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Far Beyond Snow Fall — The Message — Medium
When we explore new ground (or re-explore old ground, forgotten ground) in new mediums, we often find it necessary to swing the design and interaction pendulum to the baroque side of the scale. We do this to see what “too much” feels like in order to understand the edges of “enough.” We saw this happen with iPad “magazines.” We saw this happen with “Snow Fall.” “Snow Fall” was less about what felt natural in a web browser or what was best for the story, and more about what was maximally possible in a web browser. The experiment just happened to be attached to an article.
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may 2014 by tysone
Planning for The Wall Street Journal Online began before the World Wide Web burst onto the scene. Software for the service was to be distributed on disks and users would dial in to retrieve updates. This early prototype was developed by Neil Budde, who championed the new service. Plans for a dialup service would continue until January 1995, when plans shifted to an Internet service.
wsj  history  news_design 
november 2012 by tysone
Redesigning And Re-Thinking The News | Drawar
The NYT gets design, but they just aren’t able to do such massive changes overnight. Instead they do smaller rollouts to sections that might not be so driven by ad revenue. Check out these sections to see that the NYT isn’t oblivious to the user experience.
nytimes  design  news_design  faint_praise  from delicious
july 2011 by tysone
4 key pieces of audience engagement missing from Andy Rutledge’s news redux
However, there were 4 key areas where I very much disagree with Andy’s analysis, and think it would fail to engage with mainstream news readers.
nytimes  news_design  nytcriticism  design  from delicious
july 2011 by tysone
Designing a big news site is about more than beauty
It appears to be Pick On News Web Designers Day today. This comic — poking at news sites’ unwillingness to link, misuse of thumbnails, and addictions to share buttons, among other things — made the rounds of Twitter, to the point of crashing cartoonist Brad Colbow’s site.
forsnd  news_design  nytimes  design  criticism  nytcriticism  from delicious
july 2011 by tysone
Print in Digital Clothing: The Problem with Magazine Apps
The iPad was supposed to be the saviour of magazines, but so far, most magazine apps have been “same same, but digital.” Sparksheet Creative Director Charles Lim argues it’s time for designers to shed their print shackles and think digital first.
forsnd  ipad  magazines  design  news_design  from delicious
june 2011 by tysone
Designing Scannable Headlines - Web Standards Sherpa
Figure 1 shows the homepage of NYTimes.com contained no fewer than 16 different headline variants based on 3 type sizes, using 2 weights of 1 typeface to communicate hierarchy.
nytimes  news_design  from delicious
may 2011 by tysone
Readability: And what of art direction?
As Readability’s popularity continues to grow on the web, we often catch the occasional grimace from designers, art directors and the like noting that Readability’s “slash and burn” approach is unfortunate for design on the web.
forsnd  design  news_design  from delicious
may 2011 by tysone
Newspaper designers describe front page techniques for capturing bin Laden’s death
We’ve looked at hundreds of newspaper front pages depicting Osama bin Laden’s death this week, and we’ve noticed several trends.
forsnd  news_design  from delicious
may 2011 by tysone
Business Class: Freemium for News?
What would a Business Class news site look like?
forsnd  news_design  design  from delicious
may 2011 by tysone
The Sad Story of Illustration on the Web
In digital media, illustration is missing in action, and its absence is palpable. I can’t think of a single, regularly publishing, large-scale digital publication that uses original illustrations prominently, much less pays illustrators a working wage for their efforts.
khoi_vinh  forsnd  design  news_design  illustration  artdirection  from delicious
february 2011 by tysone
Danny DeBelius - Reuters blogger Felix Salmon would apparently like a seizure with his news
Again, the interface design is reflective of the content strategy. For the Times audience, “Like! Comment! Tweet! Try This! Visit That!” would be a frustrating distraction from the in-depth reporting those readers are almost certain to be seeking. HuffPo, on the other hand, has no expectation that the casual reader that comes in via search engine results has any intention of sticking around. Thusly, they have deployed a loud interface designed to bait users of the shortest attention-span with sensational content of little relevance to the content the user originally sought out.
