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An interview with the creator of the Comic Sans
Former Microsoft Typographic Engineer and accomplished photographer talks about his experiences working for Microsoft, where he got the inspiration for Comic Sans, what he makes of the vocal criticism of the font, and his perspective on the future of typography
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december 2011 by tysone
“Respect Explorer’s Heritage” | TechCrunch
Apple famously abhors the idea of design-by-committee and focus groups. Microsoft clearly celebrates both.
microsoft  apple  design  ui  yikes  from delicious
august 2011 by tysone
YouTube - Chain of Fools : Upgrading through every version of windows (HQ)
An experiment to see the effects of installing every major upgrade version of windows, in order, on the same machine.
microsoft  hilarious  history  from delicious
march 2011 by tysone
Flood Lite - I’m a Coors man
Take note, future Google Killers. If you’re going to compete, you have two choices. The first is to spend a boatload of money on advertising—like Microsoft. The second is to create something so unique and different that people can easily recognize your product—like Guinness.
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august 2010 by tysone
You couldn't pay me to work for Ballmer - (37signals)
Jobs needs worthy opponents and Ballmer isn’t it. ... It matters who’s at the top. It sets the company tone. Microsoft is undoubtedly full of very smart people, but as long as they are being run by Steve Ballmer, they’re going to be shackled by his ineptitude. I wish Microsoft had their evil genius back.
stevejobs  apple  steveballmer  microsoft  leadership 
june 2010 by tysone
Microsoft patent trolls Salesforce - (37signals)
Software patents are a despicable tax on innovation. Companies that use them in aggression are pathetic.
microsoft  salesforce  37signals  software  patents 
may 2010 by tysone
Daring Fireball Linked List: 'The iPad, the Kindle, and the Future of Books'
Think about that observation as applied to Microsoft’s executive leadership: Do they think they’re in the software business, or the Windows business?
microsoft  publishing  prediction 
may 2010 by tysone
Apple: A good problem to have
"The reward we’ve reaped as a society for shoving greenbacks into Apple’s bank account for the last decade is that we have much better stuff now. It’s the exact opposite effect we got from making Microsoft big."
apple  prediction  microsoft  technology  forsnd 
may 2010 by tysone
Microsoft Education Competencies: Humor
Level 4: Expert: Can see humor in almost everything
microsoft  wtf 
april 2010 by tysone
"It’s all of the power of Microsoft Office suite online with a simple Facebook integration." — Mark Zuckerberg, introducing Facebook Docs. Facebook and Microsoft Office? Where do I sign up!
facebook  microsoft 
april 2010 by tysone
2000-2009: Microsoft's decade of shattered dreams | Betanews
The new millennium's first 10 years is really Microsoft's lost decade. It is a decade of shattered dreams. Microsoft 2000-2009 is a casebook study why no company should allow its ranks of MBAs to swell too large.
microsoft  2000s 
january 2010 by tysone
Seth's Blog: Rupert Murdoch has it backwards
"If you can't make money from attention, you should do something else for a living. Charging money for attention gets you neither money nor attention."
quotes  google  microsoft  murdoch 
november 2009 by tysone
Daring Fireball: The OS Opportunity
"These PC makers are lacking in neither financial resources nor opportunity. What they’re lacking is ambition, gumption, and passion for great software and new frontiers. They’re busy dying."
prediction  apple  microsoft  os  innovation 
november 2009 by tysone
NBC Communicator - jimray
"The feature breakdown says “your system’s date and time are instantly displayed” for everyone who has a problem with time delayed clocks here in the 21st century. ... (I know for a fact that simply combining the incompetence of both NBC and Microsoft doesn’t necessarily have to end in sorrow, but it does take some work to keep from automatically sucking. Maybe NBC Communicator proves my point.)"
jim_ray  msnbc  nbc  microsoft  software  hilarious 
november 2009 by tysone
Daring Fireball Linked List: Microsoft's Online Services Division Losses Grow
"In other words, for every $1 that Microsoft’s online services division brought in, it spent $2. ... The harder they chase Google, the worse it gets for them."
microsoft  google 
october 2009 by tysone
The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs: Why the Borg's copycat business model no longer works
"How is it that everything about Microsoft’s business is backward looking? This is the real problem they have now. They’re fighting wars that are already over. They’re investing huge energy into defending things they already control, like Windows. As they do this, as they put so much effort into lost causes like search (Bing v. Google) they keep missing out on new things. So their problems just keep getting bigger and bigger, like a snowball rolling down a hill."
microsoft  apple  strategy  technology  google 
october 2009 by tysone
Daring Fireball: Microsoft's Competition for Windows 7
Windows 7 may not do any better than Vista. Perhaps Windows 7’s competition isn’t so much XP as it is apathy.
microsoft  windows  prediction 
october 2009 by tysone
jimray - More technical details about Google Chrome Frame
The irony here, as I see it, is that an old, insecure feature Microsoft built to try to beat Netscape is now being used by Microsoft’s biggest current rival to patch IE. The upside for developers is that Microsoft is going to have a hard time killing Chrome Frame because it actually does the right thing — it’s not hacking IE via undocumented APIs or unscrupulous haxie-like code injection. They used Microsoft’s own well-documented and fully supported platform to do this. Bravo indeed, Google.
