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Kevin Quealy, New York Times Graphics Department | Walker Channel
Kevin Quealy is a member of the New York Times graphics department, a 25-person team of visual journalists that explain, illustrate and contextualize the news for the newspaper and nytimes.com. Kevin has helped create some of the Times' best-known graphics, including visualizations of the 2010 Congressional elections, the interactive "Budget Puzzle" and many others. The department has won many national and international awards, including the National Design Award for Communication Design.
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How they did it: The New York Times’ budget interactive
One of Quealy’s design tests is whether or not his parents would be able to understand how to use the interactive. If they could understand it, then it’s usable.
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The making of the NYT’s Netflix graphic – The Society for News Design
"It’s something we know we can do better; I don’t think anyone would disagree that tidbits of analysis are usually more meaningful than massive streams of raw data. It’s nice to get both in if you can. We’re working on it."
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