design  usability  news_design  nytimes  from delicious
february 2011 by tysone
Why the NYT will lose to HuffPo | Analysis & Opinion |
the difference between the two pages is much starker than it needs to be: the NYT page is like walking into a library, while the HuffPo page is like walking through Times Square
nytcriticism  nytimes  prediction  huffingtonpost  design  news_design  from delicious
february 2011 by tysone
Flipboard's Mike McCue: Web format has 'contaminated' online journalism
"It's generally agreed that the Web isn't a very good place to read. With constantly changing, amorphous formatting and an invariably ad-choked feel, the Web has never been able to replicate the quiet, unencumbered pleasure of reading in print."
forsnd  journalism  news_design  design  from delicious
december 2010 by tysone
Flickr: Francesco Franchi's Photostream
Art director at Il Sole 24 ORE

Art director for 'IL — Intelligence in Lifestyle'
The new gentlemen's style magazine of 'Il Sole 24 ORE',
the leading financial and economical daily newspaper in Italy
inspiration  design  news_design 
december 2010 by tysone
Interaction Design is the new Art Direction?
With his talk, “Digital Killed the Art Director Star”, Vinh outlined the industry’s journey from a state where new content was published once or several times a day, week or month in newspapers and magazines to one that demands continuous, nearly real-time updates.
khoi_vinh  news_design  design  forsnd 
november 2010 by tysone
News on iPad, the Obvious Way
While many like our surface design—which, of course, makes us happy—, the main reason why people love our iPad design for ZEIT ONLINE is that it’s optimized to run on the killer content app No1: The browser. What is somewhat astonishing is that, so far, only very few newspapers took the time to optimize their website.
forsnd  news_design  ipad  design 
november 2010 by tysone
Go Figure! The New York Times Graphics Desk
Amanda Cox shares some of the lessons the group has learned along the way, particularly in the field of data visualization
amanda_cox  data  visualization  design  news_design  forsnd  nytimes  nytgfx 
november 2010 by tysone
Chasing the Swell - latimes.com
'Chasing the Swell' captures the thrills and dangers of the big wave surfing contest season, which began last week.
latimes  news_design 
november 2010 by tysone
The Undesigned Web
In this new world, the end of design -- by which I mean its purpose, its goal, the end toward which it aims -- is to make content easier to parse, both for humans and for machines.
forsnd  webdesign  news_design 
november 2010 by tysone
Subtraction.com: My iPad Magazine Stand
Khoi Vinh writes, "for magazine apps like these, the world outside is just a rumor to be denied."
forsnd  ipad  design  tablet  news_design 
october 2010 by tysone
Taking time to read on the web: Instapaper gets ready for the big show
A couple of years ago, Marco Arment, who was then the lead technologist of the social-blog platform Tumblr, became frustrated with the way the web made his ideal reading diet difficult.
forsnd  news_design  instapaper 
october 2010 by tysone
Thoughts on News and User Experience
Khoi Vinh writes, “Great journalism is its own justification. But great journalism is not a substitute for great user experience design. By and large, the digital news consumption experience is a poor one which I think is what really ails the news industry."
forsnd  news_design  design  khoi_vinh 
september 2010 by tysone
The New York Observer redesign
The New York Observer debuted its redesign today, September 8. Crafted by design director Nancy Butkus, it's a supremely polished and detailed package, much more magazine-y than it's previous design
forsnd  design  news_design  nyc 
september 2010 by tysone
Chad Ochocinco, Terrell Owens pose with Batmobile for the Cincinnati Enquirer
Terrell Owens started it all with a celebratory Twitter post. Right after signing with the Cincinnati Bengals, Owens proclaimed that he was Batman to Chad Ochocinco's Robin, and a story line was born.

