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Why Print Rarely Translates to Digital (by @baekdal) #insights
The largest difference of all is one of behavior. The way people consume a print magazine is based on entirely different needs and desires than the way people consume something online. And this is especially noticeable with a monthly print magazine.
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july 2016 by tysone
Web Site Pagination is Evil
Pagination is one of the worst design and usability sins on the Web, the kind of obvious no-no that should have gone out with blinky text, dancing cat animations, and autoplaying music. It shows constant, quiet contempt for people who should be any news site’s highest priority—folks who want to read articles all the way to the end.
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october 2012 by tysone
Critics Find a Target in the Circles of USA Today’s Redesign
The day after USA Today unveiled its new edition, the design community was in a fluster about the newspaper’s new look and puzzled by the bold circles that appear in the top, left-hand corner of every section.
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september 2012 by tysone
What Bill Clinton Wrote vs. What Bill Clinton Said - Politics - The Atlantic Wire
Here is copy of the speech as it was written and provided to the media by the Democratic Party. Here's a transcript of what Clinton actually said, (as compiled by The New York Times.) Our version below is based off the written text with Clinton's insertions in italics and his deletions struck out. See what you think of his oratory skills.
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september 2012 by tysone
Kohi Vinh: Where Are All the Ed-Ex Designers?
"I would guess that there are less than a few dozen people in the world who can create superb software for editorial products, who can combine the holistic, systems-level thinking of UX with the incisive storytelling instincts of editorial design."
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october 2011 by tysone
Another Look at iPad Magazines
The main issue is that readers – paying or not – aren’t engaging with overtly magazine-like apps. There’s a simple reason for this: printed magazines work better in every way.
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march 2011 by tysone
Robert's Reader | Uncategorized | In Which I Take Issue With Felix Salmon
So I’d argue that, not only is the NYT page better-looking and easier to read, it also shows a respect for the reader which seems to be rooted in the hope of a long-term relationship. The HuffPo design, like the HuffPo, is all bait and switch.
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february 2011 by tysone
Bloomberg Businessweek
"When Bloomberg Businessweek launched their redesign (and re-imagination) of the magazine at the end of April, the response from the publication design community was somewhat underwhelming. ... It's time to take another look."
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november 2010 by tysone
Why the Drudge Report is one of the best designed sites on the web - (37signals)
"It doesn’t look old and it doesn’t look new — it looks Drudge ... I’d say “it’s straightforward mess.” I wouldn’t underestimate the merit in that."
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november 2008 by tysone

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