dismiss today as stilted, archaic and fantastic. But they offer a window into their time that even an armchair anthropologist can open. Men conquer the planet. Women are introduced to society. Everyone is white and — except for actors — terribly earnest.

And reality is an illusion.
nytimes  photojournalism  history 
september 2010 by tysone
Striking Teenage Portraits Boost Young Photog’s Career
For Laura Pannack, a young photographer from the U.K., 2010 has been a busy year
forsnd  photography  photojournalism 
august 2010 by tysone
Framework - Los Angeles Times
Framework, the photography and video blog of the Los Angeles Times, celebrates the power and explores the craft of visual storytelling.
forsnd  photojournalism  latimes 
august 2010 by tysone
The Man Behind The Men Behind The Cameras
"As former director of photography at the Topeka Capital-Journal in Kansas, what Rich Clarkson did for them was build a newsroom with a singular visual voice."
forsnd  photojournalism 
july 2010 by tysone
VII The Magazine
VII The Magazine is an innovative online project that will give readers unprecedented intimate access and insight to the work of the world's leading photojournalists.
forsnd  photojournalism  photography  toexplore 
july 2010 by tysone
The Consequences of War
VII photographer Ashley Gilbertson, who has covered combat, describes the need for a new kind of war photography.
vii  photojournalism  war  photography  forsnd 
march 2010 by tysone
Essay: Too Many Angles on Suffering? - Lens Blog - NYTimes.com
Patrick Witty writes, "Photographers from across the globe descended on Haiti last month after the earthquake. As the death toll grew, more photographers arrived ... At one point there were almost certainly too many photographers in Haiti. But which point?"
nytphoto  nytimes  haiti  photojournalism  forsnd 
february 2010 by tysone
From the Archive: Reverse Order
As hard as it is to tear your eyes away from a Magnum photo, the back of the print often tells an important story of its own. On the occasion of the sale and transfer of Magnum’s print collection, the archive director, Matthew Murphy, took time this week to decipher some of those cryptic trails.
forsnd  photojournalism  history  magnum  nytimes 
february 2010 by tysone
On Assignment: Prayers in the Dark
Damon Winter of The New York Times arrived in Port-au-Prince on Wednesday. He has been traveling through the city in a car shared with Ron Haviv of the VII photo agency and Timothy Fadek, both veteran conflict photographers. James Estrin spoke with Mr. Winter by cellphone at midnight Thursday.
forsnd  photojournalism  haiiti  nytimes  nytphoto 
january 2010 by tysone
Essay: No End of Trouble. Ever.
As she prepared to depart for Haiti on assignment for The New York Times, Maggie Steber wrote this reflection on the country’s recent history. Her portfolio shows moments of joy as well as desperation and grief.
forsnd  photojournalism  hati  disaster 
january 2010 by tysone
Behind The New York Times Magazine's Redesign with DD Arem Duplessis - Grids - SPD.ORG - Grids
"In June of this year, The New York Times unveiled a major redesign of their Sunday magazine, the first in almost a decade, and one of only a handful ever in its more than 100 years."
nytimes  nytmag  design  news_design  forsnd  inspiration  photojournalism 
december 2009 by tysone
Behind the Scenes: A Different Battleground - Lens Blog - NYTimes.com
"Starbucks never called him back. But Corbis did — offering him his first international assignment, covering the impending war in Iraq."
photojournalism  iraq  vii 
november 2009 by tysone
YouTube - Face-Off With a Deadly Predator
"I think she thought the camera was my mouth, which is every photographer's dream."
national_geographic  photojournalism  nature 
november 2009 by tysone
Captured Photo Collection » Ian Fisher : American Soldier Photos
This is how an American soldier is made. For 27 months, Ian Fisher, his parents and friends, and the U.S. Army allowed Denver Post reporters and a photographer to watch and chronicle his recruitment, induction, training, deployment, and, finally, his return from combat. A selection of photos from Ian’s journey are posted below.
