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Making maps, part 1: Less interactivity « News Apps Blog
A couple weeks ago, while drinking some beers with my teammates Chris and Ryan N., we got to talking about how we could improve our maps. Interacting with maps embedded in a box is unsatisfying and often confusing. The webpage scrolls, the map zooms, the behavior of your mousewheel is unpredictable, and the maps are always too damned small.
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march 2011 by tysone
Matt Waite: To build a digital future for news, developers must be able to hack at the core of old systems
"I’m disappointed on what hasn’t been done. Where we, from inside news organizations, haven’t gone. Where we haven’t been allowed to go."
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march 2011 by tysone
Habits of highly successful web developers (journalism edition) | Hacks/Hackers
So, yes, there is a lot to learn, especially for journalists who have not spent their careers working in software shops. The code is just the start. But trust me, it’s worth it.
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march 2010 by tysone
We’re hiring: A UX/IA expert *and* a web designer/developer
"There is no free pop, pinball or posh cafeteria. But, you’ll like what you do. You’ll come to work energized, and leave satisfied that you’ve done something that will make your mom proud. You’ll have held our government accountable, spoken truth to power, given voice to the voiceless, and contributed to the public good. ... Beat that, Google."
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december 2009 by tysone
TPM on Rails: Building a News App in Under Two Months | Shhhaw
"framework-based rapid development and agile methodologies go really well with deadline-based newsroom culture ... highly-abstracted software development can be seen as almost analogous to newswriting. Where the news story, as a form, is a rigid, highly repetitive (though highly creative) venture, so Rails’ ‘convention over configuration’ approach boils the act of creating an app down to its bare essentials."
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december 2009 by tysone
How Programmer/Journalists Are Changing the News
Today’s demand for programmer/journalists is one sign of how the Internet has changed the newsroom. While the role has become crucial to many forward-thinking news organizations, traditional newsrooms are often still struggling to integrate programmer/journalists into their everyday workflow.
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december 2009 by tysone

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