The Cincinnati Enquirer, looking for a cover for its football preview section, was looking to see how far the new teammates would take the joke.
forsnd  news_design  sports 
september 2010 by tysone
The Onion: Boston Globe Tailors Print Edition For Three Remaining Subscribers
'And, just last week, The Washington Post began printing their newspaper on hot fluffy pancakes."
forsnd  design  news_design  theonion 
august 2010 by tysone
The Timeless Beauty of National Geographic
The eponymous yellow rectangle has seen virtually no change, much like the interior pages, since it first bordered the front covers of the 1888 launch issue.
forsnd  design  national_geographic  news_design  branding  identity 
august 2010 by tysone
Intelligence in Lifestyle Magazine
Intelligence in Lifestyle (IL) is a relatively young Italian magazine about contemporary passions and consumptions. It is the supplement to the Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 ORE.
magazines  forsnd  inspiration  design  news_design 
august 2010 by tysone
amNewYork: Newspaper covers for commuters - Grids - SPD.ORG - Grids
"Christopher Sabatini has given the covers of amNewYork a bright, sassy, tabloid feel, like a funner, hipper New York Post, complete with funky Photoshop constructions," writes Robert Newman.
forsnd  news_design  newspapers  nyc 
august 2010 by tysone
In Defense of Roger Black and Ready-Media
Arthur Hochstein, art director of Time magazine from 1994 to the end of 2009, offers his thoughts on the Ready-Media project. "In its purest form, bespoke design does elevate a magazine and reach the level where 'design is content.' But all too often, it is a substitute for content..."
forsnd  roger_black  spd  news_design 
july 2010 by tysone
College Journalists Good at Consuming Multimedia but Bad at Making It. Why?
Their print editions have verve. Their online editions have templates.
forsnd  news_design  colleges 
july 2010 by tysone
Ready Media
A new template design service for magazines and newspapers from Roger Black, Robb Rice, Sam Berlow and Eduardo Danilo.
forsnd  news_design  roger_black  templates 
july 2010 by tysone
Plain Dealer designer leads SI "media power rankings"
"For those who celebrate the daily elegance of the newspaper front page, it was a gift of genius."
forsnd  news_design  sports  basketball 
july 2010 by tysone
How the Plain Dealer Came Up with LeBron James Front Page
Charles Apple talks to David Kordalski, Emmet Smith and Michael Tribble.
forsnd  news_design  basketball 
july 2010 by tysone
Another Nail in the Pageview Coffin | Mike Industries
Mike Davidson writes, "This weekend, msnbc.com launched a sweeping redesign of the most important part of their site: the story page."
msnbc  forsnd  news_design 
june 2010 by tysone
The Loud Cloud
Joshua Gorchov chats with Scott Dadich, Creative Director at Wired, right on the heels of the big iPad launch.
ipad  forsnd  news_design  dadich 
june 2010 by tysone
Friction, Readability and Finishability
Phil Gyford on news sites' readability: "I’ve blogged before about my dissatisfaction with news sources and earlier in the year I realised that one of the major problems online was delivery of text-based news. There was no online news source that I could browse and read as easily as I could a print newspaper."
news_design  readability  typography  forsnd  usability  guardian  design 
june 2010 by tysone
Bad Redesigns - CJR
"There seems to be a movement afoot to declutter news websites’ home pages. Problem is, it makes them harder to read and, thus, harder to navigate," says Ryan Chittum.
forsnd  news_design  design  criticism 
may 2010 by tysone
The Newsweek Cover Legacy
Robert Newman writes on the SPD blog, "We dug deep into our archives and collected some of the coolest Newsweek covers from the past 50 years. Let's hope someone smart (and with a lot of money) buys Newsweek and maintains this heritage."
forsnd  newsweek  history  news_design 
may 2010 by tysone
The new Business Week
For those who haven’t been following the New York media gossip, Bloomberg Business Week has just been redesigned by Richard Turley, former art director of the Guardian’s G2 section
forsnd  news_design  redesign  magazines 
april 2010 by tysone
PopSci: Back to the Future
At the SPD Grids blog: "All this PopSci talk got us thinking about how they've covered cutting edge tech in the past. Here are 16 devices & technologies we can't live without, and how they were introduced on the cover of PopSci..."
forsnd  magazines  history  news_design  nostalgia 
april 2010 by tysone
Jobs Saves?
