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The Coolest Web Sites From 1996 - Business Insider
In February 1996,  Morgan Stanley analysts Mary Meeker and Chris DePuy wrote a massive, 322-page report arguing that that would soon change. They wrote, "the market for Internet-related products and services appears to be growing more rapidly than the early emerging markets for print publishing, telephony, film, radio, recorded music, television, and personal computers."
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april 2014 by tysone
Oregon Trail: How three Minnesotans forged its path
FORTY YEARS AND TEN iterations later, the Oregon Trail has sold over 65 million copies worldwide, becoming the most widely distributed educational game of all time. Market research done in 2006 found that almost 45 percent of parents with young children knew Oregon Trail, despite the fact that it largely disappeared from the market in the late '90s.
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december 2011 by tysone
Skinemax on Vimeo
Skinemax is Koyaanisqatsi for a generation raised on late night television and B-movie VHS tapes. It's long form entertainment for short attention spans. An hour long VJ odyssey, it will move your body and warp your mind.

A nostalgic look back at a half remembered childhood growing up in the 80s and early 90s, Skinemax takes a close look at the culture of that era. The images that motivated, delighted, and terrified us on the silver screen, set to propulsive modern music that pines for a simpler time.
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november 2011 by tysone
Steve Jobs, Enemy of Nostalgia
Mike Daisey writes, "Steve Jobs was an enemy of nostalgia. He believed that the future required sacrifice and boldness. He bet on new technologies to fill gaps even when the way was unclear."
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october 2011 by tysone
USB Typewriter Turns iPad Into Paper | Gadget Lab | Wired.com
If you have $400 and a serious case of nostalgic yearning, may we then suggest you spend the money on a wonderful USBTypewriter? Described as a “groundbreaking innovation in the field of obsolescence,” the typewriter can hook up to any machine with a USB port and lets you clickety-clack your way through your latest novel, e-mail or even spreadsheet.
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june 2010 by tysone
1965's 'Your Career in Journalism'
"The story that a reporter worried and sweated over will be read by thousands and perhaps millions of people who will be informed, enlightened or amused. ... He has prestige and influence that most persons can never hope to attain."
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april 2010 by tysone
Bill Barol on the Hipstamatic Boing Boing
Even if the Hipstamatic were just another iPhone app it'd be worth your two bucks. What's not to like? The Hipstamatic is a great little photo app that attempts to replicate the experience of shooting with a cut-rate '80s snapshot camera, right down to the leatherette "skin" and the big clunky shutter button. But the app isn't aping just any cheap camera; it's the reincarnation of the mysterious, beloved Hipstamatic 100, and right there is where the story takes a turn.
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april 2010 by tysone
PopSci: Back to the Future
At the SPD Grids blog: "All this PopSci talk got us thinking about how they've covered cutting edge tech in the past. Here are 16 devices & technologies we can't live without, and how they were introduced on the cover of PopSci..."
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april 2010 by tysone
The PopSci Archives
Popular Science has partnered with Google to offer its entire 137-year archive for free browsing. Each issue appears just as it did at its original time of publication, complete with period advertisements.
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march 2010 by tysone
Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: Slanted and enchanted
The problem with the Web, as I see it, is that it imposes, with its imperialistic iron fist, the "ecstatic surfing" behavior on everything and to the exclusion of other modes of experience ... What the Web tells us, over and over again, is that breadth destroys depth. Just hit Shuffle. ... we're trading away something important for the riches of the Web.
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august 2009 by tysone
The Media Equation - A Talk Magazine Party That Presaged the Decline - NYTimes.com
Sponsored liquor flowed, women teetered about on heels in deep grass, and the A-list guest list — Mr. Kissinger, please meet Miss um Ms. uh meet Madonna — was a testament to the power of the synergized word. Content was king and Ms. Brown was its queen.
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august 2009 by tysone
Bruce McCall's faux nostalgia | Video on TED.com
Bruce McCall paints a future that never happened -- full of flying cars, polo-playing tanks and the RMS Tyrannic, "The Biggest Thing in All the World." At Serious Play '08, he narrates a brisk and funny slideshow of his faux-nostalgic art.
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march 2009 by tysone
Saved by the Bell: The Grad School Years -- McSweeney's Internet Tendency
SLATER: Oink, oink, mama. And I mean that in the most Orwellian and neo-Freudian senses.
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march 2009 by tysone
YouTube - Surfing for Seniors
A video both aiding and mocking old people in their quest to understand computers and the internet. "Treat the mouse button as if it were hot, kind of like the potato in the game hot potato."
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december 2008 by tysone

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