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Hufington Magazine: 10 Lessons From the First 10 Issues
Josh Klenert: "As we publish our 10th issue of Huffington magazine and in anticipation of our September 10th Design and Tech Meet Up in partnership with SPD, here's a snapshot of lessons learned developing and publishing a new digital-only magazine."
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august 2012 by tysone
'Huffington Post' Employee Sucked Into Aggregation Turbine | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
Shocked and saddened witnesses at the Huffington Post's news-aggregation facility have confirmed that employee Henry Evers, 25, died Wednesday after being sucked into the website's powerful news-repurposing turbine, where his body was immediately torn to pieces.
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february 2012 by tysone
The Free Agent List: 2011′s 50 Media Power Bachelors
A literature-hungry tech nerd, that rare breed: not an easy find, no less the ones also fluent in Portuguese (Scheinkman is Brazilian and French). A Brown grad based in Carroll Gardens, Mr. Scheinkman left The New York Times' interactive news desk earlier this year to lead the development of interactive features at HuffPo. His sweethearts can expect lovely digital Valentines, as shiny and technologically impressive as they are poetic.
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august 2011 by tysone
False comparisons between New York Times and Huffington Post obscure true difference | Poynter.
Even if the two sites adopt some of one another’s strengths – and even if The Huffington Post does at some point employ as many journalists and surpass the Times in page views – I don’t expect to see either discard the values that have garnered their audiences.
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june 2011 by tysone
Another NYT employee jumps to AOL Huffington Post | Poynter.
Andrei Scheinkman leaves his Interactive News Developer position at the Times to become Editor of Interactive News for AOL Huffington Post Media Group
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june 2011 by tysone
The Huffington Post lawsuit, explained – Marco.org
AOL: “We have more money than relevance! Here, HuffPo, take a bunch of the former and try to give us more of the latter.”
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april 2011 by tysone
AOL’s Brewing Conflict: Brand Versus Journalism | BNET
his illuminates the ongoing conflict between business-as-journalism and journalism-as-business. If Armstrong can’t find a way to embrace and accommodate both views in an organic and natural way, he will fail in what he wants to accomplish.
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march 2011 by tysone
Robert's Reader | Uncategorized | In Which I Take Issue With Felix Salmon
So I’d argue that, not only is the NYT page better-looking and easier to read, it also shows a respect for the reader which seems to be rooted in the hope of a long-term relationship. The HuffPo design, like the HuffPo, is all bait and switch.
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february 2011 by tysone
Huffington Post: A journalistic race to the bottom - latimes.com
The fact is that AOL and the Huffington Post simply recapitulate in the new media many of the worst abuses of the old economy's industrial capitalism — the sweatshop, the speedup and piecework; huge profits for the owners; desperation, drudgery and exploitation for the workers. No child labor, yet, but if there were more page views in it…
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february 2011 by tysone
Why the NYT will lose to HuffPo | Analysis & Opinion |
the difference between the two pages is much starker than it needs to be: the NYT page is like walking into a library, while the HuffPo page is like walking through Times Square
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february 2011 by tysone
PolitiFact | Does PolitiFact seek 'the comfort of the middle ground'?
Half Trues are often unsatisfying, the PolitiFact equivalent of a tie game.

But it’s silly to suggest we were seeking a safe “middle ground.”
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july 2010 by tysone
Ryan Catbird's Tumblr (That’s one page of the Huffington Post. What’s...)
hat’s one page of the Huffington Post. What’s the takeaway here? That the way to “win” isn’t about thoughtfully designed, clear, simple, intuitive interfaces and experiences. It’s about throwing every single piece of crap you can find onto the screen all at once and then crosslinking the hell out of it until your servers bleed.
may 2010 by tysone
Five Years Later, The Huffington Post (And Online Media) Are Coming Of Age
Henry Blodget says the Huffington Post could also be within spitting distance of the NYT in terms of online revenue by 2012. "And a few years after that? It seems reasonable to think that Huffington Post could eventually just be bigger than the New York Times, online and offline."
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may 2010 by tysone
Arianna Huffington's Journalism Charity Helps Nobody but Herself - Arianna Huffington - Gawker
The fund's application for tax-exempt status is still pending at the IRS, and one tax expert we spoke to said it might run into trouble if it can't prove that it offers a benefit to anyone aside from the commercial operation with which it shares a name.
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january 2010 by tysone
Stop Picking on Pinch - The Daily Beast
"Last March, I published a lengthy piece in the New Yorker about the death of the newspaper in which I reported that among its 1,300 or so newsroom employees, the Times then employed 11 individuals merely to moderate its message boards. That was, and still is, I believe, more than the number of reporters employed by The Huffington Post, which attracts its millions of monthly readers by cannibalizing the reporting of the Times, and others, and leaving its commenters to attack one another unmoderated (save for libel, deliberate falsehood, etc.)."
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april 2009 by tysone
Larry David: Waiting for Nov. 4th
Call me crazy, but I'd rather live in a democratic racist country than a non-democratic non-racist one. (It's not exactly a Hobson's choice, but it's close, and I think Hobson would compliment me on how close I've actually come to giving him no choice. He'd love that!)
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october 2008 by tysone
Huffington Post spreads itself thin - Los Angeles Times
Just don't expect any time soon to find America's No. 1 blog digging deep for the toughest stories. No, it's still newspapers and a few other outlets that are providing the heavy excavation and producing reports about, for example, secret terrorist prisons operated by the U.S. government, warrantless wiretapping of American citizens and the substandard care of troops in one of our most prestigious military hospitals.
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august 2008 by tysone

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