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Tale of the Tape: The New Newsweek vs. The New New York Times Magazine
Over the weekend, two of the nation's most prominent newsweeklies debuted new looks under new editors. How often does that happen? It's like your mother getting a short, modern haircut on exactly the same weekend your dad decides to finally shave off his mustache. It's jarring!
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march 2011 by tysone
Tina Brown's Newsweek redesign: not so hot. - By Jack Shafer - Slate Magazine
I ridicule Brown's first complete issue not because I'm one of those Tina haters but because I expected a lot more from her. Remember, she became notorious for chasing timeliness by tearing up, at the eleventh hour, whole issues of The New Yorker, a magazine that formerly operated with the sort of lead time that made a risotto seem like Rice-A-Roni. Why edit The New Yorker as if you were editor of Newsweek, but then, on becoming the editor of Newsweek, edit that magazine as though it were Harper's? Harper's, in any case, strives for more originality.
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The Media Equation - How to Save Newsweek - NYTimes.com
Why not turn the full reporting firepower on a single topic one week (and by a single topic, I don’t mean the usual newsweekly newsstand bait like “When Jesus Rode a Gay Dinosaur That Had Breast Cancer to See a Historically Famous American President”).
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The Newsweek Cover Legacy
Robert Newman writes on the SPD blog, "We dug deep into our archives and collected some of the coolest Newsweek covers from the past 50 years. Let's hope someone smart (and with a lot of money) buys Newsweek and maintains this heritage."
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