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AIGA Video: Jonathan Hoefler & Tobias Frere-Jones
Type designers extraordinaire Jonathan Hoefler and Tobias Frere-Jones are recognized with the AIGA Medal for their contributions to the typographic landscape through impeccable craftsmanship, skilled historical reference and insightful vernacular considerations.
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may 2013 by tysone
Typographica: Our Favorite Typefaces of 2012
For the font market, 2012 was a year in which burgeoning trends matured into permanent shifts.
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march 2013 by tysone
Hear, All Ye People; Hearken, O Earth - NYTimes.com
Here is my confession. My quiz wasn’t really a test of the optimism or pessimism of the reader. There was a hidden agenda. It was a test of the effect of fonts on truth. Or to be precise, the effect on credulity. Are there certain fonts that compel a belief that the sentences they are written in are true?
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august 2012 by tysone
When Letraset Was King
For serious graphic designers, Letraset was the Adobe of the Seventies. Here’s a look at two of the company’s catalogs from 1970 and 1973.
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may 2012 by tysone
The design of a signage typeface | I love typography, the typography and fonts blog
The story begins in 2006 with a trip down Route 66. Day in, day out, I looked at U.S. traffic signs that were either set in the old, somewhat clumsy “FHWA font series” or the new Clearview HWY typeface. Approaching the signs, I would often test myself: which typeface works best from a distance, and which of its features or details might be responsible for its performance.
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april 2012 by tysone
Roger Black: Confessions of a font judge
Type is getting popular, or maybe too popular? This was the subtext of a discussion at Cooper Union, January 12, among this year’s TDC type design judges.
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january 2012 by tysone
An interview with the creator of the Comic Sans
Former Microsoft Typographic Engineer and accomplished photographer talks about his experiences working for Microsoft, where he got the inspiration for Comic Sans, what he makes of the vocal criticism of the font, and his perspective on the future of typography
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december 2011 by tysone
AIGA Video: Jonathan Hoefler
Jonathan Hoefler's presentation at AIGA is an exploration of this side of web fonts, and a discussion of where the needs of designers meet the needs of readers.
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november 2011 by tysone
Paola Antonelli: The Story of Contemporary Typographical Design
Paola Antonelli writes, "Like architects and other designers, type designers have felt the need to move beyond modernism and find new inspiration in traditional examples, in the vernacular and in popular culture. Type is a design universe unto its own, an essential dimension of the history of modern art and design."
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november 2011 by tysone
Kern Type, the kerning game
Your mission is simple: achieve pleasant and readable text by distributing the space between letters. Typographers call this activity kerning. Your solution will be compared to typographer's solution, and you will be given a score depending on how close you nailed it. Good luck!
forsnd  typography  toteach  games  design  from delicious
october 2011 by tysone
"Linotype: The Film" Official Trailer
"Linotype: The Film" is a documentary about Ottmar Mergenthaler's amazing Linotype typecasting machine and the people who own and love these machines today.
forsnd  typography  video  history  design  from delicious
august 2011 by tysone
Celebrating Linotype, 125 Years Since Its Debut
Around for a century, Linotype machines were made obsolete in the 1970s by changing technologies -- but they have not been forgotten
forsnd  typography  history  from delicious
may 2011 by tysone
The Making of a New York Times Magazine Cover
What may seem like a long, arduous process was actually a short, arduous process. The execution of the final cover happened within a period of two very intense days.
forsnd  nytmag  nytimes  typography  illustration  from delicious
may 2011 by tysone
A List Apart: More Meaningful Typography
By using culturally relevant, historically pleasing ratios to create modular scales and basing the measurements in our compositions on values from those scales, we can achieve a visual harmony not found in layouts that use arbitrary, conventional, or easily divisible numbers.
forsnd  toteach  grids  typography  from delicious
may 2011 by tysone
Khoi Vinh: My Column on Columns
I think that the desire to approach screen-based layout with columnized text is misguided. Multiple columns are an effective layout technique in print because they improve legibility for long blocks of text. But for digital media, it’s my feeling that they make it harder to read text.
khoi_vinh  forsnd  design  typography  from delicious
april 2011 by tysone
New York Subway’s Long Dance With a Typeface
It’s always refreshing to come across an unexpurgated account of the messy reality, and the American design historian Paul Shaw has produced a particularly thoughtful and engaging example in his new book, “Helvetica and the New York City Subway System”
typography  helvetica  forsnd  design  nyc  from delicious
april 2011 by tysone
Comic Sans? Comic Serif, comic relief
It had to come to this at some point. It’s an obvious joke, I admit that upfront. But it makes me laugh every now and then, and that’s why I share it.
forsnd  typography  from delicious
march 2011 by tysone
A Brief History of Title Design
Presentation video for the SXSW "Excellence in Title Design" competition screening.