google  chrome  IE  microsoft  standards 
september 2009 by tysone
Brand New: Bing sets New Record in Horizontal Scaling
There are plenty of other blogs and sources critiquing the functionality and efficacy of Bing, so what truly brings us all here today is the sad, awful, unforgivable mutilation that has been done to these four poor letters of the Latin alphabet.
typography  microsoft  identity  logo 
june 2009 by tysone
Microsoft Silverlight vs Google Wave: Why Karma Matters | Zoho Blogs
Microsoft just has so much bad karma in this industry that I cannot imagine a company like us trusting them on much of anything... That brings us back to Google: today, it is Google which is driving web standards forward. That is why we at Zoho are firmly aligned with them, even if they are our primary competitor. We believe in an open web, there is plenty of opportunity for all of us. Could Google abuse its position? Well, I am sure they understand karma!
google  microsoft  karma  strategy  standards 
june 2009 by tysone
jimray - Times Reader, lost in the uncanny valley
One thing that’s become clear through the various incarnations is that Times Reader, regardless of the platform it’s built on, is the uncanny valley of digital newspaper design. ... But standing by while tech companies bludgeon each other does not a business plan make. And a faster robot horse is never going to become a flying car.
adobe  microsoft  nytimes  nytreader  nytcriticism 
may 2009 by tysone
Internet Explorer 8: Web Slices - First Look Blog - NYTimes.com
With the recent release of IE8 RC1, we’ve been getting excited about one of the interesting new features of Microsoft’s newest browser: Web Slices. Web Slices are similar to “live bookmarks” — a bookmark that is periodically updated with new information — with a useful twist...
nytimes  microsoft  ie8 
february 2009 by tysone
Obama Staff Arrives to White House Stuck in Dark Ages of Technology - washingtonpost.com
"The team members, accustomed to working on Macintoshes, found computers outfitted with six-year-old versions of Microsoft software."
apple  obama  hilarious  microsoft  technology  whitehouse 
january 2009 by tysone
Nothing Can Prepare You For The Microsoft Songsmith Commercial - Commercials - Videogum
"It's like Microsoft found some kind of home-schooling Christian commune in the woods and hired them to make their commercial."
advertising  microsoft  horrible 
january 2009 by tysone
About Conditional Comments
Not new, but a full set of Conditional Comment examples including some that I had not discovered before, including subexpressions and operators like [if (gt IE 5)&(lt IE 7)]
microsoft  webdesign  css  browsers 
october 2008 by tysone
Daring Fireball: Memoranda
Apple and Microsoft, as ever, offer a study in contrasts. Take, for example, two recent company-wide memos from CEOs Steve Jobs and Steve Ballmer.
writing  stevejobs  microsoft  leadership 
august 2008 by tysone
Call Me Fishmeal.: “The Mojave Experiment:” Bad Science, Bad Marketing
This study has told us exactly what we already knew: that, initially, people like Vista. (Initially, people like having sex without condoms, too... it’s simply not a very good criterion all by itself.)
windows  vista  psychology  microsoft 
july 2008 by tysone
Full text: An epic Bill Gates e-mail rant
"So they told me that using the download page to download something was not something they anticipated. ,,, The lack of attention to usability represented by these experiences blows my mind."
microsoft  bill_gates  usability  hilarious  windows 
june 2008 by tysone
Man gets Windows Vista to work with printer
(best should-be-an-onion-story story): "Regular readers may recall the story of Charles Walling, the retired Seattle warehouseman whose struggle to get his printer to work with Windows Vista ..."
funny  microsoft 
june 2008 by tysone
How the Web Was Won: Entertainment & Culture: vanityfair.com
To observe this year’s twin anniversaries, Vanity Fair set out to do something that has never been done: to compile an oral history, speaking with scores of people involved in every stage of the Internet’s development, from the 1950s onward.
history  internet  netscape  microsoft  ucla 
june 2008 by tysone
The death of newspapers ... or that software giant
So if Steve Ballmer can so cavalierly predict the end of an industry, so can we. By 2018, there will be no more Microsoft.
microsoft  journalism  newspapers  prediction 
june 2008 by tysone
Why we can't stop playing computer solitaire. - By Josh Levin - Slate Magazine
Solitaire has unquestionably transformed the way we live and work. Computer solitaire propelled the revolution of personal computing, augured Microsoft's monopolistic tendencies, and forever changed office culture.
games  microsoft  culture 
may 2008 by tysone
Google Search To Surpass Size of Microsoft Windows in 2009 - Silicon Alley Insider
By this time next year, Google's search business will be larger and more profitable than the most profitable and legendary monopoly in history — Microsoft Windows. (Just Google's search business--that doesn't even include AdSense).
prediction  google  microsoft 
may 2008 by tysone
Yahoo-bris! A company with a history of overpaying lost a great deal when it couldn't force Microsoft to overpay. Now what?
It is axiomatic in the online world that no one knows what anything is truly worth. Yet for practically all of its corporate life, Yahoo has been comfortable with the answer: It's worth more.
yahoo  economy  microsoft  prediction 
may 2008 by tysone
They Criticized Vista. And They Should Know. - New York Times
“Customers did not understand what ‘Capable’ meant and expected more than could/would be delivered.”
funny  microsoft  windows 
march 2008 by tysone
The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs: Monkey Boy's three-legged race
The Borg-Yahoo merger won't work. Here's why. It's like taking the two guys who finished second and third in a 100-yard dash and tying their legs together and asking for a rematch, believing that now they'll run faster.
apple  google  yahoo  microsoft  business 
february 2008 by tysone

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