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New York Subway’s Long Dance With a Typeface
It’s always refreshing to come across an unexpurgated account of the messy reality, and the American design historian Paul Shaw has produced a particularly thoughtful and engaging example in his new book, “Helvetica and the New York City Subway System”
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april 2011 by tysone
Paris vs New York, a tally of two cities
A visual but friendly match between those two cities seen by a lover of Paris wandering through New York's infinite details, clichés and contradictions : this way, please.
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november 2010 by tysone
New Yorkers Outraged Over New Street Signs
New Yorkers are simply incensed about a requirement by the federal government that all current street signs be replaced by 2018 with ones in the more reflective, lowercase-letter-using Clearview font, which has been proven to reduce accidents by being easier to read
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october 2010 by tysone
The New York Observer redesign
The New York Observer debuted its redesign today, September 8. Crafted by design director Nancy Butkus, it's a supremely polished and detailed package, much more magazine-y than it's previous design
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september 2010 by tysone
Designing a better subway map
“A diagram is a diagram. Don’t cheat me,” says a heated Massimo Vignelli during an AIGA/NY event earlier this year. It’s been over 30 years since the Italian designer’s New York subway map was axed, but it’s still a passionate issue.
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september 2010 by tysone
amNewYork: Newspaper covers for commuters - Grids - SPD.ORG - Grids
"Christopher Sabatini has given the covers of amNewYork a bright, sassy, tabloid feel, like a funner, hipper New York Post, complete with funky Photoshop constructions," writes Robert Newman.
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august 2010 by tysone

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