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ProPublica's Casino-Driven Design for Crowdsourcing
We called the design we devised for participation-oriented areas of the site “Casino-Driven Design.” A variant of Behavior Design, Casino-Driven Design cuts away all distraction and drives the user’s attention toward staying focused on a single task.
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march 2013 by tysone
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This style guide comprises the typographic and technical best practices used by ProPublica's News Applications desk. Most of the rules here also apply to our online graphics, a category that has a lot in common with news applications. It's not meant to be a design spec or a coding style guide, though you should probably have both of those.
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february 2013 by tysone
Key departures suggest 4 factors critical to the future of programming and journalism | Poynter.
Not being able to access the equipment is like “telling reporters to go out and tell the news, but only the people who work at the press can write anything down,” said Josh Hatch, online content manager for Sunlight Live at the Sunlight Foundation.
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february 2011 by tysone
How Can Journalists and Programmers Collaborate More Effectively?
Matt Waite says, "The most hated enemy? The unstructured stakeholder meeting, where the floor gets flung open to whatever idea that just pops out."
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july 2010 by tysone
Don’t Mistake Your CMS for a Development Platform
Scott Klein writes, "While the Post is far from the only news organization decrying an old, inflexible content management system, CMSes shouldn’t be an obstacle to building news applications. Even the best CMS was designed to do a different job and — good or bad — shouldn’t be mistaken for an expressive, open development platform."
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april 2010 by tysone

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