design  typography  cinema  forsnd  from delicious
march 2011 by tysone
Chartwell, OpenType for data
Chartwell is a family that explores the use of OpenType to interpret and visualize data. The font format is highly portable and can be used in any application that supports standard ligatures. The data also remains editable allowing for easy updates.
typography  opentype  visualization  data  forsnd  from delicious
march 2011 by tysone
Shady Characters: The Pilcrow
The pilcrow is not just some typographic curiosity, useful only for livening up a coffee-table book on graphic design or pointing the way to a paragraph in a mortgage deed, but a living, breathing character with its roots in the earliest days of punctuation.
forsnd  punctuation  typography  from delicious
february 2011 by tysone
Fonts In Use – The Daily
Stephen Coles writes, "Design trumps content in launch of first major tablet newspaper."
forsnd  typography  thedaily  from delicious
february 2011 by tysone
For Electronic Types, a Mark of Distinction
On Monday, the Museum of Modern Art in New York is to announce that Verdana and 22 other digital typefaces have been chosen to be admitted to its architecture and design collection.
forsnd  typography  moma  from delicious
january 2011 by tysone
H&FJ Typefaces Join the MoMA Permanent Collection
The Museum of Modern Art in New York has announced the acquisition of four H&FJ type families — HTF Didot, Gotham, Mercury and Retina — for the MoMA permanent collection.
forsnd  typography  hf&j  from delicious
january 2011 by tysone
Great advice for the New Year: “Make it better”
"Whatever you do, always try to be the best you can be. Spread the word. By Climent Canal and Sebastián Baptista.
forsnd  typography  inspiration  animation  motion  video  from delicious
january 2011 by tysone
Matthew Carter: The most-read man in the world
Mr Carter sits near the pinnacle of an elite profession. No more than several thousand type designers ply the trade worldwide, only a few hundred earn their keep by it, and only several dozens—most of them dead—have their names on the lips of discerning aficionados.
forsnd  matthew_carter  typography  from delicious
december 2010 by tysone
Cyrus Highsmith: An interview with one of America’s top type craftsmen
A brief but content-filled interview with one of our favorite type designers, Cyrus Highsmith, of the FontBureau. We ask him about the influences on his work and, of course, about designing fonts for the ever popular tablets.
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november 2010 by tysone
Tim Brown - More Perfect Typography on Vimeo
At long last, designers can use real fonts on the web. But what now? Where do we go from here?
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november 2010 by tysone
Bloomberg Businessweek
"When Bloomberg Businessweek launched their redesign (and re-imagination) of the magazine at the end of April, the response from the publication design community was somewhat underwhelming. ... It's time to take another look."
forsnd  newsdesign  typography  businessweek 
november 2010 by tysone
Trailer for "Linotype: The Film"
"How does the Linotype fit in with new technology? It doesn’t."
forsnd  typography  design  history  video 
november 2010 by tysone
New Yorkers Outraged Over New Street Signs
New Yorkers are simply incensed about a requirement by the federal government that all current street signs be replaced by 2018 with ones in the more reflective, lowercase-letter-using Clearview font, which has been proven to reduce accidents by being easier to read
nyc  forsnd  typography 
october 2010 by tysone
Thinking with Type\
All-new website launched for new edition of Ellen Lupton's "Thinking with Type." Site design by Chris Clark; featuring Peter Bilak's Fedra.
forsnd  typography  design 
september 2010 by tysone
Typeface designer Matthew Carter has left his mark on everything from Microsoft to magazines - The Boston Globe
Typeface designer Matthew Carter has left his mark on everything from Microsoft to magazines to even, yes, this very section you are reading
forsnd  typography  matthew_carter  design 
september 2010 by tysone
The origins of abc | I love typography
Writing's origins, its evolution, and the way it is now woven into the fabric of civilisations makes it a truly wonderful story. That story spans some 5,000 years
forsnd  history  typography  alphabet 
august 2010 by tysone
Do typefaces really matter?
To most people, typefaces are pretty insignificant. Yet to their devotees, they are the most important feature of text, giving subliminal messages that can either entice or revolt readers, says Tom de Castella.
bbc  typography  forsnd 
july 2010 by tysone
Aktiv Grotesk - The Ministry of Type
Bruno Maag detests Helvetica, and has designed a new face, Aktiv Grotesk, to kill it off.
helvetica  typography  forsnd 
july 2010 by tysone
Steven Heller: A Fount of Fonts
The computer has put the word “font” into common parlance as a synonym for typeface. But ask most people, even many young graphic designers, where the word comes from, and blank stares abound.
forsnd  fonts  typography  language  history 
july 2010 by tysone
"McSweeney's: I'm Comic Sans, Asshole."
