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Flags | Icon Drawer
Flag icons representing 283 countries and unions all over the world. Also with ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 codes.
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april 2012 by tysone
Fico | a font with icons, by Lensco.be
Fico is a font with 52* simple, commonly used icons and glyphs, served on the web via @font-face.
typography  icons  fonts 
april 2012 by tysone
The Sketchbook of Susan Kare, the Artist Who Gave Computing a Human Face
The challenge of designing a personal computer that “the rest of us” would not only buy, but fall crazy in love with, however, required input from the kind of people who might some day be convinced to try using a Mac. Fittingly, one of the team’s most auspicious early hires was a young artist herself: Susan Kare.
forsnd  mac  apple  design  icons  history 
november 2011 by tysone
Glyphish – Great icons for great iPhone & iPad applications
Designed and carefully optimized for iPhone & iPad apps, they're also perfect for Android apps, websites, t-shirts, tattoos and more.
icons  from delicious
june 2011 by tysone
The Noun Project collects, organizes and adds to the highly recognizable symbols that form the world's visual language, so we may share them in a fun and meaningful way.
pictograms  symbols  icons  resources  touse 
december 2010 by tysone
Realism in UI Design
"Graphical user interfaces are full of symbols. Symbols need to be reduced to their essence ... The goal is not to make your user interface as realistic as possible. The goal is to add those details which help users identify what an element is, and how to interact with it, and to add no more than those details."
forsnd  ui  usability  icons 
january 2010 by tysone
new iPhone nytimes GUI
Felix Sockwell's behind-the-scenes on drawing icons for the NYT iphone app. Very cool.
apple  iphone  icons  interface  ui  design 
july 2008 by tysone

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