Khoi Vinh writing for Print magazine: "If the iPad manages to save publishing, that doesn’t mean it’s going to save publishing design."
forsnd  print  news_design  ipad  design 
april 2010 by tysone
Mark Porter Says Goodbye to the Guardian
He writes, "It’s been a very tough decision. I’ve spent 14 amazing years here since I first came in to work on a redesign of the Weekend magazine, and ended up staying."
forsnd  guardian  news_design 
march 2010 by tysone
Big Think Interview With Khoi Vinh
A conversation with the blogger and design director of the New York Times website.
khoi_vinh  news_design  forsnd  nytimes  nytdesign 
march 2010 by tysone
Nation Shudders At Large Block Of Uninterrupted Text
"Unable to rest their eyes on a colorful photograph or boldface heading that could be easily skimmed and forgotten about, Americans collectively recoiled Monday when confronted with a solid block of uninterrupted text."
theonion  forsnd  news_design  design  typography  hilarious 
march 2010 by tysone
George Lois Tells the Stories Behind His Twelve Favorite Classic Esquire Covers
New York Magazine asks the legendary art director to reflect on some of his best work.
forsnd  news_design  history  magazine  george_lois 
february 2010 by tysone
Fortune Magazine Archvies
A collection of diagrams, illustration, maps, covers, and more, from the early days of Fortune magazine.
fortune  history  news_design  inspiration  visualization  forsnd 
february 2010 by tysone
Legendary Magazine Designer George Lois’s Last Round
"George Lois talks with the cadence and manner of a guy who's spent years around boxing gyms and maybe the track. Though, most of his fights have been in editorial bullpens and most of his bets have been on creative long shots. And they've paid off."
george_lois  forsnd  design  news_design  history  magazines  artdirection 
february 2010 by tysone
Luke Hayman: Five Ways the iPad Changes Magazine Design
Pentagram’s Luke Hayman, designer of, among others, Time, New York, and Travel + Leisure, was asked how Apple's iPad would change the world of magazines.
forsnd  ipad  prediction  news_design  apple  design 
january 2010 by tysone
What Apple's iPad Means for Journalism Design, Multimedia & Business
Poynter faculty and staff weigh in on the iPad. Sarah Quinn says, "This will mean a lot more design work to create apps for newspapers -- and they will have to be done right -- but the possibilities for using images and nice design are very exciting."
forsnd  news_design  ipad 
january 2010 by tysone
The future of designed content
Robin Sloan says, "what I’m anx­ious to see is a syn­the­sis that matches bespoke design to web scale. But what would that look like?" And makes a hypothetical pitch for a Gawker Media design desk.
forsnd  design  news_design  prediction 
january 2010 by tysone
E-readers fall short as news delivery tool
A University of Georgia study found that "portable e-readers such as the Kindle are unlikely to win readers back to the newspaper habit unless they include features such color, photographs and touch screens."
forsnd  news_design  prediction  study  newspapers 
january 2010 by tysone
The making of the NYT’s Netflix graphic – The Society for News Design
"It’s something we know we can do better; I don’t think anyone would disagree that tidbits of analysis are usually more meaningful than massive streams of raw data. It’s nice to get both in if you can. We’re working on it."
nytimes  nytgfx  kevin_quealy  snd  news_design 
january 2010 by tysone
Smart alternative weekly covers from Westword
Denver-based Westword is another alternative weekly newspaper producing brilliant and original cover design, reports Robert Newman on the SPD blog.
news_design  artdirection  spd  forsnd 
january 2010 by tysone
The Society for News Design
"The mission of the Society for News Design is to enhance communication around the world through excellence in visual journalism."
snd  news_design  projects  journalism 
january 2010 by tysone
iA » Washington Post Redesign as a Wiki
a sketch this afternoon of how the Washington Post might look as a wiki made by iA
design  webdesign  news_design  prototype 
january 2010 by tysone
Airbag - Bipolar.