army  war  photojournalism  iraq 
november 2009 by tysone
From the Archive: Not New, Never Easy - Lens Blog - NYTimes.com
And 66 years later, the fundamental question — is it a vital public service or a betrayal of public trust to graphically depict wartime casualties among American troops? — has scarcely been settled.
war  photojournalism  nytimes  nytphoto 
october 2009 by tysone
Showcase: A Subtle Palette for Portraits - Lens Blog - NYTimes.com
Todd Heisler, a New York Times staff photographer, takes the photographs that accompany this chorus of New York City voices, intimately portraying the characters’ lives, the spaces they occupy and the paths they take through the city.
nytphoto  nytmm  nytimes  nyc  photojournalism  portraits 
august 2009 by tysone
Behind the Scenes: Woodstock Memories - Lens Blog - NYTimes.com
Bill Eppridge, who photographed the Woodstock Music and Art Fair 40 years ago, remembers it as a beautiful coda to a painful decade.
woodstock  bill_eppridge  photojournalism  life 
july 2009 by tysone
On Assignment: Moments Between Life and Death - Lens Blog - NYTimes.com
“It can be a matter of seconds that saves you or doesn’t save you,” Mr. Hicks said. “I feel very lucky. But I feel sadness for the person who wasn’t in the right place. I don’t feel it’s right to be that happy about it, because there’s the person whose family has to go on without him. It just is what it is. To say you’re not affected by that would be a lie,” he said. “And if it was the truth, you probably shouldn’t be out there doing it.”
nytphoto  photojournalism  war  Afghanistan 
june 2009 by tysone
Interview with Nina Berman - SLIDELUCK POTSHOW
The experience of staring through the glass, searching for subjects who stood in the woods, or on the tracks, or behind fences, sometimes waving, was so powerful for me precisely because of Paul's work, knowing that 40 years ago along the same route people had come out to mourn the death of their dream and the man that embodied that, and now I was seeing, something quite different, although strangely enough, many of my pictures have a somber feel.
photojournalism  photography  nina_berman  slideluck 
march 2009 by tysone
The Salvage of Flight 1549 | PDN Photo of the Day
Photo by Stephen Mallon. The fuselage of the U.S. Airways passenger jet that landed in the Hudson River is moved through a New Jersey neighborhood on January 31.
photojournalism  wtf 
february 2009 by tysone
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall - Errol Morris Blog - NYTimes.com
Photographs are a partial record of who we were and how we imagined ourselves. They remind us that we have a past and that we are the sum of our past experiences. They reassert that unassailable fact. ... During the last week of the Bush administration, I asked the head photo editors of these news services to pick the photographs of the president that they believe captured the character of the man and of his administration.
photojournalism  photography  bush  politics  semiotics 
january 2009 by tysone
Obama's People - The New York Times
In December and January, the photographer Nadav Kander shot 52 portraits of Barack Obama’s top advisers, aides and members of his incoming administration.
photojournalism  obama  nytimes  politics  portraits 
january 2009 by tysone
burn magazine
burn is an evolving journal for emerging photographers, curated by magnum photographer david alan harvey.
photojournalism  magazine  blog  photography 
december 2008 by tysone
Multimedia Muse
We at the Muse don't believe that what works for TV works for the Web. We don't believe in the inclination to make multimedia bigger and more flashy, but rather smaller and more personal. More precise. With craft.
toexplore  photojournalism  storytelling  photography  multimedia  video 
december 2008 by tysone
LIFE photo archive hosted by Google
Search millions of photographs from the LIFE photo archive, stretching from the 1750s to today. Most were never published and are now available for the first time through the joint work of LIFE and Google.
vintage  history  lifemag  resources  photography  photojournalism  awesome 
november 2008 by tysone
James Nachtwey fights XDR-TB | Video on TED.com
Photojournalist James Nachtwey sees his TED Prize wish come true, as we share his powerful photographs of XDR-TB, a drug-resistant strain of tuberculosis that's touching off a global medical crisis.
