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MediaStorm’s 10 More Ways to Improve Your Multimedia Right Now
Ten more ways to improve your work right now, no matter how challenging your original assets may be.
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november 2010 by tysone
Innovative Interactivity (II) | Innovative Individuals: Zach Wise
We are proud to recognize Zach as this week’s Innovative Individual for his evident passion, talent and creativity for multimedia.
zachwise  multimedia  nytmm 
may 2010 by tysone
WASP: Women With Wings In WWII : NPR
About 1,100 young women flew military aircraft stateside during World War II as part of a program called Women Airforce Service Pilots — WASP for short. These civilian volunteers ferried and tested planes so male pilots could head to combat duty. The groundbreaking program lasted only two years and nearly fell through the cracks of history.
multimedia  npr  history  wwii 
march 2010 by tysone
One in 8 Million -- Talk to The Times -- The New York Times -- Reader Questions and Answers - NYTimes.com
Tom Jackson: Your question reminds me of a quote my that editor, Andrew DeVigal, frequently uses: "Creativity is the art of concealing one's sources."
nytmm  nytimes  multimedia  journalism 
august 2009 by tysone
Poynter Online - Music in Multimedia: Add Sparingly, Not as a Crutch
The bottom line is this: Music should not lessen our stories, and we should not manipulate our viewers' emotions. That means that if you're considering adding music to any piece, you need to be cautious and thoughtful and respect the integrity of your story.
music  storytelling  poynter  multimedia  video  journalism 
april 2009 by tysone
P.O.V. Blog | Outside the Frame: Talking with the Producers of the NYTimes.com Web Series "One in 8 Million"
"I also wondered how they chose who to profile, and whether there were plans to add interactivity to the series (I hoped so). I caught up with the producers, Sarah Kramer and Lexi Mainland, over email..."
nytimes  multimedia  nytmm 
february 2009 by tysone
One in 8 Million - New York Region News - The New York Times
It is a city of stories, a parade of people with something to say. One in 8 Million is a collection of passions and problems, relationships and routines, vocations and obsessions.
photography  video  nyc  nytimes  storytelling  multimedia 
january 2009 by tysone
Multimedia Muse
We at the Muse don't believe that what works for TV works for the Web. We don't believe in the inclination to make multimedia bigger and more flashy, but rather smaller and more personal. More precise. With craft.
toexplore  photojournalism  storytelling  photography  multimedia  video 
december 2008 by tysone
washingtonpost.com - TimeSpace: Election
TimeSpace Beta is a map and timeline that allows users to navigate through hundreds of photos, video, articles, tweets, posts and audio related to the national election from around the country
washingtonpost  visualization  politics  multimedia 
november 2008 by tysone
robcurley.com » Newspaper-produced video: quality vs. quantity?
In regard to the “quality versus quantity” video debate (which is the whole point of his post), I think we’ve thrown our support clearly in the “quality” category … but probably in a different way than the writer of the blog above probably means — but I’m totally making assumptions there.
rob_curley  quality  newspapers  multimedia  journalism  video  lasvegassun 
october 2008 by tysone
The Panoramist: Damn Near Perfect
Back from Beijing, Gabriel Dance of nyt.com puts the viewer there during Sarah Palin's speech at the Republican National Convention.
nytimes  panorama  multimedia  friends 
september 2008 by tysone
Olympic Medal Count Map - Interactive Graphic - NYTimes.com
Circles are sized by the number of medals each country won in past summer Olympic Games. Click on a country to display a list of its medal winners.
visualization  olympics  nytimes  multimedia 
august 2008 by tysone
Scattered, smothered, covered and hitched
Is it too late to nominate this audo slideshow for an emmy? ... "No, this wasn't a Fourth of July backyard barbecue. It was the run-up to a wedding. In a Waffle House parking lot."
hyperlocal  hilarious  redneck  newspapers  multimedia 
july 2008 by tysone
Apple - Pro - Profiles - MediaStorm
“Still photographers ... end up capturing moments that you remember—they’re searing. Video is powerful, but it can be fleeting. Still photography allows you to contemplate a picture. You have the time to understand and reflect on a moment.”
photojournalism  mediastorm  multimedia  video 
july 2008 by tysone
Photojournalism for the Web Generation - WSJ.com
"Exactly upside down" is how Brian Storm, 37, describes the business model that guides the making, selling and viewing of photojournalism. He is just like the boy who observed, loudly, that the Emperor had no clothes on.
mediastorm  multimedia  photography  photojournalism  video 
july 2008 by tysone
Poynter Online - Brian Storm Envisions the Future of Online Journalism
Storm's vision for the future of journalism is optimistic. "How can you kill something that people will do for free?"
journalism  multimedia  video 
june 2008 by tysone
Shan Carter & Gabriel Dance | IT Conversations | Jon Udell's Interviews with Innovators
Great points regarding the democratization of data, imagining users as Lisa and Bart Simpson, and that context is paramount.
design  visualization  audio  multimedia  nytimes 
may 2008 by tysone
History - Las Vegas Sun
The epic project finally launches: "The history of Las Vegas is the ultimate American rags-to-riches story, filled with unusual heroes and foes."
history  lasvegassun  multimedia 
may 2008 by tysone
Contest season leaves an impression « Mastering Multimedia
Be as creative with your video camera as you are with a still camera, and other good tips.
multimedia  video  advice  journalism 
april 2008 by tysone
Poynter Online - Multimedia: An Adolescent, but No Longer an Orphan
What's called for, he said, is "rethinking the role of editing in an environment where everyone thinks that's the one role they can get rid of."
journalism  multimedia  newsroom  photojournalism  poynter 
april 2008 by tysone
04. Interactive Narratives 2.0
there's also a lot of data smog that clog up the ability to see what's great and how we can learn from each other... there's still the need to distinguish the powerful and insightful stories. Time is too short to sift through the YouTubes of the world.
multimedia  journalism  nytimes 
march 2008 by tysone
Voices in my head: Zach Wise [podcast] : MultimediaShooter
Glad to see MultimediaShooter rise from the ashes and, to boot, with Zach's interview
lasvegassun  multimedia 
march 2008 by tysone
Washington City Paper: Cover Story: One Mission, Two Newsrooms
A melodrama to which just about every newspaper across the country is contributing a chapter or two. It’s all about control—the news people and the Web people are grappling over who hires whom, who edits what, who pays for what, and who gets what firs
journalism  multimedia  washingtonpost 
february 2008 by tysone
2008 predictions: Newspaper video will die by andydickinson.net
So this year, editorial newspaper video (in all its forms) may die in many publications because no one will give it a chance to develop.
journalism  multimedia  video 
january 2008 by tysone
Magnum Blog / Magnum In Motion: The philosophy behind the story - the photo blog of Magnum Photos
First part of a multi-part article series about the work of Magnum's multimedia department
multimedia  photography 
october 2007 by tysone

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