"You think I'm stupid. You think I'm immature. You think I'm a malformed, pathetic excuse for a font. Well think again, nerdhole, because I'm Comic Sans, and I'm the best thing to happen to typography since Johannes fucking Gutenberg."
forsnd  typography  mcsweeneys  hilarious 
june 2010 by tysone
Friction, Readability and Finishability
Phil Gyford on news sites' readability: "I’ve blogged before about my dissatisfaction with news sources and earlier in the year I realised that one of the major problems online was delivery of text-based news. There was no online news source that I could browse and read as easily as I could a print newspaper."
news_design  readability  typography  forsnd  usability  guardian  design 
june 2010 by tysone
Better Screen, Same Typography
Khoi Vinh on the new iPhone, "Building a great display for typography without building great typographic tools is a dereliction of duty."
forsnd  typography  khoi_vinh  iphone  apple 
june 2010 by tysone
Why did I start a type foundry?
Christian Schwartz on his newest venture, Commercial, a foundry he started somewhat reluctantly with Paul Barnes.
typography  forsnd 
may 2010 by tysone
Is Archer's Use on Target?
Archer’s instant stardom raises questions about its appropriateness. Can a font with such a defined character properly suit so many purposes?
forsnd  h&fj  typography  aiga  design 
may 2010 by tysone
Beautifully Banal
The Type Directors Club has asked these designers to find a classified/personal newspaper ad from their local community to “hijack” typographically. When redesigned, the once banal and disposable classified ads will be reinterpreted by the designer into a one-of-a-kind collectible poster.
forsnd  typography  adc  poster  design  newspapers 
april 2010 by tysone
So You Need A Typeface
A wonderful and humorous project of flowcharts for navigating type choices.
forsnd  typography  design 
april 2010 by tysone
Designing for iPad: Reality Check
"If you favor style over function to make something look like something it is not, you are not a product designer, but a cheesy illusion artist. Leather buttons, stitches and torn paper edges, multi-screen-multi-column-pseudo-paper-layouts… on the screen it is just kitsch."
ui  ipad  design  interface  typography  ia  forsnd 
april 2010 by tysone
What the iPad is Missing (No, it’s not a Camera)
Stephen Coles at The FontFeed write, "Apple has made some puzzling decisions over the last few years that leave one wondering if they really care about typography as much as they did in the 1980s when the Mac launched the desktop publishing revolution."
ipad  apple  typography  forsnd 
april 2010 by tysone
Celebrating 'On Language'
SPD reports: "Five years and well over two hundred contributors later, the On Language column has become a showcase for contemporary typography. The New York Times Magazine is proud to announce an exhibition of these works."
nytimes  typography  nytmag  forsnd 
march 2010 by tysone
Typographer at Law: An Interview with Matthew Butterick
"Remember the lines in Roman Polanski’s Chinatown: “She’s my sister — she’s my daughter — She’s my sister and my daughter!” Well the same could apply to Matthew Butterick. He’s a type designer. He’s a lawyer. He’s a type designer and a lawyer who has a website devoted to teaching typography to legal professionals, Typography for Lawyers."
forsnd  typography  law 
march 2010 by tysone
Nation Shudders At Large Block Of Uninterrupted Text
"Unable to rest their eyes on a colorful photograph or boldface heading that could be easily skimmed and forgotten about, Americans collectively recoiled Monday when confronted with a solid block of uninterrupted text."
theonion  forsnd  news_design  design  typography  hilarious 
march 2010 by tysone
The Oscars of Type
Ellen Lupton collects her favorite type from 2009 and writes, "Assaulted with ceaseless buzz about the Academy Awards, I can’t help wishing that a well-wrought typeface could attract as much attention as a 90-minute film."
forsnd  typography  2009 
february 2010 by tysone
My Evolution of Type Taste from Grade School to Present
Jessica Hische shares a catalog of her evolving taste in typography.
forsnd  typography  design 
february 2010 by tysone
The Secret History of Typography in the Oxford English Dictionary
Nick Martens at The Bygone Bureau digs into the pages of the great dictionary that chronicles the history and development of the English language, and unearths some typographic gems.
forsnd  typography  history 
january 2010 by tysone
Typeface Designers Wrestle With the World of Pixels
Alice Rawsthorn reports for The New York Times on the challenges typeface designers face in the world of Web type. “It’s very, very complicated,” groaned one of those designers, Jonathan Hoefler.
forsnd  typography  h&fj 
january 2010 by tysone
Commercial Type
Commercial Type is a joint venture between Paul Barnes and Christian Schwartz, who have collaborated since 2004 on various typeface projects, most notably the award winning Guardian Egyptian.
typography  foundry  forsnd 
january 2010 by tysone

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