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Meet the Machinists Who Keep the New York Times Running - YouTube
As the world’s largest technology manufacturers increasingly move toward creating products that are designed to be difficult or impossible to repair, Motherboard has started looking toward the margins of tech to find the people keeping older machines alive and running.
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january 2017 by tysone
What's really wrong with newspapers: Rogue Columnist
The biggest problem had nothing to do with the newsrooms. It was the collapse of an unsustainable business model. Simply put: Sending miniskirted saleswomen out to sell ads at confiscatory rates to lecherous old car dealers and appliance-store owners.
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february 2008 by tysone
Molten content, data ghettos and why your CMS problems are an excuse, not a reason — mattwaite.com
The other component of the data ghetto that bothers me is that you can’t find that data outside the ghetto.
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january 2008 by tysone
Las Vegas Sun
We launched the site! Hope to sleep one of these days...
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january 2008 by tysone
IHT.com Developer Blog » International Herald Tribune » Blog Archive » Finally, a place to find (almost) all of our discussion threads
Often we have lively and intelligent threads featuring contributors from all over the world, so how can we keep the discussions going?
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november 2007 by tysone
When your home page is no longer your home page: IHT.com Developer Blog » International Herald Tribune
Like most well-optimized large news sites, the number of visits to the home page pale in comparison to article pages.
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november 2007 by tysone
SND Update Blog: Mark Porter: Reinventing The Guardian
Mark Porter, creative director of one the 2005 SND World's Best-Designed newspapers on reinventing the print and online versions of one of Britain's leading newspapers.
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october 2007 by tysone
Fame and Obscurity at The New York Times | The New York Observer
The days when a writer actually had to have a body of significant work in print to be famous are over. Now, a sort of equivalency gets established between Tom Wolfe and … Perez Hilton?
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october 2007 by tysone
Doc Searls Weblog · Future to Newspapers: Jump in the river
Note that feeding is not cycling. Rivers don’t flow in circles. News is a river, not a lake. It is active, not static. It’s what’s happening, not what happened. Or not only what happened.
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october 2007 by tysone
Roanoke.com shares lessons from TimesCast | News Videographer
Insight into why they cancelled their daily video podcast.
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october 2007 by tysone
Transforming the Architecture -- American Journalism Review
As newspapers struggle to survive with heavy emphasis on the Web, bulked-up local coverage and leaner staffs, they are dramatically revamping the way newsrooms operate.
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september 2007 by tysone

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