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Who Decides Who You Are Online? - NYTimes.com
As the Internet becomes the place for all kinds of transactions, from buying shoes to overthrowing despots, an increasingly vital debate is emerging over how people represent and reveal themselves on the Web sites they visit. One side envisions a system in which you use a sort of digital passport, bearing your real name and issued by a company like Facebook, to travel across the Internet. Another side believes in the right to don different hats — and sometimes masks — so you can consume and express what you want, without fear of offline repercussions.
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november 2011 by tysone
danah boyd | apophenia » “Real Names” Policies Are an Abuse of Power
What’s at stake is people’s right to protect themselves, their right to actually maintain a form of control that gives them safety. If companies like Facebook and Google are actually committed to the safety of its users, they need to take these complaints seriously. Not everyone is safer by giving out their real name. Quite the opposite; many people are far LESS safe when they are identifiable. And those who are least safe are often those who are most vulnerable.
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august 2011 by tysone
What 9,000 TV Channel Logos Looks Like
Unfortunately it’s nearly impossible to fully grasp the absolutely massive number of television channels out there today because we only ever see them on our TV guides or randomly around the internet. For each channel, there’s a logo design that is easily recognizable and often memorable. Here, for your viewing pleasure, are more than 9,000 TV channel logos.
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june 2011 by tysone
Does WikiLeaks need a better visual image?
Perhaps, as Daniel van der Velden of the design studio Metahaven argues, WikiLeaks ought to re-evaluate its “visual identity.” “Does it matter what it looks like?” he asked in a talk sponsored by the Graphic Design Museum in the Netherlands. “Maybe it does.”
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january 2011 by tysone
How Low Can Your Logo
Do you want to go through your life not knowing what it’s like to strive for the worst? Yeah, neither do we! Well, here’s our chance!
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november 2010 by tysone
Flood Lite - I’m a Coors man
Take note, future Google Killers. If you’re going to compete, you have two choices. The first is to spend a boatload of money on advertising—like Microsoft. The second is to create something so unique and different that people can easily recognize your product—like Guinness.
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august 2010 by tysone
{ Jennifer Daniel ~ Unicorn Groomer }
When I first discovered Jennifer Daniel's work I was struck by the concise wit and fantastic diversity of her portfolio which ranges from icons to illustration and information graphics
jendaniel  letterpress  identity 
august 2010 by tysone
The Timeless Beauty of National Geographic
The eponymous yellow rectangle has seen virtually no change, much like the interior pages, since it first bordered the front covers of the 1888 launch issue.
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august 2010 by tysone
"Making Sense of Privacy and Publicity"
What we're seeing is extremely messy. Observing people’s data traces gives no indication of whether or not they are trying to be public or private. You need to understand their intentions, how they’re interpreting a technological system, and what they’re trying to do to make it work for them.
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march 2010 by tysone
Creative Review - MTV logo changes, stays same
"After 29 years, MTV unveils a logo 'refresh' – like many of its viewers, the network has become a little wider and a little fatter."
logo  identity  mtv 
february 2010 by tysone
ongoing · After Branding
"In 2010, you are whatever the Net says you are. Deal with it."
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december 2009 by tysone
The Technium: Penny Thoughts on the Technium
I‘m interested in how people personally decide to refuse a technology. I’m interested in that process, because I think that will happen more and more as the number of technologies keep increasing. The only way we can sort our identity is by not using technology. We’re used to be that you define yourself by what you use now. You define yourself by what you don’t use.
technology  prediction  culture  identity 
december 2009 by tysone
Motor Home, Know Thyself — AIGA | the professional association for design
motor home graphics represent the aspirations of the inner vehicle: I want to go faster. But the effort seems wasted—and sadly comical—on these massive vehicles of hybrid purpose.
transportation  design  graphics  identity 
september 2009 by tysone
Interview with Rob Janoff, designer of the Apple logo | creativebits
"You couldn't dream of a more appropriate logo: lust, knowledge, hope, and anarchy."
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august 2009 by tysone
Brand New: Bing sets New Record in Horizontal Scaling
There are plenty of other blogs and sources critiquing the functionality and efficacy of Bing, so what truly brings us all here today is the sad, awful, unforgivable mutilation that has been done to these four poor letters of the Latin alphabet.
typography  microsoft  identity  logo 
june 2009 by tysone
contxts - mobile sms business cards
Business cards are so 2007. By using SMS, built into every mobile phone, you can easily and rapidly distribute your credentials.
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march 2009 by tysone
Advertising - Tropicana Discovers Some Buyers Are Passionate About Packaging - NYTimes.com
“Now, every minute is a cocktail party,” he added. “You write an e-mail and in an hour, you’ve got a fan base agreeing with you.” That ability to share brickbats or bouquets with other consumers is important because it facilitates the formation of ad hoc groups, more likely to be listened to than individuals.
advertising  community  identity  branding  consumers 
february 2009 by tysone
New Work: The White House Historical Association | New at Pentagram | Pentagram
As the Obamas get ready to move into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue today, the organization charged with tending to the historic residence, The White House Historical Association, has received a change of its own: a new identity designed by Luke Hayman.
design  pentagram  identity  luke_hayman  whitehouse  brand 
january 2009 by tysone
Designing the Obama logo
Sol Sender tells the story of conception and birth of the Obama ’08 logo, including the strategy behind it, developmental concepts and finalist designs for the identity not chosen by the campaign.
design  obama  politics  advertising  identity  logos 
january 2009 by tysone
The (Mostly) True Story of Helvetica and the New York City Subway: Voice: AIGA Journal of Design: Writing: AIGA
There is a commonly held belief that Helvetica is the signage typeface of the New York City subway system. But it is not true—or rather, it is only somewhat true.
typography  signage  nyc  identity  history  design 
november 2008 by tysone
Brand New: Pepsi, New Bottles
Deaner’s comment is: "The pepsi bottles sure do resemble wrinkly penis."
logo  design  identity  branding  pepsi  advertising  unfortunate 
october 2008 by tysone
Otl Aicher 1972 Munich Olympics
This site is an online resource of the 1972 Munich Olympics. It showcases the visual identity of the Munich Olympics through Otl Aicher and his teams’ iconic designs.
typography  olympics  design  identity 
august 2008 by tysone
How to take a Web head shot. - By Michael Agger - Slate Magazine
Remember for a moment how much attention people used to lavish on the perfect quote for their e-mail signature. Now that self-conscious energy is applied to a photo.
facebook  photography  identity 
july 2008 by tysone
YouTube - 1993 interview re: Paul Rand
Steve Jobs: "I asked him if he’d come up with a few options. And he said 'No, I will solve your problem for you. And you will pay me. And you don’t have to use the solution; if you want options, go talk to other people.' "
stevejobs  design  identity  paul_rand  video 
march 2008 by tysone
Michael Beirut on Why the Obama "Brand" Is Working
Obama's marketing is much more cohesive and comprehensive than anything we've seen before ... it transcends the mere appropriation of commercial tactics to achieve the sort of seamless brand identity that the most up-to-date companies strive for.
design  politics  branding  identity  pentagram 
february 2008 by tysone

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