"Oh look, as it turns out the Riverfront Times is just another newspaper that is living in the past and waiting for that Internet thing to go away and to stop bothering them. Pity."
forsnd  news_design  newspapers  webdesign 
january 2010 by tysone
Old News: News Sites
"Why not treat your website like you do your physical newspaper and allow people to browse without overwhelming them with a million bits of content at once?"
news_design  forsnd  design 
december 2009 by tysone
Behind The New York Times Magazine's Redesign with DD Arem Duplessis - Grids - SPD.ORG - Grids
"In June of this year, The New York Times unveiled a major redesign of their Sunday magazine, the first in almost a decade, and one of only a handful ever in its more than 100 years."
nytimes  nytmag  design  news_design  forsnd  inspiration  photojournalism 
december 2009 by tysone
Living Stories
The Living Stories project is an experiment in presenting news, one designed specifically for the online environment. The project was developed by Google in collaboration with two of the country's leading newspapers, The New York Times and The Washington Post.
nytimes  washingtonpost  google  journalism  news_design  forsnd 
december 2009 by tysone
Babylon Falling
"Babylon Falling is a great visual blog/website filled with scans of 60s graphic imagery, flavored by an emphasis on magazines and newspapers and the left-wing politics of the era."
history  graphic_design  vintage  60s  news_design  forsnd 
november 2009 by tysone
feltron — In conjunction with the relaunch of their website,...
In conjunction with the relaunch of their website, CNN asked me to examine their web statistics and create a visual record of the site’s last 13 years.
visualization  cnn  history  news_design  news  feltron  forsnd 
november 2009 by tysone
Ombudsman Blog - Do Post editors care what readers think about the redesign?
“I always tell any editor going through a redesign to be prepared for the following letter: ‘Dear Idiot: Your typeface was almost illegible and now I can’t read it at all.' That’s just a function of change,” said Roger Black, who added that typeface readability is overwhelmingly based on familiarity. "There’s always a certain amount of pitchfork-and-torches that happens after a redesign.”
washingtonpost  roger_black  redesign  newspapers  news_design  forsnd 
october 2009 by tysone
First Impressions of Rails, and What it Means for Online News | Shhhaw
It’s an interesting exercise to try to envision a “news app” devoid of any presentation layer.
news_design  rails 
october 2009 by tysone
Newspaper Club - A work in progress
We're building a service to help people make their own newspapers. This is the blog where we're alarmingly honest about where it's all going wrong. And occasionally smug about where it's going right.
news_design  newspapers  innovation  print 
july 2009 by tysone
3 reasons journalists shouldn't use Flash :: 10,000 Words :: multimedia, online journalism news and reviews
As wonderful a program as Flash is and despite its limitless possibilities there are several reasons why newsrooms should just say no.
flash  webdesign  news_design 
july 2009 by tysone
Gentle reminder to SND: diversity matters | Design With Reason
Diversity of age (i.e., youth) is more important now than ever. As SND goes (wisely) more digital, it needs to keep the conversation fresh and provocative, via folks who weren’t trained in “the old ways” as many of us were, and who indeed stand to reinvent the industry. Fresh blood is needed in news design, as well as the conversations and conferences that guide it.
snd  news_design  diverity 
july 2009 by tysone
So Long Sections? « Nimble Code
On the Web however, sections don’t really make sense. We don’t need the physical grouping and arrangement of stories, because we don’t have anything physical to group.
nytimes  nytint  jacob_harris  news_design 
may 2009 by tysone
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