photojournalism  nachtwey  ted 
october 2008 by tysone
The Falling Man - Esquire
Do you remember this photograph? In the United States, people have taken pains to banish it from the record of September 11, 2001. The story behind it, though, and the search for the man pictured in it, are our most intimate connection to the horror of that day.
photojournalism  photography  newyork  9/11  journalism  terrorism  semiotics 
september 2008 by tysone
Fear and Loathing | Democratic National Convention | Denver 2008
We provide an outlaw view of the underbelly of the beast during the 2008 Democratic National Convention. All images were created by either Tim Hussin or Noah Rabinowitz
photojournalism  democrats  politics  dnc  denver  protest  obama  democracy 
september 2008 by tysone
How Much Did I Shoot in Beijing? « Vincent Laforet’s Blog
In Beijing, with a total of 6 cameras, I shot: 28,444 files for a total of a whopping 480 Gigabytes of Images! That’s INSANE! Even I am shocked.
photojournalism  vincent_laforet  storage 
august 2008 by tysone
A documentary looks at prize-winning photographer Eddie Adams - Los Angeles Times
"Like a lot of us who have made pictures of that nature, you didn't ever want to have to make that picture in your life," says Eppridge, who appears frequently and eloquently in "An Unlikely Weapon." "I'm sorry I had to make it, but it had to be done. I think Eddie's thing was the same."
photojournalism  ethics  journalism  eddieadams 
august 2008 by tysone
Walter Iooss - Athlete - Digital Journalist
The images literally explode with character: the intensity of Ray Lewis, the grace of Pelé. This is Iooss's personal catalog. He insists that he is not an artist, and that is for him to say. What I will say is that the work is transcendent.
sports  photojournalism  photography 
august 2008 by tysone
David Griffin on how photography connects us | Video on TED.com
The photo director for National Geographic, David Griffin knows the power of photography to connect us to our world. In a talk filled with glorious images, he talks about how we all use photos to tell our stories.
photography  photojournalism  ted 
august 2008 by tysone
Apple - Pro - Profiles - MediaStorm
“Still photographers ... end up capturing moments that you remember—they’re searing. Video is powerful, but it can be fleeting. Still photography allows you to contemplate a picture. You have the time to understand and reflect on a moment.”
photojournalism  mediastorm  multimedia  video 
july 2008 by tysone
Photojournalism for the Web Generation - WSJ.com
"Exactly upside down" is how Brian Storm, 37, describes the business model that guides the making, selling and viewing of photojournalism. He is just like the boy who observed, loudly, that the Emperor had no clothes on.
mediastorm  multimedia  photography  photojournalism  video 
july 2008 by tysone
'NY Times' Reveals Page One Photo Deception
A child with bandaged legs who appeard in a front-page photo and reportedly had them broken by violence in Zimbabwe was actually suffering from club feet, according to an editor's note published Wednesday that said his mother had lied to the paper.
nytimes  photojournalism  ethics  journalism 
july 2008 by tysone
Poynter Online - Election Violence in Zimbabwe:<br>The Story Behind the Photo
The photograph was a stunner. Displayed across four columns at the top of Page One of Thursday’s New York Times, the image showed a baby boy with casts on both legs, the apparent victim of the violence marking the presidential election in Zimbabwe.
photojournalism  nytimes  zimbabwe 
june 2008 by tysone
Interview: Vincent Laforet - Canon Digital Learning Center
For me, it’s less the fear of not coming back with an image and more the fear of coming back with an image that’s not original.
photojournalism  canon 
june 2008 by tysone
Behind the Lens with Robert Hanashiro - - PopPhotoJune 2008
Known worldwide for his online sports photography community, SportsShooter.com, Hanashiro will join thousands of other journalists in Beijing this August for what will be his sixth Summer Olympics.
friends  photojournalism  olympics  china 
june 2008 by tysone
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