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Modern Web Development: The Webkit Inspector
This blog post attempts to remedy that, not only by walking you through the inspector’s feature set, but also highlighting certain techniques for bug hunting and feature development that I’ve found to be indispensable
toteach  debugging  javascript  performance  webkit 
april 2012 by tysone
Using event capturing to improve Basecamp page load times - (37signals)
If only there were a way to catch the mousedown event just before it begins its ascent up the DOM…
javascript  37signals  performance 
march 2012 by tysone
this, is boomerang
boomerang is a piece of javascript that you add to your web pages, where it measures the performance of your website from your end user's point of view. It has the ability to send this data back to your server for further analysis. With boomerang, you find out exactly how fast your users think your site is.
yahoo  performance  testing  totry 
june 2010 by tysone
Rendering: repaint, reflow/relayout, restyle / Stoyan's phpied.com
"So how does the browser go about displaying your page on the screen, given a chunk of HTML, CSS and possibly JavaScript."
performance  browsers  javascript  html  css 
december 2009 by tysone
Code: Flickr Developer Blog » Building Fast Client-side Searches
This widget downloads a list of all of your contacts, in JavaScript, in under 200ms (this is true even for members with 10,000+ contacts). In order to get this level of performance, we had to completely rethink how we send data from the server to the client.
javascript  flickr  ajax  performance 
march 2009 by tysone
Code Conventions for the JavaScript Programming Language
Code conventions can help in reducing the brittleness of programs. All of our JavaScript code is sent directly to the public. It should always be of publication quality.
javascript  tutorial  performance  bestpractices 
january 2009 by tysone
YUI Theater — Douglas Crockford: "Ajax Performance" » Yahoo! User Interface Blog
This session, “Ajax Performance,” debunks common misconceptions about the relationship between JavaScript and performance and gives engineers a core focus for improving the performance of web apps: Reduce the value of n.
javascript  video  webdev  tutorial  performance  yui 
january 2009 by tysone
Annals of Education: Most Likely to Succeed: Reporting & Essays: The New Yorker
After years of worrying about issues like school funding levels, class size, and curriculum design, many reformers have come to the conclusion that nothing matters more than finding people with the potential to be great teachers. But there’s a hitch: no one knows what a person with the potential to be a great teacher looks like. The school system has a quarterback problem.
culture  psychology  performance  evaluation  gladwell  newyorker  education  research 
december 2008 by tysone
isnoop.net CSS SuperScrub
This tool can significantly reduce the size and complexity of your CSS by programmatically stripping unneeded content, stripping redundant calls, and intelligently grouping the remaining element names.
css  tools  webdesign  performance 
december 2008 by tysone

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