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A Walk Through the Gallery - NYTimes.com
On February 10, New Yorkers got their last chance to see the Museum of Modern Art's "Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs," a show that gathered about 100 of the artist's painted-paper works — the largest and most extensive presentation of these works ever assembled. The exhibition set out from the 1930s, covering work Matisse started producing toward the end of his life. Didn't make it to the museum? Here is the wall-to-wall experience.
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february 2015 by tysone
Republican nomination 2012: explore the questions asked during the live debates | World news | guardian.co.uk
Journalists moderating the Republican debates have their priorities, you have yours. But do they match up? The Guardian and NYU's Studio 20 studied all the questions journalists have asked during the 20 Republican debates held so far. The results reveal the obsessions of the campaign press, and what they think the presidential election is about. In this interactive feature you can tell us which of the news media's priorities is also a priority for you.
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february 2012 by tysone
The Pay at the Top - The New York Times
The compensation research firm Equilar compiled data reflecting pay for 200 chief executives at 199 public companies that filed their annual proxies by March 27 and had revenue of at least $6.3 billion.
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april 2010 by tysone
Haiti Earthquake: 360° Video
CNN has three interactive videos from Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Pan around the scene as the footage rolls.
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january 2010 by tysone
Our First Loves
Our First Loves is a multimedia storytelling experiment. Produced by a group of student journalists in an interactive design class at the Medill School of Journalism, it is based on the idea that journalism on the Internet should be about connectivity.
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march 2009 by tysone
The Guantánamo Docket — The New York Times
By reviewing thousands of pages of government documents, court records and media reports, The Times was able to compile its own approximate list.
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november 2008 by tysone
The Ad Wars - Election Guide 2008 - The New York Times
More than $286 million has been spent from June 3 to Oct. 6, 2008 to broadcast 186 ads, according to statistics compiled by Campaign Media Analysis Group, which tracks political advertising expenditures.
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october 2008 by tysone
Mr. October - Who will rise to the occasion this postseason? - USATODAY.com
Impressed that Kristen was able to use "clutch" as an adjective, oh, and the project's pretty sweet too.
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october 2008 by tysone
Op-Chart: Making Money Hand Over Fist - The New York Times
An oil trader demonstrates the hand signals used on the floor of the New York Mercantile Exchange.
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april 2008 by tysone

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